Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Zig Ziglar's Instant Goal Setting

Goals are the blueprints for your future. People with goals succeed in life because they know where they are going. Planning your day is essential to avoid lolly gagging. Most people spend their day reacting to situations instead of taking command of their ships. Too many people man their crew with misguided intends which leave the crew standard. Goal oriented people map out the entire day assured to reach a destination. Without goals you will become a wandering generality, in place of having meaningful intentions. Goals are the means to your achievements. Achievements are the results of completing goals. But how can you use goals to wards you advantage? How can you become more goal oriented to achieve more?

Plan out your day
Each and every night plan out what you want to accomplish for the next day. If your long term goal is to become a rocket scientist, place goals surrounding this achievement. Your list may consist.

1. Read 2 hours in the area of Rocket science
2. Apply to an Internship
3. Meet with friend to talk about project
4. search for school with this major

In addition to this task, place time deadlines on the goal. Deadlines creates pressure inside your mind which can allow your goals to be reached faster with more effectiveness. Without time deadlines you may look focus, direction and become unmotivated. After you have completed each task, cross it of the list and continue to the next one. Don't allow petty distractions to keep you from reaching your full daily potential. Making every day a successful day is one of the keys to getting things done. Here is a Zig Ziglar who can present Goal Setting Better than me!

I Hope you guys got those goals Down!

Learning how to think positive or be positive can assist you in taking a positive attitude towards your work. The attitude we take towards our work is in direct proportion to how well it comes out. Keep your attitude positive as you work toward your goals daily. Positive thinking only works if you put forth the effort on a consistent basis. But what does positive thinking do? Positive thinking does what negative thinking doesn't! Failure to recognize this absolute truth will lead failure right in front of your door step.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Re-buliding Your Soul By Melting Your Heart

"The most common commodity in this country is unrealized potential."
-Calvin Coolidge

Limitations are the barriers which hold your mind form reaching your potential. As a child you never truly put a limit on your abilities, so why now? Dreams of flying a plane, building a sky scraper or running a Marathon like Jackie Robinson circled your mind as enthusiasm bubbled within you. Jumping for joy you preceded to dream bigger than ever, like Really big! Yet, something changed? Was it your parents divorce, naysayers saying don't try it because they failed, or yourshattered self esteem when your boyfriend didn't tell you he loved you back. Who knows! Which ever the case you need to rekindle your unlimited potential again. Without it you will never reach the pinnacle of the authentic you. Inner joy won't fill you heart as your soul crys out with enthusiasm from goal achievement. Inside your heart lies the motivation pulsing throughout your system for peace. Peace from limiting yourself from what you think you can do, into what you can actually achieve. Imagine if Roger Banister, Michael Jordan, or Micheal Phelps limited themselves. Where would they be today? Supermarket managers, Bus drivers, carpenters or even school teachers. Imagine if Michael Jordan was an art teacher? Pretty trippy right. He never limited himself from believing he could pursuit what made him happy. You must never stop pursuing your happiness, because if you can dream it, it yours!

Motivation for all dreams can be learned from undersatnding how to think positive.So here are a few video of people who can keep you motivated. They say it better than I can!

Michael Jordan

Roger Bannisterr - Ran 4 minute mile

P.S " They said it was Impossible"...hehe

Michael Phelps

How have you lifted the limits of your mind? did you find this inspiring?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Following Your Dreams Is Killing You

Credited to meganlynn2009

Dreams are created though fixations of desire. Our desires propel us forward inside the jungle of possibilities. Anything and everything is possible once you create a clear vision of what you truly want. Most are very indecisive about what they want. Our mind are inundates with over analysis, worry and fear constantly. Decision making is vital to cutting down fears like a tree in a forest. Dreams are here to ignite passion and perseverance within in your soul. Without a solid dream matched with a clear vision what happens? You become a wander generality instead of a meaningful specific. Purposeful living will elude you each day wile you walk slowly towards your deathbed. Have you ever wondered why you never accomplished anything useful with your life?Plenty of people have reason why they aren't successful but here are the most crucial.

1. Lack of Motivation
2. lack of Focus
3. Lack of direction
4. Not enough money

1. Motivation is a driving force which is preceded after taking action. Most people have motivation backwards.They wait for the motivation to come before any action is taken. This misconception has made million of people fall flat on their face in pursuit of happiness. In order to attain motivation, action must be taken. Take action if you want to stay motivated long enough to reach your dreams.

2. Distraction create loss of focus and progression. Simplicities at your work place can end this phenomenon but it takes more. Set daily prioritizes from most important to least important. Make your self accountable for completing all your daily goals. Do your best to get all your goals finished for the day. Don't allow distraction such as radio, t.v or magazines to take you away from your true purpose. Become a stickler to goal completion.

