Saturday, October 17, 2009

17 Fundamental Tips on Successful Living Bitches

Just Keep Walking by coda.

1. Positive Mental Attitude
Saying I can is the single most important element needed to become successful . Without it your lost in the quick sands of the Sahara desert. Your have control of over you attitude, so keep it positive to get positive results.

2. Definiteness of Purpose
Success deals with knowing where you are going by creating a plan slashing each goal you place in front of your plate. Mixed with a positive attitude your dream can be realized as long as your desire for success is intense. Without a major definite purpose, you become a ship without a Rutter sailing to destination nowhere.

3. Going for the Extra mile
Without struggle there is no progress - Fredrick Douglass

Failure to succeed is the best way to become successful. As long as your failing more than your succeeding, your on the right path. every great success is preceded by great failures.

4. Accurate Thinking
Thoughts have power either way you look at it. Attach positive emotion to your thoughts to increase certainty or belief in your idea, concepts , dreams or fantasies. Accurate thinkers involves two fundamentals. First you must separate the facts from the information. The important and unimportant. Accurate thinkers don't allow others to do their thinking for them.

5. Self Discipline
Self discipline to do what you know you should do is necessary to become successful. Self discipline ties together all your efforts of controlling your mind, your personal initiative, and controlling your enthusiasm. Self discipline allows you to think before you act.

6. Mastermind Alliance
Formulate a group of positive big thinkers who desire to become better and massively successful. Surrounding your self with people who are smarter and richer than you, so you can learn from them. association breed similarities, so become similar with great people to become great yourself.

7. Faith
Faith is about Crossing the fog blinded bridge that you cannot see. But, instead of saying there is no bridge because you cannot see it, you walk knowing concrete is beneath your toes. Close the door of fear, but opening the door of faith.

8. Pleasing Persona
Your personality is your greatest assets, without one your slowly dying, with it your aspiring towards greatness. A great personality embraces everything you control..your mind, body and heart. Its contagious around others to the point where people will love you.

9. Enthusiasm
Positive emotions backed by a desire is the best way to propel your career towards success. To be enthusiastic act enthusiastic. Enthusiasm towards progress is the driving force behind your achievements. Its like gasoline inside of a cars engine. Add enthusiasm to your goals to get better results and more progress. Enthusiasm is more important than logic and reason because it inspires action.

10. Team Work
There is no success in history without the collaboration of people contributing to a worthy cause. Mixed with enthusiasm, team work is an inevitable result.Team work makes the dream work.

11. Learn From Defeating
Failure is a pre-requisite for success. Your success is based upon how many times you fall flat on your face but rather lay down, brush off your shoulder and get up. Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before creating electricity , don't worry if you fail once.

12. Creative Vision
Imagination is more important than knowledge
- Einstein

Envisioning your future in your mind each day brings your dream faster. Creative visualization is has no limitations. Closing your eyes each day to see the results you want to attain is super important to reaching your goals.

13. Budgeting Time and Money
Tell me how you spend your time and money and I will tell you where you will be in ten years from now. Spending your time doing the most important activities first and saving 10% of your income each paycheck.

14. Maintain Sound physical and mental health
Maintaining a healthy body and mind comes from conquering fear and anxiety. Create a positive mind by putting optimistic material inside your head. Get a healthy body by engaging in physical fitness each day. Both activities clears sluggishness and dullness of mind and body

15. Comet Habit Force
Its takes habit to replace a habit. All your success and failure are formed from habits you have formed. Learn the laws of the universe such as Law of attraction or sowing an reaping to create new habits around these mental laws.

16. Thank you
Be thank ful for what you have, from your eyes you your toes nail. Its all about gratitude and appreciation for what you already have in order to get more.

17. Have Fun
Make this journey a fun filled adventure shaping your life for success.

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  1. Useful tips, yes. I especially like the last two - gratitude and fun!

    I didn't understand the post title though. Could you explain what you meant?

  2. I liked the third point- Going for the Extra mile. We need to fail once in life, only then we will know the reason why we didn't succeed. That makes us strong and work on it to attain success.

    This post is really positive and very helpful.