Sunday, October 4, 2009

Never Give Up Unless Your In The Grave

"Happy are those who dream and are ready to
pay the price to make them come true"
-Leon Joseph

You cannot do it!
No way are you going to become a winner
Did you hear me! Your idea sucks
I cannot be with you because your a dreamer!

What is my dream?

I've heard the phrases countless times, as i told people my dreams of writing a national bestselling e-book or start my own clothing line. My dreams of being financialyl free by 21 years of age is the reason i wake up each mornng with a zest for life. A dream where I can do anything I want, where O want, with whoever I want on any part of this planet. A desire to write a National bestselling e-book which touches the hearts and souls of millions of people who need mental elevation. A contribution from my heart into the mind of a stranger, who is urging for a change.

But can I really do it?

Can i stand up to my naysayers by working harder on myself than at my job?

As a college dropout who works on his dream daily by throwing caution to the wind. Immersing myself in audio tapes, positive self talk, dreaming bigger than anyone in my family and has failed countless time already. Can i do it?

Yes! and so can you.

Dont give up Hope!

If you are like me, a person who has a dream. A vision only visible inside your mind, where it only real to you. Consistently visualizing your destiny because you believe it is inevitable, then i applaud you. No one every told me having faith was such a hard idea to grasp. As a young man in this society where a 9-5 is the coolest thing in the world, i sometimes found trouble finding my self. My thoughts would call to me to dream bigger but i would sometimes ignored my intuition. But as time passed on, i realized i had a knack for helping people. A classroom was a waste for me, I went insane learning from a professor who failed to love what they taught trying to instill value of "employee success" within me. No longer seeking a diploma I spent hour and hours helping people on social networks i didn't even know, just because its what i wanted to do. It felt good, to chnage people lives because i was making difference. But this post isn't about me as much as it is about you. I want to let you know , to never give up on your dreams, because i wont let you. Dreams are the driving force in your lifetime which keeps you ready for the next obstacle. Dreams makes you stronger than the next man, by always putting you to the test. What test? The test of perseverance! Pass this test and your dreams will be full realized!

See you at the finish line.

What are some of your dreams? What freedoms will your dream provide you?


  1. This was a fun read, more and more these days I start to think about what I want to do with my life. It feels very risky going 'out of the box' and doing things such as being self-employed but then I ask myself, 'What happens if I "fail"?'.

    I would just fall back to everyone elses 'normal' life... :D

  2. @Jarrod
    Exactly, a normal is the default life. I know you would rather a life filled with more joy and pleasure then your currently surrounded by.

    How long have you self employeed?

  3. I have been self emloyed for what seems like forever. Now I am in the position of needing to suplememnt my self employment with some 'work'. Its a scary thought for me as I havent worked for anybody in years. I figure my dream material will come to fruition at some stage, just keep plugging along, learning and having fun.