3.Be decisive about what the outcome for you present activity. Direct yourself daily by crossing out each goal finish achieving. Define the purpose of your activities by created a motto. Definition of purpose provides direction and certainty of accomplishment. Don't fool yourself by not using these tips. The process is simple, painless and easy. Put forth the proper effort as you will see results.

4. Don't use lack of fund as an excuse to failure. People all over have started businesses with invest from 8 dollars to 2000 and have become massively successful at very young ages. Begin to work towards your goal by reading, listening to audio tapes and educating yourself. Using money as an excuse only drains your energy and defeats your purpose. If you want your dreams bad enough, you will find a way.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Build Instant Confidence

Confidence is the difference between having an unstoppable personality and being scared to walk down the street because of your insecurities. Confidence is not something we are taught as children but is a learned characteristic. This trait increases self liking, destroys insecurities and elevates your self-esteem.

So what can give you build the confidence you need to succeed?How can you learn how to be positive?


"Think like a man of thought, act like a man of action"
Henri Bergson

Confidence can be learned by action. Wondering how to be confidence is a good start, but action will get you quick results. If you jump into the action, by acting confidence you can learn more easily. It avoids fear from creeping up your back door, over analysis and mental worry. Acting as if your confident eventually creates confidence within yourself. You can learn by acting and doing what you would if you were confident.

Vividly see your self inside your mind as confident and in control of your life. Feeding your mind repeated mental images will change your self concept positively. Repetition of mental images used daily reprograms your subconscious mind turning your fear into Strength. Ending your worry , anxiety and inhibitions. Most people use their imaginations unconsciously by focusing on the negative side of life. Take advantage of your imagination by seeing what you want to see.


Working out can is a great way to build confidence. A fit physical body build self liking increases and self esteem. Why? Because you'll enjoy the feeling of having a sexy body, healthy immune system, and renewed energy. Take out the time to workout daily will eventually increase your confidence. Without a daily workout you become lazy while insecurities about your body takes a toll from all the donuts. Dont't wait till tomorrow to start the time is now.

Think Good thoughts

Stop focusing on thoughts which don't make you feel good, rather focus on ideas which make you feel happy. Each of us can only think one thought at a time. So imagine the while human race in your mind now. Why do most people lack confidence ? It's because instead of thinking optimistic thoughts, their minds are filled with weed like a garden. Weeds can kill your garden , thus killing your mind. Focus on how to think positive instead of weeds and your confidence kill slowly build.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Americans Need Affirmations Before They DIE!

Credit Photo to Sweet♡One

Affirmations are short and specific phrases used for reprogramming the mind. As a human begin we were programmed from birth as fearful, anxious and sad people. Happiness is rarely seen in the eyes of a person even the wealthy. Most people are sick and tried of there lives, but don't know how to change. Change can be acquired speaking to ones self more optimistically. Instead of saying negative words to yourself, do the opposite.

The key to Positive thinking is to use affirmations for your advantage. Talk to yourself by using words which bring joy not displeasure. Consistent use of affirmations will reprogram your mind by fixating your attention of optimism. Its vital to use the right language when engaging in thought. Usage of the wrong language mixed with negative thinking can be disastrous. Affirmations encourages you to learn how to think positve.

Reason for lack of Positive thinking

1. Improper use of affirmations
2. Lack of Showing gratitude
3. Pressure to change quickly

1. Affirmations are needed to be used daily. Preferably in the morning right when you wake up and before you enter slumber. These times are when you subconscious mind is most vulnerable to change. As your day progresses use these affirmations at all times as much as you can. Lack of consistency will be the death of your positive thoughts and rebirth of negative thought patterns. With affirmations you've disrupted your though patterns by changing your self image manually. Keep this action up for a minimum of 30days, as you will blossom like a flower in the spring. An example of affirmations are

1. I am a positive person
2. I am always grateful
3. I like myself

2. Gratitude is the one thought which bring your desire full circle. Without the use of gratitude you will focus on past failure, bad breaks and current faults. Its great to focus on what you want, but it also necessary to be happy for what you already have. feel the emotions of actually already having what you desire and already have. Most of us are very fortune compare to most of people we may no. So you should not take what you have for granted by showing appreciating for what is already within your grasp. Greater inner strength will be develop as you've create a positive mind.

3. Change takes time. Your thoughts have been a certain way for a long time, so it's unrealistic to think you can develop a positive mind quickly. As time begins to progress your perspective of your self will elevate. You'll begin to focus more easily on positive thoughts and negativity will have a tough time penetrating your positive barriers. Enjoy the process of change and give your best each and everyday.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

14 Timeless Principles To Achieve Your Dreams

Dream as you will live forever, Live as if you die today
- James Dean

1. Associate With Positive People:

Association breeds similarities much more than you perceive. Your 5 closest friends are a direct reflect of who you are right now. If your 5 closest Friends are pessimistic, gossip babblers and lazy, you are this. But if your 5 closest friends are intelligent, know how to think positive and are keen to thinking Big, you will reflect these attributes.

