Wednesday, July 22, 2009

You May Need a Success Counselor?

Hello, welcome to the office of How to think positive, How may I assist you today? So you want to schedule an appointment, for some success tips right? OK, then here is a some free no charge advice to your visa card.

1. Never listen to what they say- When i mean they, i think you know who i am talking about. I am talking about the people who tell you that chasing your dream of success isn't worth the pampers on sale in Aile 5 in the grocery market. These people are individuals who tell you what you cannot achieve because they aren't doing anything with there lives that is productive. Understand , if they were successful themselves , Wouldn't they help you? Wouldn't they assist you? But the sad fact is there not.
It's like asking a homeless person how to save , or asking a janitor what he thinks about your business plan. Its not logical. The Average person thrives off the failure of people and friends and family member who are negative are no different. Remember, people don't like to see other people succeed, it's just the sad fact of life. There like crabs in a bucket, when your about to escape they are going to pull you down.

Principle 1: Keep you goal to yourself, If you start to tell people about your goal they will begin ask to many question about how, when ,where with who. And watch out, because dreams are for children...etc

2. Change your thoughts- When say change your thoughts, i really mean become a new person, because the on reason you are who you are now is because of the thought you are currently thinking.
So here a cool exercise you can do. Its simple , easy and fun. Write a script about the person you want to become, physically, and mentally. Make this script detailed as possible. You can include the type of work ethic you want to have, if you want to be a communicating genius etc. Read the script every morning and every night before bed and you will change subtly , that it will fascinate you.

3. Start to read Daily- The average American reads about 1 book a year, which is terrible. So if you want to start to move beyond the back and keep your mind positive , i suggest reading about 30 minutes a day in something educational, motivational and inspirational. By starting a daily habit of reading each day, you will being to learn more and have a different perspective on life.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

I expect you guy to comment, on how you are working towards your goal without distraction and opinions from others.

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