Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Be Positive Guaranteed....

exhausted by Dalla*.

How to be positive consist of a variation of elements compounded together
which create a positive mind.

So what are those elements?

Do you really want to know?

Open up your mind to these 5 tips on how to be positive guaranteed...

1. Smile

Just smiling a bit more causes you to feel better about yourself. What does smiling do specifically? It increases your confidence, self esteem, self assurance and build energy. This method is so simple, free and easy, yet millions walk around frowning all day. If your feeling a bit under the weather today, begin to smile and watch your thoughts shift dramatically.

2. Think Good Thoughts

Instead of filling up your mind with thought of negativity, why not try the opposite. Its obvious, negative thinking doesn't leave your feeling energetic, optimistic and happy. Its usually builds anger and stress inside of your mind. Thinking good thoughts is just a better way to go. Without a positive mind you begin to enjoy life more, your life span increases, you develop a greater appreciation for life, you experience more happiness and stress is reduced. So next time your in a mental Gladiators match, cancel those thought and think good thoughts. As long as you feel good then your on the right track.

3. Imaginary Player

Jump back for a second into your imagination. A place inside your mind where nothing is impossible. Where everything goes well for you in every aspect of your life. Begin to feel the emotions running through your veins as if you have already reach the pinnacle of your Dreams. How does it feel? Good or Even Greate I bet. Do yourself a favor, by performing this task each and everyday. Why? because

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world" - Albert Einstein

Every emotion which surfaces from from how we think. If you begin to use your imagination to think of big dreams, endless opportunities and how to be positive, those attributes will reflect in your own reality. Don't hesitate to sit down in a relaxed location and just have fun within your mind for a few minutes a day. It will pay off big time within a couple of days.

4. Booty Work-Out

Get out today and do something to work out that booty. Most negativity comes from sitting around in the house all day not doing anything constructive with your life. Working out is just the activity you need to clear your mind of negativity and get your body moving. An Intense work out may be just what you need in this point in your life. Nothing does the body better than a nice work out to erase the stresses from your life within a few minutes. Working out increases confidence, blood flow to the brain for better ideas, higher self esteem and greater confidence. This is a great way to be positive, instead of watching t.v 4 hours each day.

5. Take a Walk

If your not up for an intense work out, then take a walk. Walking around your neighborhood, park or local shopping area can clear the mind of negativity quite easily. Walking allows you to bask in the glory of life, reduces stress, and create positive momentum for the rest of the day. Imagine having a stressful day or an argument with your significant other. Instead of yell, screaming , saying hurtful things you don't mean or even throwing objects, just walk away. Take a walk to reflect on your behavior... Ask yourself

How could I have reacted better?
Did I really mean those things?
How can improve my behavior?

Seeking for answers within your own mind, will uncover honest truths about yourself. It will cause you to change your reactions, approach and overall negative thought pattern. So next time your in a emotional rut, take a walk and reflect on how you can make the bad good.

Has this post helped you? What Methods are you using to be Positive?


  1. Good suggestions. It's important to build these sorts of actions into our regular routines.

  2. I wish it's that easy to maintain my positivity. Still, I try hard to have a potitive outlook on life, afterall I will gain nothing by being on the negative side. :-)

  3. Very nice tips for how to be positive. Smile is so important for our soul and spirit. Being positive doesn't just happen to most of us, so we do need to be aware of our state of mind.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Giovanna Garcia
    Imperfect Action is better than No Action

  4. Hi Jonathan - Walking is a great way to feel more positive. It gets your body moving and can be quite meditative too. :)

  5. @ Paul
    Thanks for you comments, Actions on a daily basis do lead to routines

    @ Walter
    Practice having a positive out look, it will pay off in the long run
    remember practice makes perfect

    @ Garcia
    Smiling is a great way to feel better instantly. Thanks for your comment. Love your blog by the way.

    @ Amamnda
    I bet your an avid walker, your post are just so posiitve and livly. Thanks for stopping by!