Sunday, December 27, 2009

Soul Mate Down Memory Lane

Your body is the vessel in which the mechanics of your mind presume automotive. Inside this massive computer harbors your hard drive. Composed of thoughts ideas, emotions, gestures, ideologies, religious beliefs, posses, Limiting beliefs and possible marital bliss. All storage placed in your subconscious mind. The gate keeper of this expensive piece equipment is your conscious mind. The solid gold horseman standing on its Hine legs guarding this golden vessel. Keeping ideas opposite from what you belief to be false from seeping into your subconscious mind. Crafted within these walls of thought hold solid gold beliefs of your self, and possible capablities. Preconceived notions of who you are was established into your screen savor before your power was fully charged. Plugged into the outlet of your mind surged negative beliefs your parent or child hood friends jammed into your mind. Creating the very person you are today. The very person reading these lines may or may not be a creation of what others believe. But what you believe? Do you believe it's possible to be , have and do everything? Do you believe success is for the weak hearted or the strong willed? Do you believe happiness is possible here on planet earth.? You answers to these questions will dictate the extend of your beliefs.

Luckily as humans we are endlessly changing and becoming more or less. Your mind never stays the same unless you will it so. Your beliefs can be chartered and changed with new programming. New ideas of a positive implementation can be derived with persistance. With the slogan illustrated by Calvin Collage " Press on" You can create new thoughts and beliefs. Therefore , changing how you perceive your self and the world around you. Your mind can be solidified as a nest of optimistic rather than a sewage of pessimism. Your eyes can flutter high upon the sky's. Looking down upon this natural world as a miracle. A sage of abundance and prosperity. Because happiness is right where you stand. Right bewteen your ears, eyes an llittle red nose. Your happiness is base upon the organization of your thoughts,not your living room.

You can change your life with one simple ideology. Passed upon the great minds and mouths of spiritual thinkers and professional speakers.


What you say to your self over and over has established who you are. And what you say to your self from this point on can create a new you. Establishing a new belief. Changing the inner dialog in your head. Diagnose your self with a half a teaspoon of optomisum each morning. Prescirping a new you, a better life and true happiness. Observe your chnage in perception over the next 3 weeks as you repeat the following affrimations for positive change. You do become what you think about. So it's best to become more than just an average joe trying to get by. Become a Great person who lives life to the fullest with a passion for success, working long hours and living a balanced life.

Let me illustrate: a young woman by the man of Betty was in dire need of a boost in confidence. She had been single all her life. Too scared to accept any mans interest in who she was. Assume sex was on their mind. Betty shunned the world from her life. Living alone with 3 cats, she was losing it. Stuck in a rut, Betty call my office to make a appointment. Upon entering my office she was driven to tears. The stress of no sex seemed to be getting to her. Upon walking inside my office. She explained " I hate men. All they want is sex. And all i want to do is to be loved. Why are you guys so animalistic?" I explained to her " Not all men want sex, just the ones your attracting. Your setting up a preconceived notion of what all men are. Setting your self up the believe a false conclusion ather than a empowerinf idea. Forcing you to filter the world thought the perception of a feminist." I told her" Change your belief, change your life." " Change your attitude, change your entire world." I advised her to take these statement to heart every morning and night. Repeat them prior to work and before heading off to bed.

  • I am wealthy in all aspects of my life
  • I am Execting to find a man to love
  • I am expecting to find a man to hold
  • I am exepcting to give my all to a person who can love me
  • I have the man of my dreams with me right now

Betty unstood the power of her mind after attracting into her life, the man of her dreams three weeks later. Skeptical at first glance, she took my information and devoured it whole. Loving her new husband from eyelash to toe nail. Betty found her loved one. So now you can use these same ideolopgies in establshing dominace inside your subconoisu mind.

Here your homework for today.

Find 1 part of your life you'd like to change. Emotional, Physical, Mental, Relationship, Career, Psychological or Spiritual. Create 10 affirmation for each category. Affirm these statements with confidence and conviction. Place your self in front of the mirror of change. Change your ideologies, but changing your programming. Rewire your hard drive with a new programming, Suitable for only a king or queen.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

Best Success Priniciples On The Planet

Success is as predicable as the time Oprah comes on ABC. Your success is solely dependent on your ability to use these principles. You are the creator of your reality. You are the individual responsible for your life. Your failures and successes are based upon what you have done. And where you going is based upon on your thinking at this very moment.

1. Control your Thoughts
What you think determines who you become. You are what you think about all day long. A teacher is a teacher because she thinks so. A millionaire is a millionaire because he thinks so. You are who you are right now, because of what you think. Simple and plain, You are not what you think you are but what you think you are. Want to change your life, change your thoughts. Use Positive powerful self talk each night before heading off to bed. Repeat phrases of a positive nature impregnating your subconscious mind with new programming. Do this for a avid 3 weeks, your life will change once your inner dialog has receive a major makeover.
Let me illustrate a few Key prases:

  1. I am happy to be alive each and every day
  2. I grow better and better a a human being each day
  3. I show uncondistioanl love to all around me
  4. I am happy and grateful that i am alive

2. What is your dream
Children have dreams as big as the universe and still continue to move surpassed their limitations. You were the same when you were an adolescent. Your dreamt of being the first man or woman on Mars or the next president of the United States. What happen? Was it how many times you heard it's impossible? Or was it the amount of no's you got before hiding under your bed in tears? No matter the tragic scenario, you can do anything you put your mind to. As long as you get ride of the idea that you cannot. Everything Big dream or small accomplishment starts in the mind first. Enthrall your subconscious mind with images and positive powerful emotions of the end result. Whether its running a 4 minute mile like Roger Bannister or Achieving your long childhood dream of being a spelling B champ. Move forward towards possibility.

