Thursday, July 23, 2009

You Need Me to Be Positive

.........So here we are, back for another positive mind session. Hope your ready because I'm here to teach you how to think positive. You may be asking yourself is developing a positive mental attitude really hard? Is it difficult to think of myself as a positive person, even thought have been negative all my life? The answer is NO. Its very simple just lend me you ear for a minute and ill show you how.

1. Evaluate the type of person you are- Think long and hard about, what ticks you off? What gets you going on a verbal rampage? What makes you start to think in a negative direction?

2. Now you know what gets you mad- Make a commitment right now that you will have mental self control. Tell your self that you will no longer, get mad over petty events. Make a solemn oath that you will start to, think good thoughts instead of hurtful ones.

3. Tell yourself- Speak to yourself and say " I like myself", "I am a calm person" and " I have self control. Say this throughout your entire day. Don't dread doing it, but say these words periodically. Plus feel as you you have conquered your impulse to react irrational instead of logical.

4. Remember this takes time-It took time for you to get that way you are now , so a 360 change is no different. Just keep calm and keep the faith.

"I cannot always control , what s going on outside, but i can always control how i feel inside"
-Dr. Wayne Dyer

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