Friday, September 25, 2009

Americans Need Affirmations Before They DIE!

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Affirmations are short and specific phrases used for reprogramming the mind. As a human begin we were programmed from birth as fearful, anxious and sad people. Happiness is rarely seen in the eyes of a person even the wealthy. Most people are sick and tried of there lives, but don't know how to change. Change can be acquired speaking to ones self more optimistically. Instead of saying negative words to yourself, do the opposite.

The key to Positive thinking is to use affirmations for your advantage. Talk to yourself by using words which bring joy not displeasure. Consistent use of affirmations will reprogram your mind by fixating your attention of optimism. Its vital to use the right language when engaging in thought. Usage of the wrong language mixed with negative thinking can be disastrous. Affirmations encourages you to learn how to think positve.

Reason for lack of Positive thinking

1. Improper use of affirmations
2. Lack of Showing gratitude
3. Pressure to change quickly

1. Affirmations are needed to be used daily. Preferably in the morning right when you wake up and before you enter slumber. These times are when you subconscious mind is most vulnerable to change. As your day progresses use these affirmations at all times as much as you can. Lack of consistency will be the death of your positive thoughts and rebirth of negative thought patterns. With affirmations you've disrupted your though patterns by changing your self image manually. Keep this action up for a minimum of 30days, as you will blossom like a flower in the spring. An example of affirmations are

1. I am a positive person
2. I am always grateful
3. I like myself

2. Gratitude is the one thought which bring your desire full circle. Without the use of gratitude you will focus on past failure, bad breaks and current faults. Its great to focus on what you want, but it also necessary to be happy for what you already have. feel the emotions of actually already having what you desire and already have. Most of us are very fortune compare to most of people we may no. So you should not take what you have for granted by showing appreciating for what is already within your grasp. Greater inner strength will be develop as you've create a positive mind.

3. Change takes time. Your thoughts have been a certain way for a long time, so it's unrealistic to think you can develop a positive mind quickly. As time begins to progress your perspective of your self will elevate. You'll begin to focus more easily on positive thoughts and negativity will have a tough time penetrating your positive barriers. Enjoy the process of change and give your best each and everyday.

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