"It's Possible"

3. Action Our weight thought
It was once protested " One step in the right direction outweighs a thousand year of thought". Thought is necessary but action is mandatory. Action sets the standard between reality and delusion. With out action, you'll never grow into the person you continuously think about. Your thoughts have power but your action have force. If you don't learn anything from this very post. I'll leave you with this very quote to sit upon your conscious mind " Think like man of action, act like a man of thought". - Henri Bergson

4. Positivity is a Plus
Your attitude is the gyro compasses of your life. As your thoughts are a mirror image of your reality, so is your attitude. Your attitude is the corner stone for all successes. An attitude of poverty and your whipped before you can start. But an attitude of optimism and you've risen upon the 95% of people who don't succeed in life. Attitude is the most important thing necessary for successful and healthy living. A positive attitude is the difference between a criminal and a Good Samaritan. Its the difference between "I can" and "I can't". Its the separation of long term unemployment and life long entrepreneurship. We all interpret this world though prejudices already programmed within our selves since birth. Conscious or unconscious. Your paretn dictated to you what was elidible and off hand. We/ve all been programmed for what we can or cannot do. This is what I call , So What! So what are you going to do about it, will you Let go of premeditated thoughts of criticism, condemnation and criminal intent. Or Open your mind to thoughts of harmonious living, wealth, attitude and friendship. It's always been your choice.

5. Association??
You are who you associate with. Name your five closest friends and that's who you are. If you don't wanna be like that, then you now what to do.

6. Work Hard
We don't mean working harder at your job, but on your self. Disciplining your self to do what you have to do even when you don't want to . Learning to stop every day to smell the roses. Develop ing a positive attitude necessary to be successful. Learning to mediate or enter deep levels of relaxation, so inspiration comes faster to you. You must work on becoming a better person. Once you get better your world will get better.

7. Use The Law Of attraction
Learn about the Law of attraction. A mixture between visualization, thought, emotion and action. The divine legislation giving us humans the ability to think ourselves into scenarios, circumstances and past events. You must first ask, preferably a deep desire, Via thought. Think about what you want to accomplish with great intensity. Second, Believe it is already yours. Have what I call unwavering faith in the invisible. Belief when your ready to receive the idea it'll find its way to you. Then be grateful for what your asking for in advance. Sealing the deal, so your package gets delivered to you first class. And don't forget to action upon inspiration or intuition.When you receive a full body pull towards a certain somebody or article, follow your heart. Its never fails.

Where are you in your live now? What are some of your limiting beliefs?


Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Moment Of Now

No other moment matters more than the power of now. This very concept is so powerful millions shun the idea of the present moment. Tossed aside like wind beneath the wings of an angel. Your thoughts are continuously filled with ideas or ideologies on fear, deception and envy. Escaping from this reality you've found comfort in the criticism of others, condemnation of followers and complaining of the past ( which can never be changed). All that matters is your ability to think now. Thinking is the highest capability of any human being. Yet, its the last place most people go to the answer life's most challenging questions. You must think in terms of optimism. Think in terms of servitude. Think in terms of generosity. Think in terms of gratitude. Think in terms of love. Think of ways to be better if you want to be better.

Your are the creator of your life. What you think and do today formulates a habit left for tomorrow. Your life can be changed by understanding that Now is all you have. Tomorrow has and will never be guaranteed. As James Dean signaturly denoted" Live as If you'll die today". If your life ended today , what would be the outcome? Would you have lived it to the fullest, embracing every failure? Amazed by every rose in the garden of your mind. Flamboyantly captivated by the idea of continuous learning. Or would you have been sodomize by your thought actions and ideas. Trapped in the complacency of thought. Sick with delusion as images of failure has kept you stricken with Parkinson's. I'll leave you with the choose from two illustrated stories of success and failure. Not success in terms of financial abundance or failure in the attempts to connect mistakes to progression. But the story of two people taking different paths of thought and action.

A young woman by the name of Margret was a very isolated individual. Held back by her fear and worries she never ran a mile in here life. Not literally but psychologically. She was held back by ever prejudice know to man. She was too afraid to take the highway. Too afraid to walk after sun down. And was certain heaven was not on the other side. Life to her was considered better to others than her. Life was too harsh by her standards so rebellion, drug intake, sexual promiscuity and black/white vision was all too familiar in her subconscious mind. Always connected with television, magazines and radio she forgot the importance of now. The simplicity of enjoying the moment fell estrange to her very eyes. Her pupils were usually filled with cynical debauchery or misguided buffoonery. A wise old lady indeed was all to familiar with her life style . She told her from experience "If you continue down this path of victimization, you'll never see the world you wish you had if you'd died today". Her reaction was consumed with rage , irritation and irreverence. Exploding with aggression Margaret sadly dismissed this miracle message. To hear some old lady tell her how to live her life was unjust. To soak in each breathe, cherish every eyelash and appreciate ever second, was unheard of. Yet, as she approached her door step that night, Margret feel into tears. Tears of reconciliation feel from her face like water from a spring. She feel to her knees, into a deep trance of thought. Thinking of all her past mistakes ,she made a conscious decision she was not worthy of life. Walking towards her kitchen counter Margret pulled the hammer from a revolver and diagnosed her life as nonexistent. Her body laid dormant on the living room floor as the smoking revolver grazed the marble counter. Laid to rest was a Woman who couldn't accept the truth as fact, but fact as truth.

