Friday, February 12, 2010

You Can Suck On These Positive Nu...

Invasion of the Giant Squirrel by Dan Sutton (mailmandan).

How can you create what you want?

We all want to live happy successful lives right? But how can we guarantee this? How can you guarantee success, happiness and prosperity in this world. In the times where 30,000 Us troops are going to Iraq in July or Haiti has just been obliterated by a major earth quake. ( I pray for my city). What can guarantee a life of successful living?

The answer is Attitude.

Without a attitude of positivity, it's easy to get sucked into a world of hurt and pain. A mind set which condones evil rather than good. Chiseled negative beliefs of a racial, social, cultural or spiritual discombobulation will surly stop you from self advancement in this life. Building a life of of misery not harmony.


Cultivating empowering beliefs can easily solve all of your problems. The fact is a positive attitude before any given task or situation, sets the bar for your survival. Saying "I can't" will only garden a mind of impossibility. But saying "I can" seeds a world of excitement and accomplishment. Thus, raising your limiting beliefs and unlocking your true potential. A attitude of success draws greatness! An attitude of love, releases positivity.

Without a successful positive attitude towards, people, your job, career, wealth or present unfinished tasks, you'll never succeed in life. This is just the cold hard truth of the human mind. Our mind being a garden can only sprout what we think and believe. Begin to believe empowering beliefs to conquer any thing life throws at you.
We can choose to yes to life or no. The choice is yours. The hands you were dealt are not as powerful as how you respond to it.

Let me illustrate powerful story on Positive expectation.

After speaking to a group of students at my old elementary school, i was approached by an old friend. He was in an intense state of panic as he tried to express himself. Saying " I got a Medical School exam tomorrow, I need help. I been studying for a weeks now ,but I don't seem to have the confidence to pass the test. Pleas help me. If I fail ill be the laughing stalk of my family. But if I pass I can continue towards my dream. PLEASE HELP ME!

Almost creating a scene , I told the young man to relax. He obviously need my help, but i was in the middle of discussing an important topic when he startled me.

Several minutes later, I gave him one peace of advice which changed his life forever. I said " repeat the following prayer" I can do all things with the grace of a positive attitude. I know I can pass this test. I am positive I can pass this test. I know I can be successful". I advised him to repeat the affirmation while he walked home, before heading off to bed and upon waking the next morning.

1 month later I received a phone call from this young man. He had passed his test and was on his way to med school. I utter excitement , I told him to keep up the good work. Keep that attitude positive and work toward your dream. This was about 3 years ago. Now on his last year in Medical school before his residency, I've been told he will graduate at the top of his class. Good for him!

But why was this young man able to overcome is fear? What ever the mind constantly hears, it will believe. Repeating a phrase or statement over and over again drills the idea into your subconscious mind. Since our subconscious mind controls 98% of what we believe. He convinced himself of his success before he accomplished it. What he wanted so bad was already inside of him. The Prayer just released it from its cage.

You must do the same in order to overcome life obstacles. Never panic in times of bravery. Stay strong and focus. Because if you do, you'll succeed in all your endeavors.

Do you have a positive attitude?
How do you stay calm in times of hesitation?
I expect to have a live discussion about this topic!


  1. Jonathan,

    Good point and story that goes with it. Sometimes, our perception of success if different, sometimes we think how much money, big house, expensive car the person has, he/she is more successful, but it is not true.

  2. Jonathan,
    Good for you for helping that person! It took me a long time to learn to stay calm in times of hesitation. My life used to be DRAMA!

    I use something called "anchoring" it's an NLP method. When I counseled in prison my friend Patti gave me a stone in the shape of a heart. One day when I was stressing over some inmates she gave me the stone and said put it in your pocket and when you are scared think of me and remember I love you. I'll never forget it and I to this day use this technique.