Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 Timeless Flicks On How to Think Positive

Wonders of the world surround us each day while we running around with our head chopped off. Seeking instant gratification without understanding success is an long term investment. An investment in time, finances, determination and perseverance. Toppling success without using of these 4 aspect will keep you willfully inadequate to reaching your goal, dreams or fantastics. Progression towards developing a positive mind each day makes success easier than it may truly seem. As a personal development fanatic I would like to share with you a few videos to express my thoughts of self improvement. Learning how to think positive is the first stepping stone towards greatness my friends!

If you can believe it you can achieve it my friends. Keep the faith and by all mean keep it gangsta!

What are some of your belief about life, success, love or happiness?
Please comment below, i would love to hear your ideas or thoughts.

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  1. Nice post
    This came at a good time for me, I haven't been able to access the will smith vid before. so thanks
    I really like his analogy of the Wright Bros and their dreams of lying a piece of metal through the true