Thursday, September 10, 2009

Positive Thinking From 4 World Famous Humans!

To Be A Successful Investor? by businesspictures.

Do feel like your mind is running a muck?Jumping around with
thoughts of self pity, deprivation and confusion.
Are you at the stage where you want to think positive,
but would like a bit of extra motivation. Who else has used
positive thinking to reach their dreams? Did they leave any
useful tips? Here is a list of 4 world-famous people who have
used positive thinking to achieve tremendous result. Use
these facts as a jump start to changing your life or don't
continue to read this article. I say this because if your not
going to use my information then its a waste of your time and
mines. I hope you consider changing your life by changing your thought.
Why? You only live once...

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Schwarzenegger born in Russia is a 5 time Mr universe and 4 time Olympia. He believes " as long as the mind can envision the fact then you can do something. Arnold Schwarzenegger began to envisioned himself as being already having achieved the goal he was pursuing. He used positive thinking, mixed with visualization to attain all of his worldly accomplishments. Now he is the governor of California, Philanthropist and a World- Famous movie star. What can you learn from him? Guess, Use positive thinking to envision your goal within your mind. The results in your head will cause you to take massive action, getting massive results thus reinforcing your beliefs that it is possible to succeed. If Arnold has achieved so much within his life on this planet just by taking daily steps and thinking positive, what do you think you can do? Think about it.

Napoleon Hill

Author of the classic novel Think and Grow rich Napoleon Hill explains how any individual can become massively successful by following his proven formula.
1. First come the thought of your desire, dream of fantasy
2. Organization of these thoughts into a plan of action
3. Using your imagination to make the goals real with you mind before it come to

"The genius is he who sees what is not yet and cause it to be true" - Peter Zarlenga

Will Smith

Will has used the power of positive thinking to dominate the movie charts year after year after year.Once a broke kid in his early teens, he developed a mindset which has created massive wealth for himself and his family. Will Smith has stated several times " In my mind I have always been an A-list movie star, y'all just ain't know it yet". This means he saw himself in his mind as a World famous actor before it came to fruition. Now think about this for a moment. No. Really soak it in. The key to his success is that Will developed a mindset of being what he desired to become in his mind. He could of thought of himself as a janitor, bus driver or social worker, but he saw himself as An A-list Hollywood movie star Millions of people adore and love. So who do you want to be? How can you attain your goals? Use visualization and positive thinking to get anything you want, desire or want to experience. Simple!

" In my mind I have always been an A-list movie star, y'all just ain't know it yet"
- Will Smith

I bring up this quote again because people read quotes that inspire them but take no action towards their dreams. Something resonates with them to start making daily chnages but it fear holds them back. If your that person reading this here is my advice. Do what you you fear most and the fear is dead.

Oprah Winfrey

A women who was rapped at the age of 14 and is now a Billionaire. My question is what is your excuse? Oprah was psychologically and emotionally destroyed at a young age by being rapped by a family member and too top it off she gave birth to her son who did 4 weeks later..... [ moment of silence please]
Imagine what she felt like? How low her self esteem was? No confidence in who she was...
A mind filled with self destruction and mental cancer. You probably never felt like that in your life, yet you still sit around watching t.v all day and not progressing to your full potential. You probably still thinking negative now.... Pathetic! Do you have to get raped for you to see your own ability to do whatever you put your mind too. I hope not! So get off your lazy ass and change your thinking.

Steps to Greatness
1. Begin to develop positive self talk
2. Read positive material daily
3. Take 1 day at a time
4. Limit your television intake
5. Start to see your self as great
6. Take daily steps
7. Don't listen to your negative friends" switch up your circles"
8. Have some good sex to loosen up the stress......always a positive :)

"Think Like a Queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. failure is another stepping stone to greatness"
- Oprah

Are you getting the picture? Are you now beginning to see that positive thinking is the only way to reach your goals?


  1. Great list here Jon! I have yet to read Napoleon Hill's book, might grab it later in the month.

    Positive thinking definitely helps push me closer to accomplishable goals -- won't say that it's the only way though. :)

  2. Your post - specifically the Will Smith quote (LOVE HIM!) - made me stop and visualize something I think I'd like for myself career-wise in the future. Thank you for giving me pause today! I needed those 30 seconds of inspiration!

  3. @ Daniel
    Thanks for the Comment. I suggest you get think and grow rich next month if not, then I have the free e-book. Just let me know and i will email it to you asap.

  4. @ Megan
    I appreciate your support as usually. And I think Will Smith is the greatest. He has made himself a Legend in the Movie Industry.

    1. I am legend
    2. Pursuit of Happiness
    3. Ali
    I can go on and on, but i think you get the picture. Thanks for the love!