Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How To Suck At Positive Thinking

"I have had dreams and I have had nightmares,
but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams."

-Dr. Jonas Salk

Many people doubt the capabilities of posiitve thinking, but why is this? Napoleon Hill said" Positive Thinking is a pre-requsite for success", Author of Think and Grown rich. Yet, Millions of people across the globe chose to think negative. What can be the source of this? Positive thinking can't be such a hard thing to develop over time, but yet again people love corruption, controversy, and violence. If you turn on the television all you will find is ignorance, violence, slander and sex. Since the average American watches 4 hours of t.v a day it's no shock why failure seems to be theirs mindset 24hours a day. But this post is not for the millions who watch t.v and refuse to change but for the ones who are making an effort, yet no result. If you want better result on your positive thinking make sure your not making these follow mistakes millions of people do.

Lack of consistency: Is the 1st major mistake people make when trying to develop a positive mind. If you want to learn how to be positive, this isn't a 2 day session or a 1 week try out. Positive thinking is a life long process which takes practice. Daily effort must be applied at all levels to attain this wonderful state of mind. If your not consistent, point blank period you will FAIL! Learning how to think positive is not a short term activity, but a permanent attitude needed to develop a great life. If you want to achieve amazing things in your life time, then become more consistent. If your having a bad day, realize that you can change your thoughts by doing any of the following

1. Watch A Comedy

2. Listen to you Favorite Song

3. Talk to a positive friend

4. Walk by the Beach

5. Take A Swim

Do anything you can to change your state of mind. Why? Every thought you think is creating a mental habit, which is either positive or negative. Pick the Latter of the two, because it will payoff in the end.

If You Aren't Motivated: Lack of motivation will be the death of your positiev thoughts. If your not motivated enough to put forth the effort to create a positive mind, then you will FAIL. If you need motivation, find something which will cause you to feel motivated enough to be in for the long haul. Motivation can be created by writing a list of all the benefits you will receive from learn how to think positive. Your list can consist of the following

1. So my kids no longer have to ask can we afford it

2. My husband deserves the Mustang he been begging for

3. I want to take year long vacation with my family sailing around the world

4. I want to be able to teach my family how to be successful thought postive thinking

5. I deserve to enjoy my short time on this planet

6. I deserve to give my kids to world

7. I want to own my car, Not LEASE it

8. I want a Beautiful home so my grand kids can run around naked in.....Silly babies

9. I want to live in style, no tragedy

10. I want peace of mind.

Construct you list with as much details and reasons as humanly possible. The more reasons you have which are genuine the more likely a posiitve mind will become easier for you attain. Why? Your motivation cause you to put in the extra effort you were lacking previously. *Remember once you pass the learning curve it become easier and easier and did if forget easier. So the difficulty is only in the beginning, but after a few sessions, it becomes 2nd grade math.

"Positive in, Positive out" is the cliche: If you want to be positive then listen to positive material. Reasonably people fail at positive thinking is because they try it out for a bit, but don't change what they read, watch or listen to on a daily basis. Let me ask you a question, How can you be positive if you watching t.v 4 hours a day, listening to negative music on the radio and watching violence, sex or corruption online? Exactly you can't. Im not suggesting you cannot enjoy those aspects of life, because too much positivity is just bland. But, you need to minimize the amount of negativity you allow your brain to receive on a daily basis. Putting positive material into your brain can only produce positive results, it;s that simple. Here is a few things you can do to push your mind in a positive direction.

1. Read 15 minutes a day in a Positive book or article

2. Watch positive videos on you tube

3. Blast educational and motivational tapes in your car

4. Listen to Positive Musiz

5. Talk to successful positive people

6. If you have kids, allow them to read positive books

7. Limit Your television Intake

8. Create Your own posiitve script of who you want to become and read it each night and morning

"When life knocks you down, try to land on your back.

Because if you can look up, you can get up.

Let your reason get you back up."

- Les Brown

Lesson 1: Be Consistent

Lesson 2: Get Motivated

Lesson 3: Put Positive Material in your Brain

Are you Sucking at Positive thinking? Did this Help? Lets Discuss

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  1. Good points and sage advice! One of the biggest things is that our thoughts must be followed by actions. Sometimes positive actions can drive positive feelings and therefore positive thoughts. We have to be willing to be in the game. I agree consistency of thought is key.

  2. @ Mark
    Your totally right. We have to stay in the game, you can take a break sometime ,but the show must go on. Positive thinking is a lifestyle.

  3. Absolutely! When I first started thinking positively, it came easily in some areas, but was VERY difficult in others. Practice makes perfect.

    I almost immediately stopped watching the news, listening to "downer" music, watching violent films, etc. I also started removing myself from negative situations or people. Slowly but surely, I attracted positive people into my life, began drawing more positive experiences toward me, and after eight years, am living a 95% positive-filled life.

    I'm human, so I'm prone to slip-ups in the thinking department, but all in all, life has never been better or more positive. I'm living the life of my dreams, and it all started with changing my thinking around.

    (smile) GREAT POST!

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