In the next town over lived a young man lived in a similar paradox. His life was merciless in his depiction. Every morning he'd affirm to hims self, I wish i was dead! His calling for death seemed to be voluntary. Influenced by pat mistakes, current problems and future diagnosis. He'd never accepted his life as a motivational factor to becoming greater. Thus, he invited death as a rose filled basket into his imagination, thoughts and sometimes reckless action. No particular reason for his anguish to live in the eternal life. But his potent affirmative words kept his mind in darkness. Yet, his perspective on life quickly changed after a tragic accident. Losing his legs to a car crash, Timothy had seen death first hand. He didn't like it. Sulking in his hospital bed for 14 weeks, he was given a book that changed his life. The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Devouring this book from cover to cover, Timothy had an epiphany. No longer a bitch to his false beliefs, ideas and conclusions. He affirmed to himself daily "I am grateful to be alive." "I love my self. I love my life." "I can be a better person." "I only express unconditional live." "I am a love individual." "Thank god for me being alive". Each and every night he'd affirm these new ideas. After a period of 2 weeks, his mental habit pattern of thought was transformed. Timothy now embraces life in the now. Appreciating the present moment as it is. He's accepted his position as a person who may be crippled but his exterior is not a representation his interior.

Food for thought? The moment you decide to be more than a victim. More than a statistic. More than a section in the obituary. Your life will transmit from ordinary to extraordinary. whatever your dream may be. What ever your greatest fear may be. What ever your worries are right this moment. Move towards the positive to eradicate the negative. Learn to be more than just a front page articles but a movement. A being of change. A ghandi so elogenalt stated " Be the chnage you want to see in th world". Take action now. Right now is the only thing that will ever matter.
" Run Forest Run" - Jenny
( Forest Gump)


Any Opinions?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gotta Be Responisble If You Want This World to be Responsive

You are responsible for your life. In case you forgot, No one is to blame for your lack of education, financial income, sexual experience , mildly insinuated pessimism or frivolous idealistic concepts held into for lack of a better reason; comfort. You've been placed into a zone where playing the victim role words best. This is widely popular misconceptions of life has brin washed millions including yourself. The average American watches a staggering 6 hoursa of television per day. Still gives me nightmare. television is a fartfetched reality of life

The truth is, repsbiblity is not an opntion. if you choose to hire someone to do your push ups for you, you'll never get buff. You'll never be healthy. You'll never reap th beenfits of a rich an healthy body. As from working out no one can think your thoughts, feel your anxieties, or cramp backpacked filled thoughts of complexitiy into your subconsious mind. You are what you think and you will become this once you take action in the direction of your thoughts. But first you must say the following Prayer over and over before heading to bed each night. Thus over ridding your belief which entails blaming everyone besides yourself.

Your subconsouss mind likely to the motor behind the vehicle of your mind. It provides you with 98-96% of your curent thoughts. Penetrate this illustrious wagon of tricks and you will invariably change your life. The qulaity of a mans life is the qulaity of his thoughts. Tonight right before beading off into the dream world, repeat this saying. " I am responsible for my life. I am the cause and effect of all that happens to me. I enjoy taking full repsonsiblity for my life. Nothing makes me feel better than saying Yes to life. if you would repeat this pray over and over before heading off to bed with positve pure emotion. Set a trail run for 20 days. Nothing major will occur until day 10. This is the time when your mind will linger strongly towards independence. Free from thoughts of victimization or pessimism.Your mind will fully accept this idea and you'll succeed in becoming a BIG KID Again.

- OneLove

Thought Is All There Is And Will Ever Bee

Your first step towards a better life style is the controlling of your thoughts. Thoughts are omnipresent. Thoughts are invisible to the naked eye or clothed shoulder. What you think you'll invariably become. Think in terms of pessimistic or blundering foolery, you'll become this. An Andy Dick, to be correct. Think in illustrated lights of Glory, victory, appreciation and readers digest. You will become that. Right now at this very moment, you are the full emphasis of your thoughts. No one can think your thoughts, Talk your words or see your vision. Anyone who wants to change his or her life must first change their thoughts. How you think determines your outcome. Who you become. How far you go in life or where you may end up 3 days from now. I once knew a man who was in complete disarray. His life is compete shambles. His wife had left him for another woman, his children no longer held him of any importance in his life and his boss just fired him from his dream job. Upon entering my office, he fell into tears. Explaining that his life was a mirror image of his thoughts. That every thing you me or anyone on this planet is a resort of thought. He had an epiphany. I've never witnessed an epiphany before, but it was a surely unimaginable experience.

He stood up tall and said " I am responsible for my life, And it's up to me to change it. I will take this dark hour in my life as a major turning point in my life. No longer will i be a victim, I will be victorious".

"When it is Darkest, men see the stars."
- Emerson

Walking out of my office with poise, pride and a pronounced new out look on life. He said "Thank you". You see Tim here was a representation of his own thoughts. A victim of his own feeling and self expression. People lacked the understanding that we as human are self for fillers. Comments said to ones self such as i Hope my wife doesn't cheat on me or I think my kids hate me, creates the reality. Maybe on immediately, but later down on the line, if we nurture our thoughts and ideas on this concept, invariably happens. Your the essence of thought and memory, my friends. The choices you make ( Via Thought) is the planted in the garden of your mind. Nurturing any idea whether love/ hate, care or distress, money or poverty, happiness or disgruntled thoughts, has created you. Your decision from this point via thought takes you down a path of your own destruction or salvation. God Bless....Hope to hear your response on this article post.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Secrets Behind the Secret

The law of attraction states like attracts like. Everything comes to us via our thought filled with emotion. Positive emotions bring out positive out comes, negative emotions bring out negative outcomes. Concentrating on a particular image or thought with passion creates the event, fantasy or desire to arrive quickly. Fixating your conscious mind on posiitve thought, feeling the feeling you would have if you had it is the most important aspect of using the law of attraction wisely.

