Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Warning you might Succeed"

Here's a list of objectives I want you guys to do this week that may make you love me more than I do currently.....

1. Give 10-50 dollars to charity
I think in and out of our pastime we have forgotten how amazing it feels to give. The feeling of giving is such a great positive emotion that it can keep us feeling and thinking positive for weeks. The fact that you are genuinely helping someone , who is in need of support will make a human being conform to tears. Have you ever seen " Extreme Home Makeover on ABC".
Haven't you ever noticed the way these guys, just help people who are i need of assistance? Have you seen the emotional atmosphere that is created when people are doing what GOD has place them us on this earth to do. " HELP each OTHER". When you give or help someone from a general stand point of sincerity, you feel great bout yourself! Just ask Oprah...
But to only way to actually make this worth while, is gvng to a charity that you feel needs your help. By just giving your money away to any 'ol establishment, you will miss the point of this activity. So find an organization you sincerely want to help and with bravery, go out and help! Now go out and show people
how to be positive.

2. Do something nice for someone
I suggest doing somethng, nce for someone who cannot pay you back. By dong this, this will bring you even closer to developing a positive attude. If you see a homeless person with no money. I suggest not gving him money. But offer to give him some old clothes, shoes, magazines, inspirational or education books, an actual meal, a place to stay if you have drectons to a shelter or even offer him or her your time. Time to help him get back on his feet with a bit of wisdom, you have.
Do this and Gurarantee, the postve energy will flow through you as a magic. You will feel so good that, this may become a hobbby for you or maybe you might open you own organization.
Who knows??? But i know that if you want to know hot to thnk positve, these are some of the way to bring out this natural human emotion.

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