2. Define your purpose

Establish a reason for living starting today. Engage in activities which bring you joy and satisfaction rather than pain and boredom. Search for your niche and stick to it. Proper use of your time can be put into performing an activity you enjoy. Nothing is more glorious than finding love in your work place. One you have found this money will be irrelevant to your happiness.

3. Desire

Back your passion with strong positive emotions to gain strength and momentum. Positive emotions are the fuels that skyrocket dreams which ascend beyond the earth's atmosphere. Without an intense desire to succeed at any aspect in your life you will lose momentum and ultimate fail.

4. Be Cheerful

No dream is worth attaining if the journey is depressing. Just because your reaching for the stars doesn't mean you cannot have fun along the way. If you begin to take your dream too seriously to the point of confusion it can slip throw your fingers. Take each day in stride by making each day a successful journey towards your destination.

5. Successful Day

Reaching your dream is about making each day a successful day. Each and everyday give your very best and you will have done enough for that day. Don't let thoughts of pessimism keep you from giving your all. By sowing your best each day you will reap the benefits in the near future.

6. End Fear And Worry

Thoughts of fear and worry are indications that you can do it if you try. If your feeling fearful, change your thoughts by expecting the best instead of the worst. Refuse to preoccupy your self with delusional thought of failure, but focus on succeeding. Become a a ship with a fixed destination, next stop Success Island.

7. Get 8 hours Rest

As you pursue your dreams your body will need the proper rest in order for you to give it your all each day. Allow your body to recharge by giving it the full 8 hours it needs to recover. Wake up early and sleep early is the best combination to get the very best out of yourself.

8.Think Bigger

If you want to achieve your dream think bigger than you could ever imagine. Think as if you were a kid by create a want list without limitation. I'm talking a house with 2 indoor pools, a basket ball court inside your home, 5 Ferrari's and a billion dollar charity stared by you, the works. Think of it as if your making your own sandwich at a deli. If you could put anything on your sandwich to make it magnificent what would it be? Don't limit yourself from what you can attain or accomplish. Remember it takes the same amount of energy to small as it does to think big. So why not?

9. Appreciation

Show gratitude for where you are in your life right now. Even if you aren't at your dreams yet or even know what your dream is, still be grateful. Gratitude is the final thought which encircles your vision so it can come true. So today list 10 things your grateful for, because tomorrow is not promised and life is too short for comfort.

10. Identify your Problem

Before you begin dreaming your dreams bigger than ever before. Identify what is stopping you from reaching this goal. Most people never hit there long term goal because they try to go around there problem instead of identifying it and super jump punching right though it. Don't make this mistake. Find the reasons why you have been procrastinating and fix it now.

11. Motivation

Keep yourself motivated by listening to audio tapes and reading positive literature. Turn your car into an educational center by playing motivational Cd's instead of listening to the radio. If you want to reach your dream, you must feed your mind a series positive material. Put the good stuff in to get the good stuff out.

12. Never stop

This principle is the easiest out of all to follow. Never Stop Until you reach your goal, plain and simple. Develop a mentality where you would rather die than actually give into failure at any point in time. People may say this is extreme but I have to ask you, how bad do you want to be free?

13. Model Successful people

Pick and chose at least one role model to follow. Model there action, thoughts and even behaviors. If your role model is Oprah Winfrey, ask yourself what would Oprah do in this situation. As obstacles begin to show up un announced, say to your self what would Oprah do if she was in my position. More than likely you will tackle your challenge with ease. The key is the rse above you circumstances no matter what the challenge.

14. Give Back

Dreams are made to be realized but you should also give back to others who need guidance to achieving their own dreams. My motto is " Do unto other , like you would like them to do unto you". If your friend or neighbor has daspirations just like you, make it an obligation to help them out. Giving of yourself can only increase your self esteem and self liking.

Do you have any other tips on how to achieve your dreams? Please share with us your dreams big small?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Fears Keep You From Nirvana

Top 6 Fears

Fear Of poverty:

Includes the lack of ambitions, indecision and procrastination. Those who have fear of poverty are afraid of taking risk and put themselves and financial on the line.Fear of poverty limits you from discovering how to think positive.

Fear of Criticism:

This fear deals with extravagant spending, self consciousness, and lack of poise amongst other thing. People who are fearful of criticism are often self consciousand afraid to make steps forwards because they don't want to be seen as a failure in the eyes of others. The restricts individuality and freedom.

Fear of Good Health:

This result from worries bout being ill of getting sick. Many people fear sickness because death. It is estimated 70% of people who visit doctors suffer from hypochondria. This lack of self cuddling is symptoms of the fear of good health.

Fear Loss of Love:
Includes jealousy and finding fault in your self or possible relationships. If you find a person who you like, its its possible you will find reason to end the relationship before you get close. You will continuously look for sign which entail relationship failure.

