Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eat Your Fist If You Want To Live!

Toes with a smile :) by Sjany.
A smile is a facelift that's in everyone's price range
When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.
Life being tough is quite a fictional statement.
Sure you have your good days and you have your bad days.
You even have the days where nothing seems to be going right.

1.You leave your keys inside your car after a long day of work
2.You forget your wife's birthday
3.Or you even forget to pick up your daughter from ballet practice

Things are meant to go wrong. Its the challenge which makes life interesting. I like to call it an Adventure.We take everything so seriously now a days. We forget to enjoy the journey.
When things "go wrong", so to speak. The best thing to do is to think good thoughts and keep your train of thought moving.

A positive attitude is encompassed with a smile and the persistence to be bigger than the problem at hand. Make the decision to respond to life with a positive incentive rather than a negative reaction. Look, I'm not asking you to be Jesus of Nazareth or Marcus Aurelius. What I'm saying is to smile those petty nuances away. Keep you head up to the sky. For tomorrow is another day. The key is to cherish every moment.

Life is too short to live in misery. Our responses to life's difficulties can lead us up or down. You choose which path to follow..

The choices are

It is your decision,no one else.What path will you choose?

This has been a message from the dropout kid. Peace

Monday, May 3, 2010

Can't you tell your Intuition is on the Off switch!

* intuition by La Java :).

Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel? Because you can. If you choose to- Dropout kid

What is intuition?

Let me allow Steven Jobs to illustrate what intuition is.

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary".

Okay Steve let me take over from here :)

If you didn’t get the picture yet, let me tear the photo out of the frame. Our intuition is an innate feeling each of us have. Few acknowledge it. It's the inkling feeling you get when an idea hits your brain to do something. Any action elated to your goals in life or desires. Intuion is your soul pseaking from deep within. Telling you what needs to be done inorder to reach the destination your yearning for. Nothingmore nothing less.

Learning to count on your intuition can be tricky. But you'll know with practice. I took you a while to forget about it. It will take you some time to get back into using it.

Where did it come from?

As children , all we did was follow our intuition. Some of it was good ( watch Barney) some of it was bad ( play with fire) either was it formed who we are today. Find your inner child today and run wild with how you feel inside. Let your inner voice guide you to success. I know, you can do it!


Start to meditate

Meditation bring clarity to the world you know. Find a quite spot for 15 minutes a day and listen to silence. This practice will change your life and your heighten the use of your inner guidance system; intuition. Do this for 30 days straight and you will see the different. Matter of fact, you'll feel it! I guarantee it!

Signing out the dropout kid!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your still Leaving In fear? You need action Action; JACKSON!

Action shot revolution!

Action shot revolution! by Niccirf.

"Action Cures Fear"- The Dropout Kid

We all need to take action in our lives. Doing too much thinking can get us into a rut, most aren’t trained to climb out of. We can fiddle our thumbs all we want. But if you don’t take action, nothing will happen.

When you feel caught up in your psyche; Take massive action. Do something at that every moment to conquer the situation.

If you don’t take action, you will be wasting valuable time. Then regrets will begin to hinder your soul. Just do what feels appropriate and right. Go for your dreams, goals and aspirations. And just fly through the sky, expecting to grow your wings on the way down.

Forget your past and live in the present moment. You can do it! Because If I can so can you. I used to have a fear of approaching woman. It was real bad. And only recently did I get over this silly little fact. After a couple of affirmative action steps and goals set for me. I began to open up while learning a few tricks along the way. You can do the same in any aspect of your life. Just take action. The greatest thing which stops us from being successful Is not our inability to achieve. But the idea we are more powerful than we truly are.

Apply this knowledge and you will have the power. Peace!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Be Bold Or Get your A** Home!

be bold... by peet-astn.

Be bold!

If you don’t get anything else from this post, remember to be bold.

Do something today that will alter your life forever.

I’m not saying steal a car and go joy riding.

