Monday, February 8, 2010

You Don't Need Time To Yourself

Can you believe the outrage of this blog post? Of course you need time to yourself. If you don't know who you are; how can you get to where you need to go. Most people are lost in translation. Looking for the next exit off energy drink boulevard, reality show drive and news broadcasting rodeo drive. Confused and frustrated over the parallels of thought and action. Most are stuck in the 21st Century attached to the outlet of frustration and anger. Without peace of mind, life has become harder for most than necessary.

What can you Do?

Set time aside each and every to gather your thoughts. Not only your thought but your short term and long term agendas. Too many times are we too preoccupied with other peoples needs. Thus, we forget to tend to our own. We end up trying to satisfy everyone else. Falling flat on our face, in spite of our diligent efforts.

Bill Cosby said it best " I don't know the key to success, but i know the key to failure is Trying to make everyone happy". You may be a mother, father or caring grandmother, but as a human being you need self reflection. A time to gather the shattered pieces of your mind and Heart. A time where you can assemble your idea for proper execution.

Too many times we get caught in the duties of our lives. Always on the go, constantly in a rush. Do yourself a favor and slow down a bit. Set aside a "me time", as I'd like to call it.
Here is a list of what you can do. It's all about slowing down.

Practice Disconnection: Turn off your cell phone, step away from your emails, shut off the television and radio today. Too often are we kept entertained with the outside world. Attached to others and not ourselves. Never truly allowing ourselves to be internally healed. Cease the constant connection with others for a day and get to know yourself.

Take a Walk- Go today an surround yourself with nature. Man is and will always be a creature of the jungle. We evolved from these regions now replaced by bridges and sky scrapers. The closer we get to nature to more relax we become. Shed away to stress by taking a walk in your local park. Embrace the lovely creatures, and bask within in the beautiful sun rise an benevolent sunset.

Meditate: Silencing your mind is the most natural and easiest way to ending mental clutter. It organizes your mind, let you know what 's important, increases confidence an allows you too answer your most pressing questions. Use meditation to end internal struggle. Here are the steps:

1. Close your eyes
2. Breathe Deeply
3. Let every thought go
4. Embrace the silence
5. Repeat, Reuse, Recycle

Personal Sabbath- Dedicate one day to self pampering. You can soak your self in a wonderful bubble bath, watching a matinee with a loved one, create a special dish for your self, rent all your favorite funny movies an have a blast on the couch, visit the elder at the old folks home, sit down pulped on your bed reading something uplifting or attend a Broadway show with your best friend. Do what ever you want as long as it's fun , calm, relaxing and enjoyable.

Read- Rather than watch television for 4 hours at a time, why not open up a wonderful book? Why not dive face first into the wonderful works of Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson or Wayne Dyer? Why not be entertained by the thought of great thinkers rather than the pictures of violence and promiscuity? Self education is a great way to produce a positive peaceful piece of mind. Start today by reading 15 minutes in something high educational, motivational and soulful. You'll be happier, I'll guarantee it.

Are you leaving time for your self today?
What ways you spend your time?


  1. Time for myself, quiet time and alone time, saves my sanity.
    Reading and walking are two big peace makers for me.
    Not overscheduling is another.
    And I also don't answer my phone when I am in hurry, busy or in the shower - it is there for my convenience, I am not at the mercy of it ringing 24/7.

  2. I completely agree with this, and it's something I'm really working on to try and improve my life at the moment. For me, disconnecting is a big thing, and I also love walking as there are just the sounds of the outdoors and your own thoughts to keep you company.

  3. @ Aurora- I hope your keeping time to yourself over there, thanks for the love!

    @ Ruth- We to all stay disconnect sometimes. Sometimes it's hard other times is easy. It just takes practice.