Monday, July 20, 2009

Why Listen To Me?

To be fairly honest, you don't have to read my post or listen to the priceless advice, methods, tools and techniques i am about to bestow upon you. My fellow human beings. Because, "you will learn this too", but Not everyone is made to handle the steps it takes to understand how to think positive.

To be honest, by reading this post i consider you yo be a rare breed. Cut from a different cloth. A doer of life instead of a victim of it.
Don't get me wrong everyone on this planet has the capability to learn how to think positive, but not all are willing to take that mental transition from being negative to positive, even though its like anything else. It takes practice and in the end the risk is worth every Penny!

For example: If i wanted to learn how to pick up women. Or pick up guys " if i was a female, IM NOT", just wanted to make that clear. It doesn't matter how much I tell you self that I can do it. If you don' t take mental action and physical action in terms of communication, then I wont achieve my goal!. Plain and simple. I have to expect the best and than approach that situation with the same attitude.

So here the principle, Are you ready?: Just by taking action you can change your whole life and perspective on how something may perceive difficult at first , but then easy once you do it a few times, it will become easy.. So if you want to think positive, just try it out.

Practice makes perfect right?

I'm going to leave this post on the principles you should use.

1. Positive thinking works..........Just ask Will Smith
2.Practice makes perfect..............the risk is usually worth the reward
3.Just do NIKE
4. Have Faith you will succeed!

Glad to be of service...enjoy this could be your last...hey you never know!

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