Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2 Ways to Enhance Persistance

We all wish we were more persistence in our activities. We all wish that our word will ultimately become our bond. Sadly, it's not the case. The lack of persistence is the direct reason why failure is the prominent result of people who pursue their desire. This seemingly new trend of working half ass towards a goal seems to be the new popular rave this generation. People make decision to attain a certain figure, an increased income or a new car. Yet, the result show nothing but the same old habits that lead people to failure. Why is that? Why do people set new yearly goals, but never achieve them. Every year, the same cliche is made " What is your new year resolution"? Have you made your new resolution yet? Millions of people dedicate time to write down what they wish to accomplish but when the year s up, nothing is achieved. Nothing is improved. Nothing is overcome.
This obvious mental maze of saying one thing, but doing the next has become a common state of mind for millions.

" Its no what a man says that defines him, but what he does"

Will Power

A way to enhance persistence is having the mental will power to put action behind words. Its being able to wake up early in the morning ,to shed 50 lbs off your body in order to have the body you know you truly deserve. Will power means staying up late, and completing your task for the day so you can sleep easily. Having will power ultimately means, being able to summon strength from within to tackle any obstacle or challenge.
Developing will power is essentially taken from having self discipline, delaying gratification and thinking in terms of how to think positive.
Will power is like a seed within your mind. As you nourish it with confidence, love, knowledge,
desire, persistence, positive thoughts and perseverance. The seed will grow start to grow into a plant. With consistency this plant can grow into a strong tree, which stands 50 feet in the air above local homes down the road.
Doing what you have to do, in order to get the results you want is the 1st key to persistence. Making yourself self - accountable for the results you intend to create is a dominant factor in enhancing your persistence. Don't look to blame anyone but yourself in taking responsibility to keep working towards your goal. Here is a great tip. Take responsibility for your result. Many people look to blame outside circumstance to excuse their blemishes. You need to take full responsibly for your action and work to wards your goal with persistence and self- accountability.


Those who we associate with tend to be a reflection of who are truly are and what we believe. Most people hang around only with people of like minded views. Its our nature. We seek people with similarities and stick with them. Now i want you to ask yourself this question. Are the people i am hanging around with suitable to help me as I start becoming more serious about achieving my goals? Will my friends support me positively as i develop more persistence? If you have negative answers to these questions, then i suggest making some new positive friends. I say this not to be rude, but to help you out. With negative friends, they tend to pull us down instead of helping us reach for the sky. Negative friends will usually distract us, tell us to forget about it, tell us to meet them at the mall instead of working to towards our goal.................Do you see where i am going this?

On the other hand, positive friend will encourage you to push your self to the limit, tell you to stay home and work on your goal, even come by and assist you with you assignment, they enhance your success instead of squashing your tasks with verbal distractions. You have to share your go up goals with just a few people. Most people never want to see anyone succeed, so you must be cautious to who you share your goals with. So, pick a positive friend and start to make thing's happen. Everything start with you.

What are you doing to Enhance Persistence?
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