Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who are you going to be?

I ask YOU this question because a lot of people now a days are wondering who they are and analyzing themselves. People are looking for a deeper understanding of how they came about and why they are they way they are. Whether their irrational, gloomy , hateful or just angry of situations that has happened to day or a memory from a pastime.
I want to let you know that you are choosing to be that person, as you think and feel this way. Remember the saying* You become what you think about*. So maybe as you read this article your wondering how to think positive when your in a mental state of hazardous and caution signs. Here is my advice.....

1. Go watch a movie that will make you smile.
It could something from you child hood or even a recent movie that came out in the movie theaters, but do something to change your mood.

2. Read positive quotes. Below is link to a website that is filled with positive words that will start to put some good thoughts into your life....no charge.

3. Look at some positive graphic which will allow you to understand how to think positive. Pictures are one of the most easiest ways to start to change your mind from negative to positive within seconds

4. Start the daily routine of talking to yourself in a positive way. Whether you say... "hey i am amazing or i love my self". Take gradual steps in order for you to start to feel great about yourself. Its a marathon, not a sprint!.

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