Wednesday, February 3, 2010

How To Super Charge Your Life

Put your seat belts on, place your trays in it's up right position, while we pursuit the world of Happiness!

What is happiness?

Can you truly be happy on this big blue planet in space? The answer to this question, of course my dear lad. Happiness was your birth right. Upon entering this world, we all exhumed happiness. But something happened?

We became conditioned to fear everything besides the cookie monster and chocolate cover truffles. Believing what people told us at every given moment. Every single kind of fear was instill into our heart. Worrying about the mortgage to education for children controlled our lives. While happiness seemed to far from our subconscious thoughts, i can help you restore this magnificent feeling.

But how?

The facts is happiness not some illusive, esoteric, diabolical trait concocted mad scientist in a basement. Its very simple: Happiness is the organization of thought. What matters is most is how you think, not how much money you spend on your new BMW M5 series.

Millions get the feed bad information when it comes to euphoria. External possessions can never keep you happy, for I'll be an endless consumption of meaning less products. As you hold in your hands an empty heart and a mouthful of filth. Your soul will drift for in to the graveyard, where the most miserable people have been laid to rest. Seeking external pleasure for true happiness, million die everyday due to negative thinking.

Abraham Lincoln said it best " People are only as happy as they make themselves up to be". What you think about matters. The thought you hold with in your subconscious mind dictates your current mood. Think of negativity and depression; you'll never be successful or happy. But think happiness and you'll be successful.

Wha tI've learned is people are not happy because they are successful. They are successful because they are happy.

Let me share with you a story of how, making a choose makes all the difference.

A 92 year old, petite well poised and proud lady, is fully dressed each morning by 8 am. With her hair fashionably quaffed and makeup perfectly applied. Even thought, she is legally blind and moved to a nursing home today. Her husband of 70 years , recently passed away, making the move necessary. After many hours of waiting patiently in the lobby. she smile sweetly when told her room was now ready. As she maneuvered her walker to the elevator, they provided a visual description of her tiny room. Including the I-lid sheets that been hung on the window. "I love it" she stated with the enthusiasm of 8 year old,having presented with a new puppy.

But Mrs. Jones you haven't even seen the room yet? Just wait.

"That doesn't have anything to do with it", She said

Happiness is something you decide on ahead of time. Whether I like my room or not. It doesn't depend on how the furniture is arranged. It's how i arrange my mind.

Steps to Happiness

1. Contemplate your self each and every day as a happy and cheerful human being. Rather than going to sleep thinking about all the wrong which happened in your day. Think about all the right. Go to sleep feeling positive not negative.

2. Read positive material. Take a Television and radio fast. Listen and watch only positive programming for an extended period of time. You'll enjoy it, I promise.

3. Associate with positive people. Your association is like an elevator either your five closest friends are bringing you down or up. Which floor are you heading to?

4. Speak to yourself every morning and night with confident positive self talk. Who you become is what you say to yourself. Say positive happy things to be a positive and happy person. As the bible says " Death and Life are in the power of the tongue" - Proverb 18:21

5. Repeat , reuse, recycle, have fun!

Are you happy?
What activities gives you the greatest sense of joy?
What are you plans for today?
Let me hear your responses!!


  1. Jonathan,

    I was thinking about happiness latley, as it comes from within and not from outward materials.

    I like how you always add stories with the post. Also 5 points are very helpful, not only for being happy but also making earth happy, specially 5th one.

    I am follwing you on your blog!

  2. Yes I am truly happy for I choose to be so! Wonderful article and great story which illustrates that happiness is all about our thought process.

  3. @ Zen Girl. Thanks for the love, hope we can collaborate on a post some day.

    @ Mark, how your doing buddy.
    Thanks for the love as always!

  4. Happiness is a choice. I agree that we teach our children to be afraid, and to not take a risk. Life is an exciting adventure and we deserve to be happy.

  5. @ Erin s- We should all be living an exciting life style. I hope you are. Thanks for stopping by.