Sunday, February 21, 2010

Can't Trust Uncle Russell Or Can you?

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For the past week I've been reading Russell Simmons Best selling book Do You. Chopped filled with goodies, let me illustrate his 12 laws f success. Maybe your familiar with these ideas. If not, pay attention closely. These wise words of wisdom can change your life.

Law Number one
See your vision and stick to it
Most of us have an idea of what we want to accomplish. But we tend to give up before the storm hits. Or we sail along the deserted seas, crash landed on abandoned island. If you have a dream or a strong desire for success. You will get up early, stay up late, practice the affirmations and follow your vision till the end. Why? Because when the why is big enough, then how never matters. Stick to your dreams.

Law Number Two
Always do you
Take action today. Do what you think needs to be done right now. Don't wait till the last minute. I used to do this when I attended Stony Brook University. Every time I had to take an exam. I would wait at least 2 days prior before I studied. i usually got off with a C or a High D +. Don't make this mistake. Start now. And always do you. You can do anything you put your mind too. Start today to end procrastination.

Law Number Three
Get your mind right
Do whatever is necessary to get your mind right. Repeating affirmations, using creative visualization or meditating on a daily basis. Success or failure in life is not based upon action. But upon the mental attitude one may hold. Grip an attitude of positivity, not destructive thinking.

Law Number Four
Stop fronting and start today
The present moment is all which matters. Not too long ago I was severely depressed and guilt stricken. Being a college dropout made me believe success lied in the diploma not the mind set. Having grown from this fabricated mindset, I've learned, success is determined by purposeful action. Not resentments of the past. Take action now. What ever you want you can have. Once you stop fronting and take action today. Don't waste a minute. Tomorrow is never guaranteed; all we have is now.

Law Number Five
Never less than you best
We are at your happiest when we are had at work. With out head down, no external distractions and doing what we love to do. This is the key to successful living. So many people hate the word hard work. Thats, why so many people fail to succeed in life. Long hours, longer nights and sacrifice just scare away the masses. But when your going what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. Choose this path, how? Step out of your comfort zone and do what you 've been afraid of doing all this time.

Law Number Six
Surround your self with right people
Association breed similarities. You wouldn't find a crack dealer from Brooklyn handing out with the president of def jam records right. Socializing about how they can increase the peace on a global scale. Why? Like attracts like. Who you are is the direct reflection of who you talk to day in and day out. Who you ask for advice, who you joke around with or even make love to is a reflection of who you really are. If you don't want to be like these people, you know what to do.

Law Number Seven
There are no failures only quitters
You fail once you quit my friends. The man of woman who wants it the baddest hang onto the cliff longer after the majority have lossen their grips.
People like Edison, Oprah and Russell, persevered. You can do the same. You must face your fear, stand against mental dis pare and dismember the thoughts of doubt. Severing the head of hesitation while walking confidently though the torturous realms of greatness. Be you. And as Russell would say " Do You".

Law Number Eight
Science of success: plant good seeds
Your mind is like a garden. What ever thought you plant, will sprout. As long as you continue to nurture this belief it will one day manifest into a horrifying harvest of a daisy expression of love and success. Make sure you keep your self talk and thoughts congruent with a life you want to live. Leave tribal conditionings of the past. Open a new chapter in your life, now and forever.
We become what we think about. So who do you want to become?

Law Number Nine
You can never get before you can give
Practice the law of sowing and reaping. You cannot reap more than you sow. And you cannot sow more then you reap. Learn to end this incessant adolescent mindset to take, take , take. Give or your self more than you ever imagined. Only then will you succeed more than you ever thought possible.

Law Number Ten
Successful people stay open to change
Nothing in the world will stay the same. It's best to accept change and deal with it. Change should never scare you one bit. We are all changing. No one here has found the fountain of youth , correct? The fact is change is apart of life. Successful people acknowledge this and appreciate this very same fact. Without change we lie early in our graves, before the sun goes down. Mentally asleep to the wonderful world around us.

Law Number Eleven
Be powerful, be heard
Become an assertive powerful positive person. An individual who speaks with authority and takes nothing from no one. If you believe in a issue stand up against in justice. If you live for a purpose, let your voice he hear. Be the change you want to see in yourself. It starts with you.

Law Number Twelve
Spit the truth to power
Stand like a man for what you believe in. Don't be scared to voice you opinion. Even if you'll get booed for it. It's better to be your self than anyone else. For we can only be who we are. If not what is the point.

So have you been Using Uncle Russells Ideas?
Agree or Disagree?


  1. Jonathan -- I liked these laws. There are some I need to work on and others I'm doing pretty well. My favorites were:

    Staying open to change
    Surround yourself with the right people
    You can never get before you give

    I sigh as I write these because I still work in these areas, but I am learning them slowly, but surely.

    I think this is an interesting book. Certainly, it has a very powerful title. Thanks for sharing it:~)

  2. Jonathan,

    I have been using some of the ideas, without knowing or reading the book. However, I have to work harder on other suggestion. Sounds like a great read, I should look it up. Thanks for the ideas.

  3. I love how you presented his ideas here, and like ZenGirl have been following a lot of these concepts for awhile now. I can say this: YES, they work!

    In particular, I loved Laws #3, 6 & 9. Those have been HUGE in my life. As my mindset has changed, the people surrounding me have naturally shifted, as well. Good attracts good. Believers attract believers. Success attracts success.

    And of course, the more we want to have, the more we have to believe we already have, which means it's okay to give, give, and give some more.

    Have an awesome week, and keep up the great work!