Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to Improve Mind University

Sit back back, and relax sweetheart and get ready to embark on the journey that is better than reaching your climax in the back of a Chevy will Barry White is singing.
You are about to have a mental orgasm, that will send your body into cardiac arrest....
I'm here to tell you now.......I'm going to make this blog, Fun, Inspirational, educational and send you missing your favorite t.v shows just anticipating my every post on how to think positive.

Let me give you a bit of who I am, My name is Jonathan, my fiends call me john, so when you comment on my post please you can refer to me as either or. I love discussion how to think positive, and I'm here to share all that i know, love, agree with, disagree with, hate, enjoy and even find arousing...:)!
I am a real person, who has real feeling and expresses his opinions through his writing with a hint of his personality... So if you like reading blog post , that's great because i like writing them........GoodReadings

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