The simple steps are Think, Feel, Act

Contemplate deeply on what you want to manifest. Whatever you want to attract into your life whether a new realtionship, brand new job, new roller skates or a teddy bear. The choice is up to you, big or small you can attract anything you want.

Feel the feelings you would have if you already had your desire at hand. If you want a great realtionship contemplate on the feelings you would have if you were currently in the amazing relationship you want. If you want a brand new job, feel the feeling you would have if you had this fantastic new career. Same goes for aything you want to experience into your life time.

The intuition or mental inkling you feel when the person passes by, the job ad jump at you in the new paper or the car dealership you drive by telling you to act; do so. Its your mind telling you what you have been contemplating about has arrived and here for your taking.

Best way to understand is to view the first 20 minutes of the secret right below....

Leave comment on how you feel about the LOA!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 Fundamental Tips on Successful Living Bitches

Just Keep Walking by coda.

1. Positive Mental Attitude
Saying I can is the single most important element needed to become successful . Without it your lost in the quick sands of the Sahara desert. Your have control of over you attitude, so keep it positive to get positive results.

2. Definiteness of Purpose
Success deals with knowing where you are going by creating a plan slashing each goal you place in front of your plate. Mixed with a positive attitude your dream can be realized as long as your desire for success is intense. Without a major definite purpose, you become a ship without a Rutter sailing to destination nowhere.

3. Going for the Extra mile
Without struggle there is no progress - Fredrick Douglass

Failure to succeed is the best way to become successful. As long as your failing more than your succeeding, your on the right path. every great success is preceded by great failures.

4. Accurate Thinking
Thoughts have power either way you look at it. Attach positive emotion to your thoughts to increase certainty or belief in your idea, concepts , dreams or fantasies. Accurate thinkers involves two fundamentals. First you must separate the facts from the information. The important and unimportant. Accurate thinkers don't allow others to do their thinking for them.

5. Self Discipline
Self discipline to do what you know you should do is necessary to become successful. Self discipline ties together all your efforts of controlling your mind, your personal initiative, and controlling your enthusiasm. Self discipline allows you to think before you act.

6. Mastermind Alliance
Formulate a group of positive big thinkers who desire to become better and massively successful. Surrounding your self with people who are smarter and richer than you, so you can learn from them. association breed similarities, so become similar with great people to become great yourself.

7. Faith
Faith is about Crossing the fog blinded bridge that you cannot see. But, instead of saying there is no bridge because you cannot see it, you walk knowing concrete is beneath your toes. Close the door of fear, but opening the door of faith.

8. Pleasing Persona
Your personality is your greatest assets, without one your slowly dying, with it your aspiring towards greatness. A great personality embraces everything you control..your mind, body and heart. Its contagious around others to the point where people will love you.

9. Enthusiasm
Positive emotions backed by a desire is the best way to propel your career towards success. To be enthusiastic act enthusiastic. Enthusiasm towards progress is the driving force behind your achievements. Its like gasoline inside of a cars engine. Add enthusiasm to your goals to get better results and more progress. Enthusiasm is more important than logic and reason because it inspires action.

10. Team Work
There is no success in history without the collaboration of people contributing to a worthy cause. Mixed with enthusiasm, team work is an inevitable result.Team work makes the dream work.

11. Learn From Defeating
Failure is a pre-requisite for success. Your success is based upon how many times you fall flat on your face but rather lay down, brush off your shoulder and get up. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before creating electricity , don't worry if you fail once.

12. Creative Vision
Imagination is more important than knowledge
- Einstein

Envisioning your future in your mind each day brings your dream faster. Creative visualization is has no limitations. Closing your eyes each day to see the results you want to attain is super important to reaching your goals.

13. Budgeting Time and Money
Tell me how you spend your time and money and I will tell you where you will be in ten years from now. Spending your time doing the most important activities first and saving 10% of your income each paycheck.

14. Maintain Sound physical and mental health
Maintaining a healthy body and mind comes from conquering fear and anxiety. Create a positive mind by putting optimistic material inside your head. Get a healthy body by engaging in physical fitness each day. Both activities clears sluggishness and dullness of mind and body

15. Comet Habit Force
Its takes habit to replace a habit. All your success and failure are formed from habits you have formed. Learn the laws of the universe such as Law of attraction or sowing an reaping to create new habits around these mental laws.

16. Thank you
Be thank ful for what you have, from your eyes you your toes nail. Its all about gratitude and appreciation for what you already have in order to get more.

17. Have Fun
Make this journey a fun filled adventure shaping your life for success.

Did you find these tips Helpful?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 Beautiful Tips For A Positive Jolt

Your hunger for success determines how far you go in life. Hustling hard can pay off if your mindset is right. Action without a proper mindset result in mental slavery. Your attitude is the determinate factor behind what results you get.

Poor Attitude = Poor Results

Great Attitude = Great Results

A positive attitude is a pre-requisite for financial success, freedom and love. Sort of a cliche, but truth non the less, don't you think? Everything starts in the mind my friends. In that head of yours plopped on top pf your shoulders between your eyes. Your thinking tank is the reason for any and everything you have in your reality as of now. Changing your throughout process is the only shatter your current Slavic living standard to a high rise penthouse sweet all to yourself.

These 10 tactics will help you maximize your thought into positive over drive.

1. Gratitude
Never be cynical about your current situation. Be happy for what you already have, its the only way to get more of what you want.