Fear Old Age:

Can be seen in a person who starts to slow down or say they are too old for certain activities. A person who envys the youth and limit their experience in life. This fear prevent your from learning how to be positive.

As you can see you guy shave a lot of problems! But on a serious note i hope you have identified the fear which resonates with you so you can find the solve o these mental challenges.

Where these tips Helpful?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

7 Principles To Increase Positive Thinking

"Happiness is wanting to be where you are. Make the most of each moment, even if your only waiting for the clothes to dry" -Confucius

If you want to live a happier life you need to rearrange the thoughts in your mind. Happiness is a state of mind with deals with the quality of what you think daily. Your emotions are just indicators to what your actually thinking each and everyday. So if you want to increase the quality of your life start changing what you think.
Now enough with the foreplay and let get to intercourse...

More Sex Please
Time and time again sex seems to be underrated, under appreciated or overrated in this society. Yet it satisfies so many elements for a human being. Its one of those few great activities that feel amazing without an admission charge. Its like going on a roller coaster in your house, car or kitchen table with an extended time limit. Sex is one of the those few experiences which is next to seeing the birth of your first child or finally hitting your first million dollars after years of struggle,that make you feel fantastic.

But what are the benefits of have more Sex?

1. Helps you forget about negativity
2. Increase life span
3. It really really fun
4. Can create positive momentum for the day
5. Reduces stress
6. Bring the relationship closer together
7. Creates appreciation for partner
8. Create excitement if done right

Now go have some sex!

Blog about Happiness

If your feeling a bit under the weather startblogging about how to become more joyful. Even if it may not be your niche or even something your readers would appreciate. It will cause you to think happy thoughts first before you write thus changing your shift of emotion into a posiitve direction. Creating a positive snowball effect which can last the rest of the day if you put forth the effort.

Write out your feelings

Don't ever underestimate to power of venting your emotions on a piece of paper. Doing this clears the mind from all negativity leaving your canvas unpainted. After you have written down your emotions, tear the piece of paper apart. Make a solemn oath to start thinking positive today with confidence and positive expectancy. This powerful tool can teach you how to think positive.

Smile Please

Today, give a glorified smile to every one you meet and greet. If you see a person walking towards you show those carnivore teeth by saying "How are you doing today". Don't be afraid to stop for a friendly conversation with this stranger. Remember like attracts like so if you feel attracted to this person dig in deep by asking them questions to create genuine interest.

Bask in life

Stop and smell the roses before you enter your office today. You may have alot on your mind such as the motrages, college tuition or a mouth to feed. Yet this should not stop you from enjoying life on this abundant planet. We live in a universe where anything is possible as long as we belive it can be achived. Take the time out today to just appreciate life's glory by sitting next to a pond, riding you bike down a trail or whistling your favorite tune down the block.


Change your current physiology by physically walking as if you were unstoppable and confidence. Act like this for an entire day with the intention of keeping your attitude focused on how to think positive. Perform this action long enough can create long lasting changes with a side effect of pure enjoyment.

Creative visualization

Start creating mental images in your mind which make you smile not frown. Feel these fantasies as if they have already happened. Doing this daily activites once you wake up in the morning and before you fall into your dream world will work wonder for your attiude. You will begin to wake up each day happy and energetic. Its A great way to learn how to be positive.

Did these tips help? Let me know if i need to improve, I'm here to serve you guys Thanks!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How To Suck At Positive Thinking

"I have had dreams and I have had nightmares,
but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams."

-Dr. Jonas Salk

Many people doubt the capabilities of posiitve thinking, but why is this? Napoleon Hill said" Positive Thinking is a pre-requsite for success", Author of Think and Grown rich. Yet, Millions of people across the globe chose to think negative. What can be the source of this? Positive thinking can't be such a hard thing to develop over time, but yet again people love corruption, controversy, and violence. If you turn on the television all you will find is ignorance, violence, slander and sex. Since the average American watches 4 hours of t.v a day it's no shock why failure seems to be theirs mindset 24hours a day. But this post is not for the millions who watch t.v and refuse to change but for the ones who are making an effort, yet no result. If you want better result on your positive thinking make sure your not making these follow mistakes millions of people do.

Lack of consistency: Is the 1st major mistake people make when trying to develop a positive mind. If you want to learn how to be positive, this isn't a 2 day session or a 1 week try out. Positive thinking is a life long process which takes practice. Daily effort must be applied at all levels to attain this wonderful state of mind. If your not consistent, point blank period you will FAIL! Learning how to think positive is not a short term activity, but a permanent attitude needed to develop a great life. If you want to achieve amazing things in your life time, then become more consistent. If your having a bad day, realize that you can change your thoughts by doing any of the following

1. Watch A Comedy

2. Listen to you Favorite Song

3. Talk to a positive friend

4. Walk by the Beach

5. Take A Swim

Do anything you can to change your state of mind. Why? Every thought you think is creating a mental habit, which is either positive or negative. Pick the Latter of the two, because it will payoff in the end.

