Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Build Instant Confidence

Confidence is the difference between having an unstoppable personality and being scared to walk down the street because of your insecurities. Confidence is not something we are taught as children but is a learned characteristic. This trait increases self liking, destroys insecurities and elevates your self-esteem.

So what can give you build the confidence you need to succeed?How can you learn how to be positive?


"Think like a man of thought, act like a man of action"
Henri Bergson

Confidence can be learned by action. Wondering how to be confidence is a good start, but action will get you quick results. If you jump into the action, by acting confidence you can learn more easily. It avoids fear from creeping up your back door, over analysis and mental worry. Acting as if your confident eventually creates confidence within yourself. You can learn by acting and doing what you would if you were confident.

Vividly see your self inside your mind as confident and in control of your life. Feeding your mind repeated mental images will change your self concept positively. Repetition of mental images used daily reprograms your subconscious mind turning your fear into Strength. Ending your worry , anxiety and inhibitions. Most people use their imaginations unconsciously by focusing on the negative side of life. Take advantage of your imagination by seeing what you want to see.


Working out can is a great way to build confidence. A fit physical body build self liking increases and self esteem. Why? Because you'll enjoy the feeling of having a sexy body, healthy immune system, and renewed energy. Take out the time to workout daily will eventually increase your confidence. Without a daily workout you become lazy while insecurities about your body takes a toll from all the donuts. Dont't wait till tomorrow to start the time is now.

Think Good thoughts

Stop focusing on thoughts which don't make you feel good, rather focus on ideas which make you feel happy. Each of us can only think one thought at a time. So imagine the while human race in your mind now. Why do most people lack confidence ? It's because instead of thinking optimistic thoughts, their minds are filled with weed like a garden. Weeds can kill your garden , thus killing your mind. Focus on how to think positive instead of weeds and your confidence kill slowly build.


  1. Ahh, yes. Confidence without action or other points on this list to go along with it, really isn't confidence at all. Some people are fooling themselves.

  2. Thanks Yum Yucky, confidence is essential for all tasks. You were pretty confident when you were doing that food contest!