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Your Dying If your Not Using Your Imagination

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Live out of your imagination, not your history" -Stephen Covey

I want you to close your eyes and imagine the life you always wanted to live. See it as vividly as possible, going forth in the direction of your vision. The fact is your life is navigated by the images you hold within your subconscious mind. Albert Einstein once wrote "
Imagination is more important than knowledge, Knowledge is limited, But imagination is encircles the world."

Take a look at various skyscrapers, bridges, buildings, futuristic cars and cellphones which hone your environment. Realize that all of these products or infrastructures are the processes of imagination. An idea followed by right action. All sprung from imagination forced into the materialistic world with the desire to enhance achievement. Acceleration in the realm of technology, communication, emotional appeal, psychologically stability or intellect comes from imagination. Your imagination can enhance any and every part of your life, with proper use.

"Imagination Rules the World"- Napoleon Bonaparte

Your imagination was snubbed out as a young adult. Ideologies of being the best MLB player in the world or running for vice-president, disappeared as rain after a sun shower. You lost the inability to realize the power of your dreams and vision. For without our dreams and vision we perish as snow after a hot summer day. Misplaced anger fouled out your positive energy for success was countered by rebellious acts. Focusing all your energy on unhappiness and misalnment, led to destructive thinking. But you can get back into a stage performance at the Broadway musical or NASA space program with the use of imagination.


The key is to take 15 minutes out of your day, each and every day to see your dreams as already realized. This time should be of enjoyment not routinely duty. Close your eyes on a comfortable chair or sofa bed. Now, Imagine the end result only, placing strong positive feelings around your dream.

For example: If your dream is to be a Grammy nominated R&B singer. What you would do is: close your eyes and see your self with a Grammy in your hand. Then add the feelings of actually acquiring this accomplishment over and over again until it becomes a true belief. After several week of this process, things will begin to happen.


When a beliefs turns into a conviction syncretistic events occur to make this a reality. But don't wait on the edge of your bed for opportunity to rise up. Create your own opportunity by working towards your dreams each and every day. The harder you work, the luckier you will become.Your actions will then bring you to your vision. As long as you have faith in your self and your dream.

Every time you feel misaligned with pessimism. Freeze your vision as Russell Simmons says in his Best Selling Book " Do You". Hold this image of greatness until your negativity subsides then take action towards your dreams. Dedicate your time and effort working toward your dream. But never forget, your vision is more important than the work you place behind your efforts.

Let me illustrate:

One of the most well-known studies on creative visualization and the use of imagination in sports. Russian scientist compared focus groups of Olympic athletes in terms of their training schedules:

Group 1 = 100% Physical Training
Group 2= 75% Physical Training with 25% mental training
Group 3= 50% Physical Training with 50% mental training
Group 4= 25% Physical Training with 75% mental training

The results showed, Group 4 devoting most of their time to mental training performed the best.


They didn't change there potential. Every human being on this planet has unlimited potential , whether your aware of it or not. Taking more action with a limited belief, will never do anything, but reinforce your beliefs. The fact is imagination raises our limiting beliefs, making us believe we are capable of doing an achieving more even without physically doing so.

Visualization ends the "I can't" phase and bring in the "I know" mentality. Imagination allows you to get the psychology of winning down pact so you can achieve more than you ever thought was possible. The truth is, imagination is all you'll ever need to start on the path of success you've been dying to experience.

I once knew a young man who was drench in negative self talk. All day he would affirm to himself the worst, thus experiencing catastrophic events in his reality. We spoke one day on the park benches of Central Park in Midtown Manhattan. He told me, his life was in shambles from financial disasters to martial breakdown. I spoke to him with true sincerity and honesty. Letting him know, his thoughts were the causes of his reality. So I wrote down the following instructions for his life changing transformation.

1. 5 Minutes before bed time Ask your self "Who do I want to become on every aspect of my life".

2. Then from each category ask yourself " How would I feel?".

3. Close your eyes an experience these new belief first hand in your mind assuming it's already here. Focus on the feeling more than the words.

4. Repeat, recycle , reuse.

Three weeks later, I called to check up on him. He answered the phone with such enthusiasm I thought I had the wrong number. He answered "John, I'm here. How your doing buddy?". He continued to tell me, how much his life has changed in a positive direction within such a short period of time; he emphasized.
No longer a negative Ned, he smiles with the sun rising and sleeps with the same grim upon slumber. He is on his way to become a pediatrician and his imagination is what helped him find himself.

Most of us, use imagination in a negative nature. This is why many of millions stressed all day long. Consumed with anxiety, fear, and worry. Do yourself a favor; use your imagination in a positive lime light. It can cure your fears, end your worries and build the confidence you need to follow your dream. As Kanye West said " I always had a passion for flashing, before I had it I'd close my eyes and imagine". Imagine the life your want to live from this day forward. Relinquish the demand to pessimism and find happiness in the organization of your mind.

It's has to start with you, Why not start today?

What are some of your dreams?
Are you a negative Ned or a positive Sally?
Did you find this information helpful?


  1. Great post. Many nights I just fall into bed and go right to sleep. I love the idea of asking those questions and giving subconscious mind a chance to work on the answers.

    I also agree, we were all at one time fueled by imagination and hope. People telling you the odds are stacked against you to become a MLB player and how hopeless it is really kills your enthusiasm for life.

    I enjoy the encouragement you offer in this blog site. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is a good post to remind us that we can be what we imagine. Like you said using imagination and changing our mindsets to more positive images can make a big difference in how we see the world.

    Thanks for this post. I enjoyed it:~)

  3. This is very inspirational. Imagination is surely more important. I am glad you added a personal success story that goes well with this article.

  4. I found this VERY helpful! Thank you for coming by my blog to visit and leave a comment, and I'm glad I came by to visit you in return!

    I see myself on a one to 3 acre graded property with a view, and a flat pad large enough for gardens on all sides and a one story, 3 bedroom, 3 and a half-bath plus his-and-her library/office, Cottage/Nantucket/Craftsman stylehome in Napa between Yountville and St. Helena, designed by Howard Backen.

    I SEE it. I feel it. I KNOW.

  5. You are spot on with what you wrote. Visualization is key to be conscious of that which we create. We create our future with every thought. It is the aware person who creates the future they truly desire.

  6. @ Aurora_ What a great detailed depiction of your dreams. I need to get more accurate with mines. Any date on this dream home of yours?

    @ Mark- Yeah your right. Imagination is the step to creation. Hope your using your mind right. Please stop by again. Peace!