Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Benefits of How to Think Positive Doggy

Last of the Fall leaves by SmilingMonk.

Sometimes 1 bad day out of the week is just inevitable for you.
Whether your feeling sad, confused, insecure or just plain dull
there is a solution. Most people usually have 7 days of sadness,
confusion and continuous insecurities within their life. So how can
you shift these thoughts of negativity? Two words you need to know

Think Positive

The English language is made up of hundred of thousands of words, yet these think positive is the only solution to your current problem. But what are the benefits of positive thinking which can cause you to actually walk down this benevolent path?

Increase life Span

Living longer on this beautiful planet can only be a bonus. We seldom look at life though the eyes of a person who has only 24 hours to live. Imagine if you went to the doctors office, and as you sat down on the table he explained this scenario.
Excuse me Mr. Jones, but the cancer has spread all throughout your body, this is hard for me to say but you only have 24hours left before your body is gives into this terrible disease. How would you feel? What would you do? What would be you initial reaction? Hopefully you don't have to go through this, but my point is to use positive thinking as a foundation to increase your life span. How does this work? Positive thinking reduces stress, heal wounds faster and slows down the aging process. Put all this together and you have a longer life to live.

Self Confidence

Most people are afraid to express how they really feel most of the times. Shyness seems to be a natural state of mind for millions of people. With Positive thinking you can align yourself with a conscious which contains great self self confidence. Self confidence is a combination of positive thinking, being friendly and smiling you butt off. People are only approachable if you provide a nice smile to disarm their thoughts of defense. The power of smiling is underrated , yet it can turn a bad date good, seal a negotiation or win friends and influence people. Think good thoughts as you smile at people and your self confidence will increase.

Negative thinking drains your energy by bringing you into a state of depression, anxiety, confusion and laziness. Thinking positive adds fuel to your fire which sky rockets motivation, creating positive momentum for the day and turns that frown upside down. Positive thinking effects every way you feel because you attitude determines your result, thus affecting the actions you take and the result you ultimately receive. More positive thinking, the more energetic you feel because your thoughts are the causes for your emotions.

Use Law Of Attraction

There has been lots of speculation on the Law of Attraction aka The secret. The point of the law of attraction is to fuse Visualization with positive thinking together to get whatever you want from life. By using the Law of attraction, you get what ever you focus upon on a daily basis. Think about something long enough and it will appear in your reality whether you want it or not. The LOA can only be a benefit to you if you begin to learn how to think positive. Focusing on the negativity side of life will only bring more negativity into your reality. Thought become things so to speak, so think about what you want not what you don't want. This can only benefit you, if used properly.

What are some of the benefits you received from Positive thinking?

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  1. Great post JOnathan.
    You really revlutionizing the way people
    try to think positive with your simple, easy tips.
    Your one of a kind.