Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to have a Great Day

"If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one" - The Author

We all can start out day with a Smile. Your smile has the power to confuse a frown, accept a strangers blush and establish awesome relationships. But most of us wake up with a poor attitude Why? For various reasons. Some of us don't like our current realites, are sick and tired of our jobs, would like to have more freedom than we do or are in a terrbile relationship with someone we cannot seem to let go of. Here are a few things you can do, to end this terrible habit of having a bad day.

1. Try something New- Most us are used to the same routine over and over again. Try something new today. Read something positive material, take a walk around a new neighborhood, call up an old friend, take your children to the museum after school or let um cut class to stay at home with you. Adding a fresh perspective on life will knock you out of any funk your currently in.

2. Listen to your Favorite Song- Get an Ear-gasm from the your favorite tracks. Get on top of your bed and Jump and down! Yell out the lyrics , losing your self in your favorite verse, chorus or hook. Remember to have fun! Everyday that isn't filled with fun is a lost day!

3. Be Adventurous- Go out and do something different or a bit cutting edge. Maybe set up an appointment to go bungee jumping or rock climbing. Test drive that car you been saving up for or dream of obtaining one day. Get out a walk around naked if you want to( not literally) but you get the idea. Do something outrageuos and i bet your day will be better after its completion.

4. Meditate- Close your eyes and silence your mind. Mediation reduces stress, increases self confidence, conscious awareness, while bring peace into your mind. Nothing makes a day better than inner peace. For you inside transcript is your outside manuscript. Whatever you wirte on the inside invariably become your life on the outside. Subscrpibe to mediation so you can subscript to peace.

5. Passion? Ask your self what am I passionate about. Become a meaning specific who has a purpose in life. Life of purpose can make every day above ground a great day. Stress begins to evaporate once you begin to dedicate time and effort into a purpose in life. Here is a quick few questions you can ask yourself if your trying to find you passion

1. What ativity gives me the grestest sense of self esteem?
2. What do If i weren't paid for it?
3. What do I really love to do?

Answer these question and you'll find you purpose. If the answer odesn't come to you at this very moment. Calmly confidently expect the answer to come and it sure will. Just give it time.

6.Do something special for your loved one- Too often we take our loved ones for granted. From demand food on the dinner table by a certain time to asking for sex all the time. You have to realize relationships is a give and take situation. Today give something specisl to your partner. It may be a bouchy of flowers or Godiva chocolates. Whatever it maybe, make it special and make it right.

7.Conquer a Fear- Ask yourself what you are afraid of. Then take one action step towards eliminating this ideology. Fear is what keeps most of us from experiencing the joy life has to offer. If you begin to set goals in order to get ride of you fears, your life will be much more enjoyable, much more admirable and much more gratifying.

What can you do to make your day a great day?
What changes can you make in order to establish a new perspective on life's roller coasters?
I'm Excited to hear your wonderful responses!

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