Saturday, September 5, 2009

How To Think Positive In 20 Nano Seconds

Positive Attitude by Dunechaser.

Positive thinking will give you the mental edge you need
for you to reach your goals.An attitude of "I can"
increases your chances for success tremendously.
Significant improvement can be manifested from
thinking positive. What type of Improvements Broham?

1. Happy state of mind
2. Increased Life Span to see your grand kids
3. More energy to do more of what you like to do
4. Peace of Mind
5. Less stress
6. Greater Inner Strength
7. Increased Focused
8. Healthy Body
9. Winners attitude
10. Become an Unlimited Being

Now How can you Create a Positive mind?

Talk to yourself

Talking to your self doesn't mean your going insane.
In fact

"People who talk to themselves are usually of higher intelligence than the masses"
- Dr. Joyce Brothers

But most people speak to themselves negatively even thought they deny self talk. If your trying to solve a math problem and your stuck on a certain problem. You tell yourself " I can't do this or its too hard". That is self talk. Now how can you use this to your advantage? Instead, tell your self the answer is coming to you soon, every you do touches to gold or your going to solve this problem because you will never give up. Positive self talk changes your perspective on how the obstacle was once perceive. Doing this on a daily basis will change how you see your self over time. Your self- concept, self liking and confidence will begin to rise with in a few days. Here is a powerful formula for how to think positive.

Positive self talk + emotion = New YOU!


Add emotional appeal to the positive words you say to yourself. Begin to speak to your self with confidence and positivity. If you chose not to tak the path of positive self talk then you thoughts will be consumes with the following.

1. Fear
2. Worry
3. Stress
4. Anxiety
5. Failure
6. Pain
7. Misalignment with who you really are

So if you want positive change, then speak you yourself with intense emotion. Use positive phrases to reprogram your mind. Its the easiest way to make permanent way Why? Its simple and free of charge. All it takes is desire, initiative and consistency.

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Why do some people fail at positive thinking? A lack in consistency is usually the case. Developing a positive mind is simple, but it takes consistency. Consistent positive self talk creates positive momentum for years with daily action. It's not a mystery, why most people think in terms on negativity. Everyday your are bombarded with violence, terror, shooting and criticism. If you want to create a positive mind, you should work twice as hard on yourself as you do on your job. Create a new habit by making daily progress even when hope sees bleak.

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