Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Need to Hide Beautiful

This is for all my friends reading this article who have a tough time expressing themselves confidently. Its no mystery that public speaking is the number 1 fear in human beings. People associate talking in public as an equivalent to being physically attacked by a stranger mentally. When a person tries to step out of his or her's comfort zone, they tend to lose track of themselves and start to feel weak and inferior to the person or person's they are trying to communicate towards. But don't feel alone I had this fear before, and know how it feel to think as being inferior instead of superior.

As a Teacher I'm not the one to talk about my past, but i used to have a fear of rejection. It was a very deep fear. I used to walk around with n public with my jacket and hood on my head every day , where ever i would go out. I never smiled at people or even asking for directions. Long story short, wanted to overcome my fear of rejection so badly so I began to stretch my comfort zone.
I started off small with just saying hi / how are you dong to random people in the street. This lead to deep conversations with people didn't even know and slowly but surely began to make friends with in minutes.

So f you take anything from this post want you to go around you week smiling and saying hello to people. Some people wont respond and some will. Its not really about the responses, but the fact that your stretch you comfort zone and gradually you would have over came you fear.

Principle 1- Think of your self as a someone worthwhile- The only way you can take the physical leap of talking to people is to see yourself differently. See yourself n your mind as confident and in control of the situation. Visualize yourself making a friend, but only concentrate on the end result.

Principle 2- You Become what you think about
Remember as a human being you are worth while. You have probably great stories to tell. So go out and make some friends! Think in terms of being being a great conversationalist and watch how your brain response to these positive thoughts.

P.S - Is always great to learn how to think positive, when you have a person who loves to teach it.

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