Wednesday, October 14, 2009

10 Beautiful Tips For A Positive Jolt

Your hunger for success determines how far you go in life. Hustling hard can pay off if your mindset is right. Action without a proper mindset result in mental slavery. Your attitude is the determinate factor behind what results you get.

Poor Attitude = Poor Results

Great Attitude = Great Results

A positive attitude is a pre-requisite for financial success, freedom and love. Sort of a cliche, but truth non the less, don't you think? Everything starts in the mind my friends. In that head of yours plopped on top pf your shoulders between your eyes. Your thinking tank is the reason for any and everything you have in your reality as of now. Changing your throughout process is the only shatter your current Slavic living standard to a high rise penthouse sweet all to yourself.

These 10 tactics will help you maximize your thought into positive over drive.

1. Gratitude
Never be cynical about your current situation. Be happy for what you already have, its the only way to get more of what you want.

2. Pleasure
Relate the pleasure of having a positive mind rather than associating negativity with thinking optimistically. Motivate thyself with salivating over the benefits of having a positive mindset!

3. Instructions
Set up a plan to directly influence your mind. Put positive material into your head to get the good stuff out. You will work better by expecting the best

4. Be a sweetie
Be the kind hearted person rather than a cynical douche bag. A smile mix with small talk can go a long way!

5. Demand Success
Push your self to the limit by taking daily steps toward success each day. Attitude reflect results, so demand greatness and greatness will appear!

6. Get Emotional
Emotion is the driving force for all creativity, success or disaster. Keeping your emotions positive propels your motivation ten fold towards any goal. Opposite of this kills your energy and driving you down a dead end.

7. Make it fun
Work can be very enjoyable if we make it as fun as we can with creativity. Add love to your work, a cowboy hat and clown shoes to create a relaxed positive environment.

8. Use action to cure Fear
Action is the best cure for fear and anxiety. As Henri Bergson said" Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought". Highly recommended quote to live by!

9. Baby Shoes
Place your feet inform of each other and take baby steps. Remember the tortoise and the rabbit; Slow and steady wins the race my homies.

10. Watch Video
Watch the video below for more information on how a positive mind set is necessary for success.

Let me know what you guys think about this post? Did you find this help ful?

( By all means keep it Gangsta, all long as its positive)

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