Friday, July 24, 2009

News Kills The Mind

What is News?

A reason to see the world as a negative place, where everyone is either a stereotype, a criminal or a politician looking for more money for his campaign. News is just another one of the many channels on television that is edited and programmed to get a few messages across to the whole human race. Life is hard, The world is a scary place, Don't try to be yourself, You have to look like this, and act that. These are the messages I get when I watch television...How about you? I have yet to see the top story on the news that start with

" Breaking News: A teenager just graduated from High school with a full ride to Yale University". Or "The pro - peace movement is really changing the world's consciousness about War" Now back to you chuck!

Maybe I never will live to see this day? It's safe to say that the world is creating mental cancer for those religious viewers who work a 9-5 and sit on the couch complaining about their failure. But yet find time to watch t.v for 4 hours a night? what do you think? I will let you decide. But the reason I bring up this topic of news its relation to it's hazardous effects on how to think positive.

Stop Watching News

Your mind is like a computer. What every you upload into your mind and believe, has an effect on who you are, and how you see the world. If you watch t.v each and every day you are basically giving television news reporters full control of your thinking. Thus, causing you to subconsciously believe anything they say. Whether it's racial information, corruption, the down hill economy or celebrity gossip. By watching news, you allow this information to change how you think. Plain and simple!
News , brain washes people into believing a false reality of how life is. I'm not saying news is giving false information, but I'm saying they purposely show stories of a negative persuasion to effect your mind.

Start Watching Positive Videos

Instead of going home and watching the news , which just make you depressed. How about going on the internet and watching videos that will put a smile on your face instead of a frown.
Watch some funny videos, listen to inspiring podcast, but don't watch a channel that is destroying your mind instead of filling it with valuable positive information that can only help you.

Remember* Your mind is like a sponge and any information we accept in our conscious mind, we tend to act in accordance with this fact* So make sure you only accept thoughts that are positive and cheerful.

Start Today

My advice is to start Now! Not tomorrow, next week, Thursday morning or Friday afternoon. Make the decision to watch more positive, educational and inspirational videos daily. You will be surprised how much great positive information is out there. Soon you will love to watch positive information and you local new channel will not exist in your household. By watching positive video, direct your mind in a postive direction. The key to any type of success is keeping a positive attitude.

" Positive Information Helps"
" News Hinders"

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