2. Pleasure
Relate the pleasure of having a positive mind rather than associating negativity with thinking optimistically. Motivate thyself with salivating over the benefits of having a positive mindset!

3. Instructions
Set up a plan to directly influence your mind. Put positive material into your head to get the good stuff out. You will work better by expecting the best

4. Be a sweetie
Be the kind hearted person rather than a cynical douche bag. A smile mix with small talk can go a long way!

5. Demand Success
Push your self to the limit by taking daily steps toward success each day. Attitude reflect results, so demand greatness and greatness will appear!

6. Get Emotional
Emotion is the driving force for all creativity, success or disaster. Keeping your emotions positive propels your motivation ten fold towards any goal. Opposite of this kills your energy and driving you down a dead end.

7. Make it fun
Work can be very enjoyable if we make it as fun as we can with creativity. Add love to your work, a cowboy hat and clown shoes to create a relaxed positive environment.

8. Use action to cure Fear
Action is the best cure for fear and anxiety. As Henri Bergson said" Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought". Highly recommended quote to live by!

9. Baby Shoes
Place your feet inform of each other and take baby steps. Remember the tortoise and the rabbit; Slow and steady wins the race my homies.

10. Watch Video
Watch the video below for more information on how a positive mind set is necessary for success.

Let me know what you guys think about this post? Did you find this help ful?

( By all means keep it Gangsta, all long as its positive)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 Tactics to Failing Faster in life

What is keeping you away from building the success you deserve?
Have you conformed to the life style your currently living and does, change scares you?
Is seeing yourself as a success hard to picture in your mind?
What is keeping you away from reaching your goals in life?

Top 5 Reasons why people fail in life are the listed below

1. Lack of ambition is a major reason why people fail over and over again at attempting to become a successful. Desire is the driving force behind your thoughts there fore applying consistent action towards your desire, goal or fantasy. Use positive emotions to take you on a journey of progress , failure and inevitable success. You emotions increase energy, productivity and life force for goal completion.

2. Lack of consistency is a another reason for failure in life. Consistency is taking daily steps towards your dreams each and every day no matter what. Lack of this activity leaves you confused, lost and pessimistic. Today i highly recommends creating a list of things you need to do each day in order to get the results necessary to achieve your goal. If you fail to implement this easy suggestion , your due to continue a downward spiral to nowhere.

3. Action is the most important aspect of all. It was said by Henri Bergson " To think like a man of action and act like a man of thought". Actions speak louder than words is one of simple truths of life. It ends worry and fear, which are the two most powerful elements which causes people to stop pursuing there dreams on a regular basis. It's highly recommended to start acting towards your goals each day to end fear and worry NOW!

4. Being Realistic is the fastest road to mediocrity. Why become realistic? Whats the point in being realistic? Your just putting up a barrier for what you can do, limiting your vision and your possible achievements. From now on stop being realistic on what you can do and become unrealistic. Being unrealistic is the only way you can reach for the stars. Its wise to expect more from your self than others think is possible.

5. Don't set out to build a perfect wall on your first shot. Its a ridiculous attempt which leads to fail and stupidity. The premise of goal achievement is to lay 1 brick as perfect as you can that very day; that is all. Tomorrow do the same thing and so forth. In due time you will have a perfect wall, because each day you've took time out to lay each brick as perfect as you can. Apply this idea to your goals in life and soon you too will have a perfect wall!

What is causing you to fail? Are you on the right track towards success?

2 Timeless Flicks On How to Think Positive

Wonders of the world surround us each day while we running around with our head chopped off. Seeking instant gratification without understanding success is an long term investment. An investment in time, finances, determination and perseverance. Toppling success without using of these 4 aspect will keep you willfully inadequate to reaching your goal, dreams or fantastics. Progression towards developing a positive mind each day makes success easier than it may truly seem. As a personal development fanatic I would like to share with you a few videos to express my thoughts of self improvement. Learning how to think positive is the first stepping stone towards greatness my friends!

If you can believe it you can achieve it my friends. Keep the faith and by all mean keep it gangsta!

What are some of your belief about life, success, love or happiness?
Please comment below, i would love to hear your ideas or thoughts.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Effortless Way To Think Posiitve For Dummies

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Never Give Up Unless Your In The Grave

"Happy are those who dream and are ready to
pay the price to make them come true"
-Leon Joseph

You cannot do it!
No way are you going to become a winner
Did you hear me! Your idea sucks
I cannot be with you because your a dreamer!

What is my dream?

I've heard the phrases countless times, as i told people my dreams of writing a national bestselling e-book or start my own clothing line. My dreams of being financialyl free by 21 years of age is the reason i wake up each mornng with a zest for life. A dream where I can do anything I want, where O want, with whoever I want on any part of this planet. A desire to write a National bestselling e-book which touches the hearts and souls of millions of people who need mental elevation. A contribution from my heart into the mind of a stranger, who is urging for a change.

But can I really do it?

Can i stand up to my naysayers by working harder on myself than at my job?

As a college dropout who works on his dream daily by throwing caution to the wind. Immersing myself in audio tapes, positive self talk, dreaming bigger than anyone in my family and has failed countless time already. Can i do it?

Yes! and so can you.

Dont give up Hope!

