Saturday, July 25, 2009

It May Be Your Last Day....

I know the stress of the day may make you mad and upset. But you must except the world for what it is and rise above it. People are lazy, aggressive, egotistically, tardy, rude and amongst many other things. But don't let things such as this get you down or drain you mentally. Live this day as if it were your last day on plane earth. Tell your spouse you love them, take you kids our
to an amusement park " don't tell them", watch your favorite flim, keep that attitude positive by all means. Life is just too good to be down and out. enjoy every moment, becuase life s a miracle and just appreciating it can show you how to think positive Just like you, I have a family also, and I sometimes forget to make every moment count. I sometimes get so swamped with work , forget the important people in my life.

Its truly is a fact that we never really truly realize how precious someone is until they are gone. It's a sad fact that I and maybe you, have found this out the hard way.
So i just want to make to post to remind you guys that life is a miracle. And we should live every day like its our last.

Are you appreciative of this miracle we call life?
I want to know your opinions on living everyday like its your last? Have you been making this successful transition

Till next time!

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