Friday, October 2, 2009

Start Your Day Of With Positive Destruction....Muhhahahaha

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"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."
- Henry Thoreau

How can you really achieve your goals with out a solid plan? Planning cannot be such a bad thing after all. Without a plan how can you reach the path you set for yourself. Limitations is created from your lack of organization. Gaps in time leads to emptiness of your soul. Routines keeps you trapped from making progress. If trapped too long, the day becomes wasteful due to lack of direction. Setting priorities is the key which unlocks the mental cuff wrapped around your minds lack of focus. Release these cuff with tips on how to think positive, with failure resistance tactis.

How can you cut your daily routines of consistent failure daily?

Eat a Healthy Hearty breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start off your day with a healthy dose of nutritional food while listening to a motivational audio tape. Digest foods which provide massive energy while create a positive mind creates massive positive momentum for the rest of the day. Lack of healthy intake forms early thoughts of laziness, pessimists and stupidity. Why not start your day with a healthy meal mixed with a side of education. Most people start there day off with a donut , coffee and listen to the radio filled chatter of gossip and criticisms. I wonder why they go though out the day hating themselves? Switch up your daily morning routines for a change in attitude can only benefit you. No longer be a victim of your daily ritual but take a stand to change you life by changing your daily approach.

Key #1:Educational Breakfast

Plan it, or Die Tryin

Setting Prioritizes are the directions to your daily journey. As you walk between the trees of distractions, passing the empty houses of frustration , at the same time sheltering yourself from the rain falls of the fog filled jungles, prioritizes keep you in line. Priorities keeps your thoughts fixates on goal achievement rather than losing motivation towards your work. Simplicities surrounding your work place can only increase your focus , thus increasing your productivity , creating more positive results and less negativity. See a clear path to achievement by doing the hardest task first. It sets the momemtum for the rest of the day. Once you have completed your hardest at first it provides massive momentum as all the rest become easier. Using this idea can make today a successful day.

Key 2: Set Prioritizes by doing the hardest thing first

You betta Thank Someone ( mean face)

Construct a gratitude journal of all the items within your life you are happy of to have. Most reason why your mind delivers thought of negativity is because of your lack of appreciation. People tend to think about what they want all day, yet still feel pessimistic. Gratitude is a powerful thought which can eliminate thoughts of negativity and continue to create the positive emotions. Lack of this effort can alleviate negativity and elevate your positive momentum.

Key 3: Seep into your soul by giving thanks

How do you start off you day?
I start off my day with a nice healthy bowl of cheerios, wheat toast, tal glass of milk , a bit of tony robbins on the side and i am good to go!


  1. These goals and keys are very important. In my own life, planning and preparation really help me get the things done during the day that need doing.

    I like your idea of a gratitude journal.

    Thanks for coming by my blog - I appreciate your thoughtful comments.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Jonathan,

    I like your advice about starting the hardest task first. That's especially helpful to try early in the morning when some of us feel the most energetic.

    Until next time...

  3. Like Tim, I liked your suggestion to do the hardest thing first. I tend NOT to do that... But I can see how it would be helpful.
    I also agree with the gratitude suggestion. Whenever I'm feeling low, making a gratitude list in my head or on paper alleviates my mood.

    Great suggestions!

  4. @ Diane
    I hope you being using the gratitude journal, it makes the whatever mood your in better!

    @ Tim
    Thanks time for your comment. The hardest thing first is the best way to start the day, everything become simpler.
    @ Megan
    Love you post Megan! The hardest task first next to saying thank you is the best way to start your day.