If you are like me, a person who has a dream. A vision only visible inside your mind, where it only real to you. Consistently visualizing your destiny because you believe it is inevitable, then i applaud you. No one every told me having faith was such a hard idea to grasp. As a young man in this society where a 9-5 is the coolest thing in the world, i sometimes found trouble finding my self. My thoughts would call to me to dream bigger but i would sometimes ignored my intuition. But as time passed on, i realized i had a knack for helping people. A classroom was a waste for me, I went insane learning from a professor who failed to love what they taught trying to instill value of "employee success" within me. No longer seeking a diploma I spent hour and hours helping people on social networks i didn't even know, just because its what i wanted to do. It felt good, to chnage people lives because i was making difference. But this post isn't about me as much as it is about you. I want to let you know , to never give up on your dreams, because i wont let you. Dreams are the driving force in your lifetime which keeps you ready for the next obstacle. Dreams makes you stronger than the next man, by always putting you to the test. What test? The test of perseverance! Pass this test and your dreams will be full realized!

See you at the finish line.

What are some of your dreams? What freedoms will your dream provide you?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Start Your Day Of With Positive Destruction....Muhhahahaha

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"The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready."
- Henry Thoreau

How can you really achieve your goals with out a solid plan? Planning cannot be such a bad thing after all. Without a plan how can you reach the path you set for yourself. Limitations is created from your lack of organization. Gaps in time leads to emptiness of your soul. Routines keeps you trapped from making progress. If trapped too long, the day becomes wasteful due to lack of direction. Setting priorities is the key which unlocks the mental cuff wrapped around your minds lack of focus. Release these cuff with tips on how to think positive, with failure resistance tactis.

How can you cut your daily routines of consistent failure daily?

Eat a Healthy Hearty breakfast!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start off your day with a healthy dose of nutritional food while listening to a motivational audio tape. Digest foods which provide massive energy while create a positive mind creates massive positive momentum for the rest of the day. Lack of healthy intake forms early thoughts of laziness, pessimists and stupidity. Why not start your day with a healthy meal mixed with a side of education. Most people start there day off with a donut , coffee and listen to the radio filled chatter of gossip and criticisms. I wonder why they go though out the day hating themselves? Switch up your daily morning routines for a change in attitude can only benefit you. No longer be a victim of your daily ritual but take a stand to change you life by changing your daily approach.

Key #1:Educational Breakfast

Plan it, or Die Tryin

Setting Prioritizes are the directions to your daily journey. As you walk between the trees of distractions, passing the empty houses of frustration , at the same time sheltering yourself from the rain falls of the fog filled jungles, prioritizes keep you in line. Priorities keeps your thoughts fixates on goal achievement rather than losing motivation towards your work. Simplicities surrounding your work place can only increase your focus , thus increasing your productivity , creating more positive results and less negativity. See a clear path to achievement by doing the hardest task first. It sets the momemtum for the rest of the day. Once you have completed your hardest at first it provides massive momentum as all the rest become easier. Using this idea can make today a successful day.

Key 2: Set Prioritizes by doing the hardest thing first

You betta Thank Someone ( mean face)

Construct a gratitude journal of all the items within your life you are happy of to have. Most reason why your mind delivers thought of negativity is because of your lack of appreciation. People tend to think about what they want all day, yet still feel pessimistic. Gratitude is a powerful thought which can eliminate thoughts of negativity and continue to create the positive emotions. Lack of this effort can alleviate negativity and elevate your positive momentum.

Key 3: Seep into your soul by giving thanks

How do you start off you day?
I start off my day with a nice healthy bowl of cheerios, wheat toast, tal glass of milk , a bit of tony robbins on the side and i am good to go!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zig Ziglar's Instant Goal Setting

Goals are the blueprints for your future. People with goals succeed in life because they know where they are going. Planning your day is essential to avoid lolly gagging. Most people spend their day reacting to situations instead of taking command of their ships. Too many people man their crew with misguided intends which leave the crew standard. Goal oriented people map out the entire day assured to reach a destination. Without goals you will become a wandering generality, in place of having meaningful intentions. Goals are the means to your achievements. Achievements are the results of completing goals. But how can you use goals to wards you advantage? How can you become more goal oriented to achieve more?

Plan out your day
Each and every night plan out what you want to accomplish for the next day. If your long term goal is to become a rocket scientist, place goals surrounding this achievement. Your list may consist.

1. Read 2 hours in the area of Rocket science
2. Apply to an Internship
3. Meet with friend to talk about project
4. search for school with this major

In addition to this task, place time deadlines on the goal. Deadlines creates pressure inside your mind which can allow your goals to be reached faster with more effectiveness. Without time deadlines you may look focus, direction and become unmotivated. After you have completed each task, cross it of the list and continue to the next one. Don't allow petty distractions to keep you from reaching your full daily potential. Making every day a successful day is one of the keys to getting things done. Here is a Zig Ziglar who can present Goal Setting Better than me!

I Hope you guys got those goals Down!

Learning how to think positive or be positive can assist you in taking a positive attitude towards your work. The attitude we take towards our work is in direct proportion to how well it comes out. Keep your attitude positive as you work toward your goals daily. Positive thinking only works if you put forth the effort on a consistent basis. But what does positive thinking do? Positive thinking does what negative thinking doesn't! Failure to recognize this absolute truth will lead failure right in front of your door step.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Re-buliding Your Soul By Melting Your Heart

"The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential."
-Calvin Coolidge

Limitations are the barriers which hold your mind form reaching your potential. As a child you never truly put a limit on your abilities, so why now? Dreams of flying a plane, building a sky scraper or running a Marathon like Jackie Robinson circled your mind as enthusiasm bubbled within you. Jumping for joy you preceded to dream bigger than ever, like Really big! Yet, something changed? Was it your parents divorce, naysayers saying don't try it because they failed, or yourshattered self esteem when your boyfriend didn't tell you he loved you back. Who knows! Which ever the case you need to rekindle your unlimited potential again. Without it you will never reach the pinnacle of the authentic you. Inner joy won't fill you heart as your soul crys out with enthusiasm from goal achievement. Inside your heart lies the motivation pulsing throughout your system for peace. Peace from limiting yourself from what you think you can do, into what you can actually achieve. Imagine if Roger Banister, Michael Jordan, or Micheal Phelps limited themselves. Where would they be today? Supermarket managers, Bus drivers, carpenters or even school teachers. Imagine if Michael Jordan was an art teacher? Pretty trippy right. He never limited himself from believing he could pursuit what made him happy. You must never stop pursuing your happiness, because if you can dream it, it yours!

