Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Unique ways to Build a Positive Perception

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When you think about thought, what pops into your mind? Is it fear? worry? anxiety? Or the esoteric nature of the subject?

As Buddha says " All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him."

Your very life is your thinking and the result of your thinking process. Your flesh, bones, and muscles can be reduced to 70 per cent water and a few chemicals of small value, but it is your mind and what you think that makes you what you are. The secret to success lies not with out, but within the thought of man. How you can learn to produce productive thoughts?I've gather 5 interesting ways to inscribe positivity into your lifestyle.

1. Meditation

“The governor, in his travels, stepped in to pay homage to the Master.

"Affairs of state leave me no time for lengthy dissertations. Could you put the essence of religion into a paragraph or two for a busy man like me?"

"I shall put into a single word for the benefits of you highness"

“Incredible! What is that unusual word?"


“And what is the way to Silence?"


“And what, may I ask, is meditation?"


- Anthony De Mello

Our inner citric is always at it's whits end. The time to end the verbal assault on your self esteem is now. Silence can do several things. First , it can build confidence. The self assurance you need to handle big tasks or confront major fears. Secondly, Silence advocates an organized mind. When you feel confused and scattered in all your doings. Go to a place of mental sobriety for 15 minutes. It's the best way to contact your higher self for proper guidance. Third, mediation increases the peace and shows thought can be conquered and not have it conquer you.

2. Auto suggestion

Sanctioned by best selling author Napoleon hill, the process of auto suggestion is affirming to ones self a goal or desire. Forcing the idea into the subconscious mind. Which is considered th e most powerful aspect of the human mind. Repetition of any idea will create the beleif.
Since we all live in the perimeters of what we beleieve. Our beleifs sysytems tell us what we expect from life? What ae some of you expectations? Are they posiitve or negative?

3. Imagination
Seeing is believing was the last words I read to my cousin of 5 years. As she I was tucking her into her Dora the explorer bed sheets, she asked " Do dreams really come true". I answered " Only if you want them to".

The best method of creating the certainty necessary for a goal is visualization. Imagine what you want to experience, believe you already have it and then take action when necessary.

4. Gratitude

If your feeling a bit down, read this

“Thou that has given so much to me, Give one thing more–a grateful heart; Not thankful when it pleaseth me, As if thy blessings had spare days; But such a heart, whose pulse may be Thy praise.”– George Herbert

Understand the feeling of gratitude are powerful feelings to be expressed. Appreciate and be thankful for all your success an failure. It has cultivated who you are till this point.

5. Consume positive foods

Our thoughts are effected by what we consume. Chopping down cookies, waffles and icream each and every dy destroys posiitve thoughts but enhances negative gibberish. Learn to effectively balace your daily meals. Rather than gulf down a cereal bar, et and apple. Swap the muffin for a banana. It will make one hell of difference.


  1. Meditation is a very powerful practice. All of these tips are amazingly powerful. Very good post

  2. I would have immediately agreed with the first 4 - as to the 5th, I was eating a bowl full of Lucky Charms! Discipline and balance are most effective when chosen across all areas of our lives:)

  3. @Josten- Thanks a lot. How often do you meditate?

    @Aurora- Lucky charms are my favs also. But the cocoa puffs really kill me!! I guess ill never grow up!