Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do You Like Yourself?

I want to know if you like yourself? I am asking this genuine question because the majority of people within our complex society never really ask themselves that question. Do i like myself?
Liking yourself is the key to high self esteem, high confidence and a healthy body. People who truly like themselves realize that they are valuable individuals that can be, have and do anything they set there mind to. Since they like themselves they don't waste there time dwelling in fear . but actually working toward there goals and always stretching there comfort zone because success starts feeling uncomfortable.

So how can you start to like yourself as a person and except who your are and become a high performance human begin. Start saying to yourself " I like myself". By saying this very powerful thought you end negative thinking and your mind starts to think in terms of good thoughts. This is a proven scientific fact that if you start to say " I like myself" continuously in your mind and out loud, you will start to change your programming from negative to positive. This is one of the powerful secrets of how to think positive.

I want you to ask yourself, do i like myself. And tell me if you don't what are you doing to change this, because you are special and deserve to be happy. But if you do, still comment on how to be positive each day you wake up on this glorious planet.

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