But do something outside yourself today! Say something outside of your personality and see the reactions from others. Play around a bit more. Loosen up the tie, step inside the booth, and release the superman or woman deep inside. Too many times we get caught up in the comfort zone of our lives. Sleeping for longer than 8 hours, saying the same “hello good morning” phrases and even taking our girlfriends to the same restaurants. I’ve been a victim of this too. My girl sometimes likes to go to this Italian restaurant in Soho, Manhattan. I don’t mind it. But I make sure we explore other places all the time. She’s spontaneous, so it works great.

Do the same in your life!

Be different by never accepting the mundane life, you’ve chosen.

Be fearless in your approach to any obstacle.

Here is the tip of the day! “Act as if it was impossible to fail “Do this and you will conquer every fear and embrace every bit of ambiguity which tortured your soul for several years!

What happens if my attempts back fires?

SO WHAT; is my response.

You’re living on this earth not only to succeed, but understand failure is a part of success. It’s a part of growth. So it’s best to embrace failure. It’s a lesson within every false claim. Its up to you to find the gem inside the pile of mud.

Here what you need to do.

Buy a dress you normally wouldn’t purchase

Go test drive that car you think you can afford one of these days

Sneak into a movie. A little excitement never hurt anybody

Be an asshole today, if you a nice guy. (Girls love assholes)

Eat something exotic for dinner tonight

Tell that girl who you’ve dated for a few years, how much you cherish her, even if you’re not the sentimental type.

Wear two different color sneakers of the same design

Lastly, be grateful for who you are and where you are.

Life can be taken in an instant. Take your time and try something new each and every day.

Last but not least be BOLD!

When are you going to start acting Bold?

Or what bold actions have you done so far? How has it changed you?

Let me know how you feel!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can Eminem Make You Famous?

8 Mile Rd in Detroit by DetroitDerek Photography.

"You can do anything you put your mind to man" - Eminem

I was watching a very inspiration movie today. It’s called 8mile if you’re wondering? Have you ever seen it? If not, I suggest you go to your local blockbuster or Netflix and rent this great movie.

The film is about a young man struggle to be recognized as a great Mc. Protagonist “rabbit”, is played by international superstar Eminem, maybe you’ve heard of him? I know your kids have. The film depicts rabbit’s Detroit lifestyle. His mother is a raging alcoholic, his friends are his closest thing to family and being a single father with a dead end job shows his quickly this life isn’t for him. Music is his only escape from his unhappy life and Rabbit want to be free from prison. His day to day regress and progress keeps one’s thinking about his or her own struggle to achieve. Beyond the clips which can bring tears you your eyes at times. The message is purely simple.

“Follow your heart, your dreams will set you free”.

The fact is, our dreams are usually put on the back burner. Why? Most of us believe dreams are just images of what we cannot have. Things we don’t deserve. Truth is, dreams and visions are what make us human. Without a dream or a purpose most perish. And so have I before I began to embody personal development.

My dream is to be a bestselling author at age 21, use my passion to create timeless music, create a world renown fashion line and do some stellar academy award winning acting. Without these seeds of greatness molted into my spinal cord, I would enjoy my life as it is now or feel as if I’m needed.

Just like Rabbit, success is my only motha sucking option failures not.

What is your option?

You got two options.

One you can look at this blog post and say. Hey dude, you’re too young to be telling me what to do. What can I learn from 21 year old kid like you. My response: we can all learn from each other, I’m just doing my part to contribute to a better life, you could be living.

Second option is to say, how I can do it? How can it reach a level of mental freedom where I can dream big and work towards my goals? My response. Find yourself a mirror. Look deep into your eyes and tell yourself you’re going to follow your heart as long as you live. No more fearing. Start some mental steering. Driving your attitude towards a positive light rather than a negative. Start saying I can rather than I can't.

Now go Follow your Dreams!

This is a message from The Dropout Kid…Hope you’ll be back next time. Peace

What are some of your most inspirational movies?

