Sunday, July 26, 2009

What Defines Success?

Do you want to be successful? What a stupid question, ponders in my conscious mind as I type this article. Of course you want to be successful. Being Successful is just a bi-product of work hard towards your goals. Everyone has their own definition of what success really is. Some of you may define success as the ability to travel anywhere in the world. Just being able to pick up and leave within a blink of an eye, with out checking your credit card balance. While others want to live the lavish life of flashing lights and 1 am club appearances. We all have our definition of success. No definition is more potent than the other. It is just a perspective from the mind of an individual who is thinking. So I ask you what is your definition of success? Have you even considered your self as successful? Do you think you have what it takes to reach your dreams?

Oh, of course not......

Is that the thought you hear in your mind, as you read my words. Possibly? I truly hope I'm mistaken because deep within your human brain you have the ability to achieve any goal you set your mind upon. This may be the first time you have hear this , but the fact is that success is a formula. It's simply proven steps that you take in order to get a result, similar to anything.

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity.”

- Ayn Rand

Climb the ladder

Here is the formula to success:" Don't tell anyone I told you"

1. Desire

List all the reason why you want to become successful. The more reason you have, to greater the motivation you receive. The more motivated you are, the harder you will work in order to achieve your goal.

2. Positive Mind

Develop a positive mind by thinking positive thought continuously for 10-20 days. You can use affirmations, self talk, audio tapes, self recording etc, to achieve this state of mind. Once you have a positive mental attitude, you tend to see the glass as half full instead of half empty. Learn how to think positive for massive success.


Create a blueprint on how you will achieve your goal. Write out every detail, as if you were going to build a house. Make sure you continuously fix and update your plan as opportunities start to arise and when things don't always go your way.


A thought with out action is a delusion. So you must take action in order for your plan to work. By taking action, it reinforces your beliefs in becoming a success. Do any and everything you can think of, which can bring you one step closer to achieving your goal.


See your self in your mind with your goals already attained. This will bring your goals closer to you and you closer to your goals. Continue to replay this mental picture on the screen of your mind and it will soon become a reality.


Its true that successful people start earlier and work later. All successful people work HARD
HARD HARD. Incredibly, you have to work for the dream you want to attain. Its going to take work, but with focus and consistency, it will pay off big time in the end.


Don't you ever think about quitting or giving up. This phrase will help you stay focused and keep your eye on your dreams

" Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win"

This Quote may be a little outdated, but the meaning is still very powerful. If you want to attain your dream, you a must make a solemn oath to never ever quit. I'm not going to lie! There are going to be rough times, you may possibly go broke a few times and even get very stressed out. But in the end if you stay focused on the positive, following these steps and make every day a successful day, though goal completion. You will come out a diamond that has been forged though heat.

Why Follow these steps?

There is no way , you can develop these elements and fail. This is specifically what it takes to be successful. It my seem a lot at first. But when the "Why Is Big enough The How Doesn't Matter". Which means if you have a deep desire to become successful, the process needed to achieve your goal becomes elementary. So the more reasons you establish,
in your mind as to why you want to be successful, suddenly the activities to achieve this dream become like 5Th grade algebra.
Becoming a success isn't an overnight delivery from FedEx or Ups. It's a step by step process, which takes time. It's a transformation from seeing life from an employees perspective to an multi-millionaire's iris. But as you take bit size steps into this metamorphosis, I will soon reveal itself in your mind as the right path to take.

*You as a person defines what success ultimately mean to you*

What does success mean to you?Are you currently on a path to reaching you goals?

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