Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thought Is All There Is And Will Ever Bee

Your first step towards a better life style is the controlling of your thoughts. Thoughts are omnipresent. Thoughts are invisible to the naked eye or clothed shoulder. What you think you'll invariably become. Think in terms of pessimistic or blundering foolery, you'll become this. An Andy Dick, to be correct. Think in illustrated lights of Glory, victory, appreciation and readers digest. You will become that. Right now at this very moment, you are the full emphasis of your thoughts. No one can think your thoughts, Talk your words or see your vision. Anyone who wants to change his or her life must first change their thoughts. How you think determines your outcome. Who you become. How far you go in life or where you may end up 3 days from now. I once knew a man who was in complete disarray. His life is compete shambles. His wife had left him for another woman, his children no longer held him of any importance in his life and his boss just fired him from his dream job. Upon entering my office, he fell into tears. Explaining that his life was a mirror image of his thoughts. That every thing you me or anyone on this planet is a resort of thought. He had an epiphany. I've never witnessed an epiphany before, but it was a surely unimaginable experience.

He stood up tall and said " I am responsible for my life, And it's up to me to change it. I will take this dark hour in my life as a major turning point in my life. No longer will i be a victim, I will be victorious".

"When it is Darkest, men see the stars."
- Emerson

Walking out of my office with poise, pride and a pronounced new out look on life. He said "Thank you". You see Tim here was a representation of his own thoughts. A victim of his own feeling and self expression. People lacked the understanding that we as human are self for fillers. Comments said to ones self such as i Hope my wife doesn't cheat on me or I think my kids hate me, creates the reality. Maybe on immediately, but later down on the line, if we nurture our thoughts and ideas on this concept, invariably happens. Your the essence of thought and memory, my friends. The choices you make ( Via Thought) is the planted in the garden of your mind. Nurturing any idea whether love/ hate, care or distress, money or poverty, happiness or disgruntled thoughts, has created you. Your decision from this point via thought takes you down a path of your own destruction or salvation. God Bless....Hope to hear your response on this article post.


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