Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zig Ziglar's Instant Goal Setting

Goals are the blueprints for your future. People with goals succeed in life because they know where they are going. Planning your day is essential to avoid lolly gagging. Most people spend their day reacting to situations instead of taking command of their ships. Too many people man their crew with misguided intends which leave the crew standard. Goal oriented people map out the entire day assured to reach a destination. Without goals you will become a wandering generality, in place of having meaningful intentions. Goals are the means to your achievements. Achievements are the results of completing goals. But how can you use goals to wards you advantage? How can you become more goal oriented to achieve more?

Plan out your day
Each and every night plan out what you want to accomplish for the next day. If your long term goal is to become a rocket scientist, place goals surrounding this achievement. Your list may consist.

1. Read 2 hours in the area of Rocket science
2. Apply to an Internship
3. Meet with friend to talk about project
4. search for school with this major

In addition to this task, place time deadlines on the goal. Deadlines creates pressure inside your mind which can allow your goals to be reached faster with more effectiveness. Without time deadlines you may look focus, direction and become unmotivated. After you have completed each task, cross it of the list and continue to the next one. Don't allow petty distractions to keep you from reaching your full daily potential. Making every day a successful day is one of the keys to getting things done. Here is a Zig Ziglar who can present Goal Setting Better than me!

I Hope you guys got those goals Down!

Learning how to think positive or be positive can assist you in taking a positive attitude towards your work. The attitude we take towards our work is in direct proportion to how well it comes out. Keep your attitude positive as you work toward your goals daily. Positive thinking only works if you put forth the effort on a consistent basis. But what does positive thinking do? Positive thinking does what negative thinking doesn't! Failure to recognize this absolute truth will lead failure right in front of your door step.


  1. I appreciated this post. I usually have goals and then develop a "things to do list" around the goals. I'm great about this when there's a deadline, but get lazy about it when there's not. Thanks for the reminder:~)

  2. Ah, the night before list. Whenever I do it, the next day goes so much better. But I don't do it often enough. So thanks for the reminder!

  3. @ Sara
    The deadline is the best to keep your mind in tact! Hope to hear from you soon!

    @ Patty
    Your telling me, i tend to forget at times too. Were only human right...lol
    Thanks for the post