If You Aren't Motivated: Lack of motivation will be the death of your positiev thoughts. If your not motivated enough to put forth the effort to create a positive mind, then you will FAIL. If you need motivation, find something which will cause you to feel motivated enough to be in for the long haul. Motivation can be created by writing a list of all the benefits you will receive from learn how to think positive. Your list can consist of the following

1. So my kids no longer have to ask can we afford it

2. My husband deserves the Mustang he been begging for

3. I want to take year long vacation with my family sailing around the world

4. I want to be able to teach my family how to be successful thought postive thinking

5. I deserve to enjoy my short time on this planet

6. I deserve to give my kids to world

7. I want to own my car, Not LEASE it

8. I want a Beautiful home so my grand kids can run around naked in.....Silly babies

9. I want to live in style, no tragedy

10. I want peace of mind.

Construct you list with as much details and reasons as humanly possible. The more reasons you have which are genuine the more likely a posiitve mind will become easier for you attain. Why? Your motivation cause you to put in the extra effort you were lacking previously. *Remember once you pass the learning curve it become easier and easier and did if forget easier. So the difficulty is only in the beginning, but after a few sessions, it becomes 2nd grade math.

"Positive in, Positive out" is the cliche: If you want to be positive then listen to positive material. Reasonably people fail at positive thinking is because they try it out for a bit, but don't change what they read, watch or listen to on a daily basis. Let me ask you a question, How can you be positive if you watching t.v 4 hours a day, listening to negative music on the radio and watching violence, sex or corruption online? Exactly you can't. Im not suggesting you cannot enjoy those aspects of life, because too much positivity is just bland. But, you need to minimize the amount of negativity you allow your brain to receive on a daily basis. Putting positive material into your brain can only produce positive results, it;s that simple. Here is a few things you can do to push your mind in a positive direction.

1. Read 15 minutes a day in a Positive book or article

2. Watch positive videos on you tube

3. Blast educational and motivational tapes in your car

4. Listen to Positive Musiz

5. Talk to successful positive people

6. If you have kids, allow them to read positive books

7. Limit Your television Intake

8. Create Your own posiitve script of who you want to become and read it each night and morning

"When life knocks you down, try to land on your back.

Because if you can look up, you can get up.

Let your reason get you back up."

- Les Brown

Lesson 1: Be Consistent

Lesson 2: Get Motivated

Lesson 3: Put Positive Material in your Brain

Are you Sucking at Positive thinking? Did this Help? Lets Discuss

Topic More.....Please Leave Comments.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Posiitve Thinking Is Destroying Your Life

Positive thinking seems to be a trend now a days, after the secret was released. Millions of all around the globe attempted to learn how to think positive, but failed. They visualized themselves as having their desires, began to ask but did not receive a God Damn Thing. Why? Why did millions of people who began to change their thinking have the same results as before? This quote will answer your question!

" Thought without action is delusion"
- Jim Rohn

Nothing will come to you unless you work for it. Its a universal law! Which one? The Law of sowing and reaping. If your not familiar with this law let me jog your memory. "As you sow so shall you reap" is the biblical line found within the bible. But I'm going to get religious in this post; it not my forte but, The law says" You sow exactly what you reap, nothing more nothing less." So to put things into perspective if you sow nothing you can't possibly reap anything. If you wanted a new job, don't just ask the universe for a new job or think about acquiring one in a positive mind state. Begin to LOOK for one. It will happen easier because you are thinking optimistically, but you must put some work behind it.

If you want to find the missing link to the secret Here are a couple tips On How to think positive

1. Be positive

What ever your thinking right now, if it isn't making you happy then stop thinking about it. Happiness is something you deserve to feel on a daily basis no matter the weather. Those who are mad all the time, I can bet my bottom dollar have thoughts associated with frustration, confusion and lack. Control your mind from here on by thinking good thoughts. Remember your attitude is determined by altitude. As a result, how far you go in life is determined by your positive outlook.

2. Do something?

Yes, don't just ask and wait around like a douche bag. Take some action today! If you want to lose weight don't think positive and have another piece of cheesecake. Who are you fooling? Get your ass on that treadmill and work those dinner rolls until you cannot get up. Feel the burn of being out of your comfort zone and achieving your goal. Its truly the only way to grow for the better.

3. Childlike Visionary

Use your imagination to see your goal as already completed. Imagination is a characteristic we all as human begin have, but seldom use. Even though its free, fun and creates our own very future. Use your imagination to see your desire, fantasy or goal. Keep these pictures vividly in your mind several times a day. The repetition of positive images create positive outcomes.

4. Thank you

Don't be shy, Be thankful. Appreciate what you already have in your life. We seldom realize how lucky we are until it's gone. Don't wait until your on your death bed to appreciate life and be thankful for your blessing. Become thankful for what you have now because tomorrow is never guaranteed.

