Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Confront Those Fears

" Do what you fear most and you control fear"
- Tom Hopkins

Lets break down what F.E.A.R encompasses.

What is the meaning of false?My definition of false embodies: a delusion of an imaginary reality conceived by the mind in order to stop an individual from discovering his or her true self. This false perception of reality, keeps people from untapping their inner most talents. Inevitably disallowing them get more out of life. Incredibly, the false perception of possible circumstances that will not occur keeps people from evolving their minds. This image is created by worries and fictitious possible outcomes that lock the door to the mind. Harvesting people who only see themselves as less capable of completing certain tasks or activities.

The evidence in Fear stands for the ketchup stains that appear to look like blood in the mind of adults. This evidence appears so real in the minds of countless human beings that the thought of conquering their fears keep them living in tight quarter of consciousness. Instead of flying through life as an eagle on a bright Sunday morning just before breakfast. Unfortunately, most adults live their lives believing that the toy guns and shiny plastic sheriff badges have authority in the real world. This mental slavery is deeply rooted within the minds of the majority of the population. As you can see most people hate there jobs, frown upon taking risk and see over achieving as a doing too much. It's no wonder why we live in a society were being successful means corruption or wealth is perceived as greed. Do you think wealth is greed? I don't. I success as calculated risks that paid off....How about you? Well non the less, this decaying state of mind has crippled the masses into seeing themselves as less adequate and low in self concept. This false evidence controls the thoughts, opinions and beliefs of millions of individuals causing life to be seen as a never ending traffic jam instead of a uphill climb.

The false appearance of the being faced against an insurmountable obstacle holds adults back mostly all of their lives. With out a sense of courage or bravery, people chose to live struggling day to day with no hope in site. We have created a generation of hopeless individuals who think in terms of negativity and mediocity. No one every encourages one another to fight for there dreams, despite the obstacles ahead. People tend to brush situations off, in place of pursing a desire they truly know they can succeed from their involvment. Words such as responsibility, focus, consistency and how the mind works cause people to keep their eyes open for Fredi Kruger or The Candy Man. Wondering around life feeling deeply empty because they have no purpose in life.

The reality which keeps people in a mental prison holds back society from being evolving into its finest stages. The perception of an obstacle may seem insurmountable to the naked eye. Yet, as you look deep down the rabbit hole, one will find that fear isn't what it appears to be.
F. E. A. R is a mental cancer that kills the minds of million of people. It keeps you from going to night school to get your degree, or taking on the new special project that you know you can do well in or tackling a new business opportunity that can help you achieve your dreams. Fear can stop you from learning how to think positive. This destructive state of mind is problem focused in stead of being solution oriented. If you find yourself living in fear, be consciously aware that Fear Is Not REAL. Rise above it and conquer those thoughts. You can Do it!

What steps can I take?

The process of getting rid of fear maybe a mental roller coaster in the beginning. Having a state of mind focused on results and progression is a must. Consistency , persistence and a deep desire to conquer these psychological blocks will help you reign supreme over your fears faster. The more you want to succeed, the more will power you will have to attain this goal. The more you do what you fear most, the more you see the fear as insignificance.

1. What Are You Afraid Of?
Narrow down what causes you to feel anxiety and mental distress. Ask yourself "What is the worst possible scenario? Am I ready to take my live to the next level? Why is fear holding me back? What daily step can I take to conquer this fear? Its good start to ask yourself these question, because you have to analyze what you are afraid of and why you feel held back. Plus, ask yourself how can conquering this fear benefit me in the long run.

Positive Encouragement
Make sure to mentally psyche yourself before up before you take on this task. Consciously realize, fear is just an illusion and no one puts a limit on your capabilities expect for you. If you feel that you can do it, then you can. If you believe you can't than you are equally as right. So put your best foot forward and think in terms of a positive outcome with a better you attached. Attack the fear with a sense of unshakable confidence as you step up again Goliath. Understand that if someone else has conquered their fear in your department, you can do the same. The only difference is that they had the courage to do so.

Remember to always work on bettering yourself. With daily progression, we tend to become more capable than someone who doesn't push themselves to see how much they can achieve.
So start By setting up daily goals, that will move you closer to conquering you fears.

What Are you Afraid of? What fears have you conquered lately?

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  1. What a phenomenal post! This has really put fear into perspective! Fear isn't true. Life is meant to be abundant! Great post!