Saturday, September 12, 2009

Posiitve Thinking Is Destroying Your Life

Positive thinking seems to be a trend now a days, after the secret was released. Millions of all around the globe attempted to learn how to think positive, but failed. They visualized themselves as having their desires, began to ask but did not receive a God Damn Thing. Why? Why did millions of people who began to change their thinking have the same results as before? This quote will answer your question!

" Thought without action is delusion"
- Jim Rohn

Nothing will come to you unless you work for it. Its a universal law! Which one? The Law of sowing and reaping. If your not familiar with this law let me jog your memory. "As you sow so shall you reap" is the biblical line found within the bible. But I'm going to get religious in this post; it not my forte but, The law says" You sow exactly what you reap, nothing more nothing less." So to put things into perspective if you sow nothing you can't possibly reap anything. If you wanted a new job, don't just ask the universe for a new job or think about acquiring one in a positive mind state. Begin to LOOK for one. It will happen easier because you are thinking optimistically, but you must put some work behind it.

If you want to find the missing link to the secret Here are a couple tips On How to think positive

1. Be positive

What ever your thinking right now, if it isn't making you happy then stop thinking about it. Happiness is something you deserve to feel on a daily basis no matter the weather. Those who are mad all the time, I can bet my bottom dollar have thoughts associated with frustration, confusion and lack. Control your mind from here on by thinking good thoughts. Remember your attitude is determined by altitude. As a result, how far you go in life is determined by your positive outlook.

2. Do something?

Yes, don't just ask and wait around like a douche bag. Take some action today! If you want to lose weight don't think positive and have another piece of cheesecake. Who are you fooling? Get your ass on that treadmill and work those dinner rolls until you cannot get up. Feel the burn of being out of your comfort zone and achieving your goal. Its truly the only way to grow for the better.

3. Childlike Visionary

Use your imagination to see your goal as already completed. Imagination is a characteristic we all as human begin have, but seldom use. Even though its free, fun and creates our own very future. Use your imagination to see your desire, fantasy or goal. Keep these pictures vividly in your mind several times a day. The repetition of positive images create positive outcomes.

4. Thank you

Don't be shy, Be thankful. Appreciate what you already have in your life. We seldom realize how lucky we are until it's gone. Don't wait until your on your death bed to appreciate life and be thankful for your blessing. Become thankful for what you have now because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

5. Something New

Each and every day do something brand new. Most negativity develops from boring routines such as waking up mad, going to work upset, having a bad day" now your in deep depression", going home "Stress increases", yell at your kids' because your feeling low" , going to bed mad, repeat, rinse and recycle. Instead do something different for the day. Smile at everyone, hug your kids when they walk though the door or take them out for ice cream. Change up your style for the day and turn that frown upside down.

6. Don't Listen to Nay Sayers

When people say negative things to you don't react as they would. Instead smile it off. Never allow someones bad attitude to ruin your day. Tell them your sorry they feel that way and continue on your merry way. People spend too much time focusing deeply on thoughts about what someone said. Get your mind back on how to think positive and feel those happy emotions running though your veins.

7. End Radio Listening

Go on a mental diet where you decide not to listen to the radio unless the lyrics are based on positivity. Listening to positive music for the next 30 days can develop a posiitve mind over time. Most people spend hour and hours in there cars over weeks. This is a lot of time spent listening to negative garbage, instead blast positive music or educational tapes inside your vehicle. It will be an uplifting experience you will begin to cherish.

8. Educate yourself

Read 15-30 minutes each and ever day on positive material. Here is a list of suggested books to read.

1. Chicken Soup for the Soul
2. Think and Grow Rich
3. Power of Positive Thinking
4. How to Win Friends And Influence People
5. Magic of Thinking Big

Doing this long enough creates a habit, thus building a character and reaping a positive destiny.

9. Plenty Fluids

Stop filling your body will toxic such as beer or drugs. Begin to drink lot of water. Drinking water cleanses the body and release toxins from your system.

10. Time to Reflect

Spend 10-15 minutes each day to reflect on how the day went. Think about your attitude throughout your day, what you said to people, and find ways to improve your mistakes. But also congratulate yourself for having a great attitude throughout that day.

11. Giving

Instead of taking all the time, allow yourself to give. Giving away money, food, friendly positive advice or even clothing can be very therapeutic. Its a great way to build confidence, self-esteem and all good things begin to come to your way. Give as much as you can, but expect nothing in return. Give because it's just the humane thing to do. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Have you any ideas on how to think positive? Did you find this helpful?


  1. You are right. Positive thinking alone is not enough, we have to make actions. Among what you stated above I like the part of childlike vision. When we were childrens everything is possible and we have strong faith in something we believe in. But as we grow up we became cynical. I will certainly see my goals like when I was a child. :-)

  2. @ Walter Thanks
    Childlike imagination is what we posses and must use for goal achievement. Spread the word about it man.......We all Need to think like a children!
    Thanks for the love.

  3. Thinking positive is a great first step, but as you pointed out so well, there are other steps that we must take in addition.

    I got rid of my TV this year. Greatest thing I could have done. I also stopped listening to the news years ago, and am still a well-educated and intelligent woman. I'm just happier as a result! I liked your suggestion to stop listening to downer songs on the radio. That's a GREAT one.

    We can be as happy as we make up our minds to be, and will live a life resulting from the actions we take.

    Carry on in joy, my positive blogging friend!

  4. All of these are very good tips. Yes, the Secret did fall very short in what it attempted to deliver. Attraction begins with thought, however it goes way beyond thought. What we feel and what we think must be aligned and as you said thought must be followed by action.
    Happiness is what we are, not what we will find.
    Good post!

  5. @Megan
    Wow your beyond me, you threw out your t.v.
    What a great move. I guess you didn't see the VMA' I'm proud to see a young woman like yourself who is well-educated and loves life. Great to hear from you.

    You right. Happiness is a state of mind. Objects cannot bring you happiness, but only what you think.

    Thanks For all the love!