Tuesday, October 20, 2009

3 Secrets Behind the Secret

The law of attraction states like attracts like. Everything comes to us via our thought filled with emotion. Positive emotions bring out positive out comes, negative emotions bring out negative outcomes. Concentrating on a particular image or thought with passion creates the event, fantasy or desire to arrive quickly. Fixating your conscious mind on posiitve thought, feeling the feeling you would have if you had it is the most important aspect of using the law of attraction wisely.

The simple steps are Think, Feel, Act

Contemplate deeply on what you want to manifest. Whatever you want to attract into your life whether a new realtionship, brand new job, new roller skates or a teddy bear. The choice is up to you, big or small you can attract anything you want.

Feel the feelings you would have if you already had your desire at hand. If you want a great realtionship contemplate on the feelings you would have if you were currently in the amazing relationship you want. If you want a brand new job, feel the feeling you would have if you had this fantastic new career. Same goes for aything you want to experience into your life time.

The intuition or mental inkling you feel when the person passes by, the job ad jump at you in the new paper or the car dealership you drive by telling you to act; do so. Its your mind telling you what you have been contemplating about has arrived and here for your taking.

Best way to understand is to view the first 20 minutes of the secret right below....

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  1. When I learned that feeling really is like adding gasoline to a fire in LOA terms, it was like being handed a magic wand. Suddenly I was able to manifest things in record time. I'd have a thought of something I wanted, coupled with a strong, positive feeling, and within hours it would manifest!
    I've also learned that detachment from outcome is rather necessary, since being too attached to wanting something can sometimes be indicative of not believing it will come to pass. (The subconscious can be tricky like that!)