5. Something New

Each and every day do something brand new. Most negativity develops from boring routines such as waking up mad, going to work upset, having a bad day" now your in deep depression", going home "Stress increases", yell at your kids' because your feeling low" , going to bed mad, repeat, rinse and recycle. Instead do something different for the day. Smile at everyone, hug your kids when they walk though the door or take them out for ice cream. Change up your style for the day and turn that frown upside down.

6. Don't Listen to Nay Sayers

When people say negative things to you don't react as they would. Instead smile it off. Never allow someones bad attitude to ruin your day. Tell them your sorry they feel that way and continue on your merry way. People spend too much time focusing deeply on thoughts about what someone said. Get your mind back on how to think positive and feel those happy emotions running though your veins.

7. End Radio Listening

Go on a mental diet where you decide not to listen to the radio unless the lyrics are based on positivity. Listening to positive music for the next 30 days can develop a posiitve mind over time. Most people spend hour and hours in there cars over weeks. This is a lot of time spent listening to negative garbage, instead blast positive music or educational tapes inside your vehicle. It will be an uplifting experience you will begin to cherish.

8. Educate yourself

Read 15-30 minutes each and ever day on positive material. Here is a list of suggested books to read.

1. Chicken Soup for the Soul
2. Think and Grow Rich
3. Power of Positive Thinking
4. How to Win Friends And Influence People
5. Magic of Thinking Big

Doing this long enough creates a habit, thus building a character and reaping a positive destiny.

9. Plenty Fluids

Stop filling your body will toxic such as beer or drugs. Begin to drink lot of water. Drinking water cleanses the body and release toxins from your system.

10. Time to Reflect

Spend 10-15 minutes each day to reflect on how the day went. Think about your attitude throughout your day, what you said to people, and find ways to improve your mistakes. But also congratulate yourself for having a great attitude throughout that day.

11. Giving

Instead of taking all the time, allow yourself to give. Giving away money, food, friendly positive advice or even clothing can be very therapeutic. Its a great way to build confidence, self-esteem and all good things begin to come to your way. Give as much as you can, but expect nothing in return. Give because it's just the humane thing to do. Nothing more, Nothing less.

Have you any ideas on how to think positive? Did you find this helpful?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Positive Thinking From 4 World Famous Humans!

To Be A Successful Investor? by businesspictures.

Do feel like your mind is running a muck?Jumping around with
thoughts of self pity, deprivation and confusion.
Are you at the stage where you want to think positive,
but would like a bit of extra motivation. Who else has used
positive thinking to reach their dreams? Did they leave any
useful tips? Here is a list of 4 world-famous people who have
used positive thinking to achieve tremendous result. Use
these facts as a jump start to changing your life or don't
continue to read this article. I say this because if your not
going to use my information then its a waste of your time and
mines. I hope you consider changing your life by changing your thought.
Why? You only live once...

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Mr. Schwarzenegger born in Russia is a 5 time Mr universe and 4 time Olympia. He believes " as long as the mind can envision the fact then you can do something. Arnold Schwarzenegger began to envisioned himself as being already having achieved the goal he was pursuing. He used positive thinking, mixed with visualization to attain all of his worldly accomplishments. Now he is the governor of California, Philanthropist and a World- Famous movie star. What can you learn from him? Guess, Use positive thinking to envision your goal within your mind. The results in your head will cause you to take massive action, getting massive results thus reinforcing your beliefs that it is possible to succeed. If Arnold has achieved so much within his life on this planet just by taking daily steps and thinking positive, what do you think you can do? Think about it.

Napoleon Hill

Author of the classic novel Think and Grow rich Napoleon Hill explains how any individual can become massively successful by following his proven formula.
1. First come the thought of your desire, dream of fantasy
2. Organization of these thoughts into a plan of action
3. Using your imagination to make the goals real with you mind before it come to

"The genius is he who sees what is not yet and cause it to be true" - Peter Zarlenga

Will Smith

Will has used the power of positive thinking to dominate the movie charts year after year after year.Once a broke kid in his early teens, he developed a mindset which has created massive wealth for himself and his family. Will Smith has stated several times " In my mind I have always been an A-list movie star, y'all just ain't know it yet". This means he saw himself in his mind as a World famous actor before it came to fruition. Now think about this for a moment. No. Really soak it in. The key to his success is that Will developed a mindset of being what he desired to become in his mind. He could of thought of himself as a janitor, bus driver or social worker, but he saw himself as An A-list Hollywood movie star Millions of people adore and love. So who do you want to be? How can you attain your goals? Use visualization and positive thinking to get anything you want, desire or want to experience. Simple!

" In my mind I have always been an A-list movie star, y'all just ain't know it yet"
- Will Smith

I bring up this quote again because people read quotes that inspire them but take no action towards their dreams. Something resonates with them to start making daily chnages but it fear holds them back. If your that person reading this here is my advice. Do what you you fear most and the fear is dead.

