Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why Are You An Ungrateful Bastard?

I want this article to lead of into a nice discussion, so i want you guys to give me so aspects of your life that you feel grateful for having.
So let me go first. So even tho I teach people on how to be positive, we all have to deal with some daily events that may stress us out throughout the day, but keep that good attitude is essential to being happy.
So one thing that i would like to change is that i want to me more appreciative of the life that i currently have now. Do any of you guys feel this way?

I mean life is a total miracle which is filled with so much unknown and mystery. Life is filled with so much pain and pleasure. Stress and happiness. Love and hate. We seldom take the time to really sit back and be happy with who we are and where we are because it could be a lot worse.

For example instead of sitting on my chair with a cup of coffee writing , these articles i could be a impoverished homeless person, worrying if i am going to eat today. But I'm not. Instead I'm typing to you lovely people who continue to support me, my blog, email me private questions on your current life challenge and me thank you cards. I'm very appreciative for everyone who has been reading my blog daily on how to think positive and i this is your first time.....I thank you also

So how about you guys,what are you grateful for?

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