8Mile is mines, whats your! :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

5 Ways A Dropout Can Help you Succeed

"I ended up dropping out of high school. I'm a high school dropout, which I'm not proud to say, ... I had some teachers that I still think of fondly and were amazing to me. But I had other teachers who said, 'You know what? This dream of yours is a hobby. When are you going to give it up?' I had teachers who I could tell didn't want to be there. And I just couldn't get inspired by someone who didn't want to be there"

-Hilary Swank

In a world where its hard to believe in anything now a days.
It's only right that I present to you " the Drop out kid's" 5 ways to develop a belief in your self. ( this blog post is not funded by the Board of Education)

Number #1: You are not defined by your GPA

Approximately 10.5 million students graduate from college with a Bachelors degree every year. In 1993 it was a mere 3.3 million. It has since tripled since then.

But the desire to become better people has thus fallen. Most students believe after you've graduated college you are “successful", Naughty, Naughty, Naughty.

The truth is an MBA, BA or even a PhD, could never replace great imagination and an entrepreneurial spirit.

So if you stuck in a rut; Confused about what to do in your life, remember the only way to seek true success is doing something you love to do. Throwing your whole heart and soul into that activity.

This is true success. This is true happiness. This is how you grow to be an asset in society rather than a liability.

So, what do you enjoy doing? The answer to this is you calling. Trust the message and follow you heart as I have done.

Number #2: What do you really want to do?

We all have been taught since kindergarten to be doctors, lawyers, investment bankers and even psychical therapist. I too wanted to be all those occupations when I was younger. But as I’ve grown up in this society, I came to the realization that the life style I wanted to live could not encompass the salary of these 4 occupations.

Nor did I truly want to be apart of these fine professions. It was just not for me. So as a college dropout “which I’m proud of” I set my sight on new horizons. Till this day I’ve been getting my book together and working on being considered one of the youngest and greatest personal development authors of my time.

Each and every day I dedicate hour, after hour after hour putting my all into my BIG DREAMS. Its the only thing which motivates me and keeps me alive.

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to become?

Ask yourself these questions, and the answer will lead you down a path Alice wouldn't dare fall into.

Number #3: You can do it

Most of us, like myself have never received encouragement from anyone, unless it was by mistake. I learned early on as you should, that you'll never need anyone to congratulate you on your endeavors.

I know it may be great to have encouragement and you should but you don't need it. Trust yourself. Believe you can do. All you need is yourself at the end of the day.

One you have developed this attitude you will be unstoppable; a force to be reckoned with. Today, if people are telling you can't, or you won't. Stand tall in front of the mirror, loud and proud, with the conviction of a navy pilot about to risk his life for the country he loves so dearly and say:


Say this over and over again, and you will most certainly succeed at anything you put your heart upon. For whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can most certainly achieve.

Number#4: End Wishful thinking

We all wish for good things to happen to us in our lives. But the only thing which will guarantee a great life, good financial standing and a mouth that spews only administration for yourself and others is a Positive attitude.

You have to develop a positiveBold

attitude as I have. Outsidersmay look at this blog and say "How is he different from everybody else? How can he help me change my life, he's only a kid". I smile these comments off and know as long as I keep my mind on my ultimate goal for this blog, my website which I’m building currently and the consistency of thought, I will reach my GOAL.

Do the same. Take action. And you too one day will achieve you DREAMS.

Number #5: Have some fun why don't you

Many times people take life too seriously they for get to live in the present moment. We end up following the 3 box rule and die slowly of old age or an intolerable sickness.

The 3 box rule if you’re not familiar with is this. Phase 1: We are educated for 12 - 16 years so we are able to work in society. Phase 2: We work hard, setting up some type of living standards so we can be financially free. Phase 3: We retire as an adult and wait to die.

I was brain washed myself into this phrase, but broke out of American societal norms. I live my life carefree of the opinion of other while working hard towards my big dreams.

And as long as I keep trucking I will reach my stop someday.

Take a rest.

Then keep going to the next one.

But I never take myself too seriously to enjoy the day or even smile and laugh at my blunders. Do the same and you too will be able to change the way you look at things. And when you do, the things you look at also change. ( Wayne Dyer)

Has this Dropout kid helped you in any way?