Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Fears Keep You From Nirvana

Top 6 Fears

Fear Of poverty:

Includes the lack of ambitions, indecision and procrastination. Those who have fear of poverty are afraid of taking risk and put themselves and financial on the line.Fear of poverty limits you from discovering how to think positive.

Fear of Criticism:

This fear deals with extravagant spending, self consciousness, and lack of poise amongst other thing. People who are fearful of criticism are often self consciousand afraid to make steps forwards because they don't want to be seen as a failure in the eyes of others. The restricts individuality and freedom.

Fear of Good Health:

This result from worries bout being ill of getting sick. Many people fear sickness because death. It is estimated 70% of people who visit doctors suffer from hypochondria. This lack of self cuddling is symptoms of the fear of good health.

Fear Loss of Love:
Includes jealousy and finding fault in your self or possible relationships. If you find a person who you like, its its possible you will find reason to end the relationship before you get close. You will continuously look for sign which entail relationship failure.

Fear Old Age:

Can be seen in a person who starts to slow down or say they are too old for certain activities. A person who envys the youth and limit their experience in life. This fear prevent your from learning how to be positive.

As you can see you guy shave a lot of problems! But on a serious note i hope you have identified the fear which resonates with you so you can find the solve o these mental challenges.

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  1. Hello. Nice post on the six basic fears. This is also outlined in chapter 15 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.