Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Do You Have The Will To Press On????

Being sick for the past 2 day has taught me a valuable lesson. My health is the most important thing I have in this life time. A long time wealth seeker and financial freedom advocator. Seeing that I'm 21 yeas of age i sometimes get side tracked by egotistical thoughts. Use less ideologies about making a million and stunting on those who said " you can't do that". Well I'm no longer on this road to failure, I've seen the light of day clear than before.

Success to me was fancy clothes, ice-ed out chains, half a million dollar cars and a bottle of Rose'. The fact is the only thing I consider wealth to be is my health. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said " The first wealth is health".

So instead of jumping around my room screaming for universal abundance. I no longer chase success. The more I chase the quicker it dispenses from my corneas. Success like happiness and good health must not be pursued but ensued. I've let go of my inability to hold onto my good health by no longer chasing it. Learning to become grateful for what I have, I'm currently in the healing process. Just expecting things to get better. And like all things, we get what we expect.

So what does this mean to you?
You can learn from my mental blunders by practicing the following.
1. Forget about success. The more you worry about success, happiness or good health the more it will elude you. In order to be what you desire you must for get about it and all it to manifest. Soon you will be surrounded with what you wanted. And gracious to have stepped aside the lime light of pursuit into place of positive expectancy. Do this and all will come to the individual who believes.

2. Be grateful to be able to feel pain. For with the ability to get sick we will never be able to embrace joy of good health. Find appreciation in ever given moment of your life. You are the gyro compass of your thoughts. Never sacrifice your attitude just because your body may not be up to par. We are what we think. Think good health to get back into the game of life. The difference between the eternally sick and quick fixes is one word. Attitude. What yours today?

In the race of life, we may all lose track of the facts. Forget about success, wealth and good health. By not chasing it. The more we chase, the more it eludes us. remember we are what we think. Think good thoughts and work daily towards your goals. One love!


  1. I think you can do both. Take care of yourself, of your beloved ones, but chase awesome dreams.

    I like to work out couple of times during the week, don't eat unhealthy and don't drink too often (which is hard for a college kid), but I like to chase my dreams also. I want success, I want more than my peers and I still think I can do more, that I am here to do more..

    Anyway, nice post!

  2. HEALTH is the foundation for everything.

  3. Jonathan,

    I hope you are better now. It is so true, true wealth is health. I wrote about it here . If I could only pick one, I would health over wealth anytime.

  4. @ Stefan- Your a college kid? what skool are you currently attending?

    @ Aurora - Your always welcomed here. How do you take care of yourself?

    @ Zengirl- Oh yes im back in effect! Thanks for asking. I was wondering if you want to do a post together we can? what do you say? I think we have similar values and can make a rocking post!

  5. Jonathan,

    Sure, send me an email on your thoughts.