Oprah Winfrey

A women who was rapped at the age of 14 and is now a Billionaire. My question is what is your excuse? Oprah was psychologically and emotionally destroyed at a young age by being rapped by a family member and too top it off she gave birth to her son who did 4 weeks later..... [ moment of silence please]
Imagine what she felt like? How low her self esteem was? No confidence in who she was...
A mind filled with self destruction and mental cancer. You probably never felt like that in your life, yet you still sit around watching t.v all day and not progressing to your full potential. You probably still thinking negative now.... Pathetic! Do you have to get raped for you to see your own ability to do whatever you put your mind too. I hope not! So get off your lazy ass and change your thinking.

Steps to Greatness
1. Begin to develop positive self talk
2. Read positive material daily
3. Take 1 day at a time
4. Limit your television intake
5. Start to see your self as great
6. Take daily steps
7. Don't listen to your negative friends" switch up your circles"
8. Have some good sex to loosen up the stress......always a positive :)

"Think Like a Queen. A queen is not afraid to fail. failure is another stepping stone to greatness"
- Oprah

Are you getting the picture? Are you now beginning to see that positive thinking is the only way to reach your goals?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Benefits of How to Think Positive Doggy

Last of the Fall leaves by SmilingMonk.

Sometimes 1 bad day out of the week is just inevitable for you.
Whether your feeling sad, confused, insecure or just plain dull
there is a solution. Most people usually have 7 days of sadness,
confusion and continuous insecurities within their life. So how can
you shift these thoughts of negativity? Two words you need to know

Think Positive

The English language is made up of hundred of thousands of words, yet these think positive is the only solution to your current problem. But what are the benefits of positive thinking which can cause you to actually walk down this benevolent path?

Increase life Span

Living longer on this beautiful planet can only be a bonus. We seldom look at life though the eyes of a person who has only 24 hours to live. Imagine if you went to the doctors office, and as you sat down on the table he explained this scenario.
Excuse me Mr. Jones, but the cancer has spread all throughout your body, this is hard for me to say but you only have 24hours left before your body is gives into this terrible disease. How would you feel? What would you do? What would be you initial reaction? Hopefully you don't have to go through this, but my point is to use positive thinking as a foundation to increase your life span. How does this work? Positive thinking reduces stress, heal wounds faster and slows down the aging process. Put all this together and you have a longer life to live.

Self Confidence

Most people are afraid to express how they really feel most of the times. Shyness seems to be a natural state of mind for millions of people. With Positive thinking you can align yourself with a conscious which contains great self self confidence. Self confidence is a combination of positive thinking, being friendly and smiling you butt off. People are only approachable if you provide a nice smile to disarm their thoughts of defense. The power of smiling is underrated , yet it can turn a bad date good, seal a negotiation or win friends and influence people. Think good thoughts as you smile at people and your self confidence will increase.

Negative thinking drains your energy by bringing you into a state of depression, anxiety, confusion and laziness. Thinking positive adds fuel to your fire which sky rockets motivation, creating positive momentum for the day and turns that frown upside down. Positive thinking effects every way you feel because you attitude determines your result, thus affecting the actions you take and the result you ultimately receive. More positive thinking, the more energetic you feel because your thoughts are the causes for your emotions.

Use Law Of Attraction

There has been lots of speculation on the Law of Attraction aka The secret. The point of the law of attraction is to fuse Visualization with positive thinking together to get whatever you want from life. By using the Law of attraction, you get what ever you focus upon on a daily basis. Think about something long enough and it will appear in your reality whether you want it or not. The LOA can only be a benefit to you if you begin to learn how to think positive. Focusing on the negativity side of life will only bring more negativity into your reality. Thought become things so to speak, so think about what you want not what you don't want. This can only benefit you, if used properly.

What are some of the benefits you received from Positive thinking?

Monday, September 7, 2009

How to Be Positive Guaranteed....

exhausted by Dalla*.

How to be positive consist of a variation of elements compounded together
which create a positive mind.

So what are those elements?

Do you really want to know?

Open up your mind to these 5 tips on how to be positive guaranteed...

1. Smile

Just smiling a bit more causes you to feel better about yourself. What does smiling do specifically? It increases your confidence, self esteem, self assurance and build energy. This method is so simple, free and easy, yet millions walk around frowning all day. If your feeling a bit under the weather today, begin to smile and watch your thoughts shift dramatically.

2. Think Good Thoughts

Instead of filling up your mind with thought of negativity, why not try the opposite. Its obvious, negative thinking doesn't leave your feeling energetic, optimistic and happy. Its usually builds anger and stress inside of your mind. Thinking good thoughts is just a better way to go. Without a positive mind you begin to enjoy life more, your life span increases, you develop a greater appreciation for life, you experience more happiness and stress is reduced. So next time your in a mental Gladiators match, cancel those thought and think good thoughts. As long as you feel good then your on the right track.