Motivation for all dreams can be learned from undersatnding how to think positive.So here are a few video of people who can keep you motivated. They say it better than I can!

Michael Jordan

Roger Bannisterr - Ran 4 minute mile

P.S " They said it was Impossible"...hehe

Michael Phelps

How have you lifted the limits of your mind? did you find this inspiring?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Following Your Dreams Is Killing You

Credited to meganlynn2009

Dreams are created though fixations of desire. Our desires propel us forward inside the jungle of possibilities. Anything and everything is possible once you create a clear vision of what you truly want. Most are very indecisive about what they want. Our mind are inundates with over analysis, worry and fear constantly. Decision making is vital to cutting down fears like a tree in a forest. Dreams are here to ignite passion and perseverance within in your soul. Without a solid dream matched with a clear vision what happens? You become a wander generality instead of a meaningful specific. Purposeful living will elude you each day wile you walk slowly towards your deathbed. Have you ever wondered why you never accomplished anything useful with your life?Plenty of people have reason why they aren't successful but here are the most crucial.

1. Lack of Motivation
2. lack of Focus
3. Lack of direction
4. Not enough money

1. Motivation is a driving force which is preceded after taking action. Most people have motivation backwards.They wait for the motivation to come before any action is taken. This misconception has made million of people fall flat on their face in pursuit of happiness. In order to attain motivation, action must be taken. Take action if you want to stay motivated long enough to reach your dreams.

2. Distraction create loss of focus and progression. Simplicities at your work place can end this phenomenon but it takes more. Set daily prioritizes from most important to least important. Make your self accountable for completing all your daily goals. Do your best to get all your goals finished for the day. Don't allow distraction such as radio, t.v or magazines to take you away from your true purpose. Become a stickler to goal completion.

3.Be decisive about what the outcome for you present activity. Direct yourself daily by crossing out each goal finish achieving. Define the purpose of your activities by created a motto. Definition of purpose provides direction and certainty of accomplishment. Don't fool yourself by not using these tips. The process is simple, painless and easy. Put forth the proper effort as you will see results.

4. Don't use lack of fund as an excuse to failure. People all over have started businesses with invest from 8 dollars to 2000 and have become massively successful at very young ages. Begin to work towards your goal by reading, listening to audio tapes and educating yourself. Using money as an excuse only drains your energy and defeats your purpose. If you want your dreams bad enough, you will find a way.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Build Instant Confidence

Confidence is the difference between having an unstoppable personality and being scared to walk down the street because of your insecurities. Confidence is not something we are taught as children but is a learned characteristic. This trait increases self liking, destroys insecurities and elevates your self-esteem.

So what can give you build the confidence you need to succeed?How can you learn how to be positive?


"Think like a man of thought, act like a man of action"
Henri Bergson

Confidence can be learned by action. Wondering how to be confidence is a good start, but action will get you quick results. If you jump into the action, by acting confidence you can learn more easily. It avoids fear from creeping up your back door, over analysis and mental worry. Acting as if your confident eventually creates confidence within yourself. You can learn by acting and doing what you would if you were confident.

Vividly see your self inside your mind as confident and in control of your life. Feeding your mind repeated mental images will change your self concept positively. Repetition of mental images used daily reprograms your subconscious mind turning your fear into Strength. Ending your worry , anxiety and inhibitions. Most people use their imaginations unconsciously by focusing on the negative side of life. Take advantage of your imagination by seeing what you want to see.


Working out can is a great way to build confidence. A fit physical body build self liking increases and self esteem. Why? Because you'll enjoy the feeling of having a sexy body, healthy immune system, and renewed energy. Take out the time to workout daily will eventually increase your confidence. Without a daily workout you become lazy while insecurities about your body takes a toll from all the donuts. Dont't wait till tomorrow to start the time is now.

Think Good thoughts

Stop focusing on thoughts which don't make you feel good, rather focus on ideas which make you feel happy. Each of us can only think one thought at a time. So imagine the while human race in your mind now. Why do most people lack confidence ? It's because instead of thinking optimistic thoughts, their minds are filled with weed like a garden. Weeds can kill your garden , thus killing your mind. Focus on how to think positive instead of weeds and your confidence kill slowly build.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Americans Need Affirmations Before They DIE!

Credit Photo to Sweet♡One

Affirmations are short and specific phrases used for reprogramming the mind. As a human begin we were programmed from birth as fearful, anxious and sad people. Happiness is rarely seen in the eyes of a person even the wealthy. Most people are sick and tried of there lives, but don't know how to change. Change can be acquired speaking to ones self more optimistically. Instead of saying negative words to yourself, do the opposite.

The key to Positive thinking is to use affirmations for your advantage. Talk to yourself by using words which bring joy not displeasure. Consistent use of affirmations will reprogram your mind by fixating your attention of optimism. Its vital to use the right language when engaging in thought. Usage of the wrong language mixed with negative thinking can be disastrous. Affirmations encourages you to learn how to think positve.