3. Imaginary Player

Jump back for a second into your imagination. A place inside your mind where nothing is impossible. Where everything goes well for you in every aspect of your life. Begin to feel the emotions running through your veins as if you have already reach the pinnacle of your Dreams. How does it feel? Good or Even Greate I bet. Do yourself a favor, by performing this task each and everyday. Why? because

"Imagination is more important than Knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world" - Albert Einstein

Every emotion which surfaces from from how we think. If you begin to use your imagination to think of big dreams, endless opportunities and how to be positive, those attributes will reflect in your own reality. Don't hesitate to sit down in a relaxed location and just have fun within your mind for a few minutes a day. It will pay off big time within a couple of days.

4. Booty Work-Out

Get out today and do something to work out that booty. Most negativity comes from sitting around in the house all day not doing anything constructive with your life. Working out is just the activity you need to clear your mind of negativity and get your body moving. An Intense work out may be just what you need in this point in your life. Nothing does the body better than a nice work out to erase the stresses from your life within a few minutes. Working out increases confidence, blood flow to the brain for better ideas, higher self esteem and greater confidence. This is a great way to be positive, instead of watching t.v 4 hours each day.

5. Take a Walk

If your not up for an intense work out, then take a walk. Walking around your neighborhood, park or local shopping area can clear the mind of negativity quite easily. Walking allows you to bask in the glory of life, reduces stress, and create positive momentum for the rest of the day. Imagine having a stressful day or an argument with your significant other. Instead of yell, screaming , saying hurtful things you don't mean or even throwing objects, just walk away. Take a walk to reflect on your behavior... Ask yourself

How could I have reacted better?
Did I really mean those things?
How can improve my behavior?

Seeking for answers within your own mind, will uncover honest truths about yourself. It will cause you to change your reactions, approach and overall negative thought pattern. So next time your in a emotional rut, take a walk and reflect on how you can make the bad good.

Has this post helped you? What Methods are you using to be Positive?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

How To Think Positive In 20 Nano Seconds

Positive Attitude by Dunechaser.

Positive thinking will give you the mental edge you need
for you to reach your goals.An attitude of "I can"
increases your chances for success tremendously.
Significant improvement can be manifested from
thinking positive. What type of Improvements Broham?

1. Happy state of mind
2. Increased Life Span to see your grand kids
3. More energy to do more of what you like to do
4. Peace of Mind
5. Less stress
6. Greater Inner Strength
7. Increased Focused
8. Healthy Body
9. Winners attitude
10. Become an Unlimited Being

Now How can you Create a Positive mind?

Talk to yourself

Talking to your self doesn't mean your going insane.
In fact

"People who talk to themselves are usually of higher intelligence than the masses"
- Dr. Joyce Brothers

But most people speak to themselves negatively even thought they deny self talk. If your trying to solve a math problem and your stuck on a certain problem. You tell yourself " I can't do this or its too hard". That is self talk. Now how can you use this to your advantage? Instead, tell your self the answer is coming to you soon, every you do touches to gold or your going to solve this problem because you will never give up. Positive self talk changes your perspective on how the obstacle was once perceive. Doing this on a daily basis will change how you see your self over time. Your self- concept, self liking and confidence will begin to rise with in a few days. Here is a powerful formula for how to think positive.

Positive self talk + emotion = New YOU!


Add emotional appeal to the positive words you say to yourself. Begin to speak to your self with confidence and positivity. If you chose not to tak the path of positive self talk then you thoughts will be consumes with the following.

1. Fear
2. Worry
3. Stress
4. Anxiety
5. Failure
6. Pain
7. Misalignment with who you really are

So if you want positive change, then speak you yourself with intense emotion. Use positive phrases to reprogram your mind. Its the easiest way to make permanent way Why? Its simple and free of charge. All it takes is desire, initiative and consistency.

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Why do some people fail at positive thinking? A lack in consistency is usually the case. Developing a positive mind is simple, but it takes consistency. Consistent positive self talk creates positive momentum for years with daily action. It's not a mystery, why most people think in terms on negativity. Everyday your are bombarded with violence, terror, shooting and criticism. If you want to create a positive mind, you should work twice as hard on yourself as you do on your job. Create a new habit by making daily progress even when hope sees bleak.

Any thoughts?

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Diddy's Tips on How To Think Positive

What a wonderful day today is! I stumbled on this amazing you tube video about p-diddy's Aka Sean Combs rise to success. I wanted to share this video with you guys because i believe he delivers a lot of valuable information in regard to success. He goes into detail about his childhood, struggles, rise and fall to success.Hope you enjoy this video. Leave me some feedback when you are done please.


Any thoughts? You got P-Diddy himself going into detail about what success, positive thinking and failure is about? Let me hear your thoughts!