Reason for lack of Positive thinking

1. Improper use of affirmations
2. Lack of Showing gratitude
3. Pressure to change quickly

1. Affirmations are needed to be used daily. Preferably in the morning right when you wake up and before you enter slumber. These times are when you subconscious mind is most vulnerable to change. As your day progresses use these affirmations at all times as much as you can. Lack of consistency will be the death of your positive thoughts and rebirth of negative thought patterns. With affirmations you've disrupted your though patterns by changing your self image manually. Keep this action up for a minimum of 30days, as you will blossom like a flower in the spring. An example of affirmations are

1. I am a positive person
2. I am always grateful
3. I like myself

2. Gratitude is the one thought which bring your desire full circle. Without the use of gratitude you will focus on past failure, bad breaks and current faults. Its great to focus on what you want, but it also necessary to be happy for what you already have. feel the emotions of actually already having what you desire and already have. Most of us are very fortune compare to most of people we may no. So you should not take what you have for granted by showing appreciating for what is already within your grasp. Greater inner strength will be develop as you've create a positive mind.

3. Change takes time. Your thoughts have been a certain way for a long time, so it's unrealistic to think you can develop a positive mind quickly. As time begins to progress your perspective of your self will elevate. You'll begin to focus more easily on positive thoughts and negativity will have a tough time penetrating your positive barriers. Enjoy the process of change and give your best each and everyday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

14 Timeless Principles To Achieve Your Dreams

Dream as you will live forever, Live as if you die today
- James Dean

1. Associate With Positive People:

Association breeds similarities much more than you perceive. Your 5 closest friends are a direct reflect of who you are right now. If your 5 closest Friends are pessimistic, gossip babblers and lazy, you are this. But if your 5 closest friends are intelligent, know how to think positive and are keen to thinking Big, you will reflect these attributes.

2. Define your purpose

Establish a reason for living starting today. Engage in activities which bring you joy and satisfaction rather than pain and boredom. Search for your niche and stick to it. Proper use of your time can be put into performing an activity you enjoy. Nothing is more glorious than finding love in your work place. One you have found this money will be irrelevant to your happiness.

3. Desire

Back your passion with strong positive emotions to gain strength and momentum. Positive emotions are the fuels that skyrocket dreams which ascend beyond the earth's atmosphere. Without an intense desire to succeed at any aspect in your life you will lose momentum and ultimate fail.

4. Be Cheerful

No dream is worth attaining if the journey is depressing. Just because your reaching for the stars doesn't mean you cannot have fun along the way. If you begin to take your dream too seriously to the point of confusion it can slip throw your fingers. Take each day in stride by making each day a successful journey towards your destination.

5. Successful Day

Reaching your dream is about making each day a successful day. Each and everyday give your very best and you will have done enough for that day. Don't let thoughts of pessimism keep you from giving your all. By sowing your best each day you will reap the benefits in the near future.

6. End Fear And Worry

Thoughts of fear and worry are indications that you can do it if you try. If your feeling fearful, change your thoughts by expecting the best instead of the worst. Refuse to preoccupy your self with delusional thought of failure, but focus on succeeding. Become a a ship with a fixed destination, next stop Success Island.

7. Get 8 hours Rest

As you pursue your dreams your body will need the proper rest in order for you to give it your all each day. Allow your body to recharge by giving it the full 8 hours it needs to recover. Wake up early and sleep early is the best combination to get the very best out of yourself.

8.Think Bigger

If you want to achieve your dream think bigger than you could ever imagine. Think as if you were a kid by create a want list without limitation. I'm talking a house with 2 indoor pools, a basket ball court inside your home, 5 Ferrari's and a billion dollar charity stared by you, the works. Think of it as if your making your own sandwich at a deli. If you could put anything on your sandwich to make it magnificent what would it be? Don't limit yourself from what you can attain or accomplish. Remember it takes the same amount of energy to small as it does to think big. So why not?

9. Appreciation

Show gratitude for where you are in your life right now. Even if you aren't at your dreams yet or even know what your dream is, still be grateful. Gratitude is the final thought which encircles your vision so it can come true. So today list 10 things your grateful for, because tomorrow is not promised and life is too short for comfort.

10. Identify your Problem

Before you begin dreaming your dreams bigger than ever before. Identify what is stopping you from reaching this goal. Most people never hit there long term goal because they try to go around there problem instead of identifying it and super jump punching right though it. Don't make this mistake. Find the reasons why you have been procrastinating and fix it now.

11. Motivation

Keep yourself motivated by listening to audio tapes and reading positive literature. Turn your car into an educational center by playing motivational Cd's instead of listening to the radio. If you want to reach your dream, you must feed your mind a series positive material. Put the good stuff in to get the good stuff out.

12. Never stop

This principle is the easiest out of all to follow. Never Stop Until you reach your goal, plain and simple. Develop a mentality where you would rather die than actually give into failure at any point in time. People may say this is extreme but I have to ask you, how bad do you want to be free?

13. Model Successful people

Pick and chose at least one role model to follow. Model there action, thoughts and even behaviors. If your role model is Oprah Winfrey, ask yourself what would Oprah do in this situation. As obstacles begin to show up un announced, say to your self what would Oprah do if she was in my position. More than likely you will tackle your challenge with ease. The key is the rse above you circumstances no matter what the challenge.

14. Give Back

Dreams are made to be realized but you should also give back to others who need guidance to achieving their own dreams. My motto is " Do unto other , like you would like them to do unto you". If your friend or neighbor has daspirations just like you, make it an obligation to help them out. Giving of yourself can only increase your self esteem and self liking.

Do you have any other tips on how to achieve your dreams? Please share with us your dreams big small?