Monday, January 25, 2010

If You Don't Act You DIE!

Just Do it-Nike

Action is the cure to all fearful thoughts. Most of us are stuck in the mental rut of the same of rituals, why? Because we lack the intensity of purpose to take proper action. Action is the cure to all fears. If your scared of asking someone out, taking action will Casper the fear into oblivion. If your scared of communicating with strangers, action will sooth your anxiety. Causing you to realize fear is nothing but just an enhanced projection of the impossible. Proposing the action only builds up the mental anxiety we have in correlation to the action it self.

Procrastination heighten fears, action cures fear.

Nothing merely happens by thinking about it. Everything in this world from the skyscrapers to the bridges, is just an acted idea.

Successful people and unsuccessful people can be divided into two categorizes. Mr. Procrastination and Miss. Activist.

Mr. Procrastination is a don'ter, he postpones doing everything from his laundry to brushing his hair. His verbatim is usually consistent with " I'll do it later or I 'll get to it tomorrow". Mr. P never reaches his goals in life, because his allows his fear or inability to take action drain away his life force.

When a good idea comes to his consciousness he's usually found brushing away those great ideas with television or fat foods. He desires to be successful, but can never reach his goal because he's addicted waiting. He assumes that opportunity will show up one day on his door step, so he waits. The thing is success is created through action. The only way to become successful is to take action. This is the difference between Mr. Procrastination and Miss. Activist.

Miss. Activist does what Henri Bergin stated centuries ago "Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought. She solemnly waits for opportunities to rise up, because she understand the harder she works the opportunities will come. Miss. A understands if opportunity does knock on her door, she's going to knock on his until the sun goes down. She is a active mover who believe nothing comes to those who wait, you have to got out and get it. Her favorite hip hop verse is by the electric music group Outkast:

"you need to git up, git out and git somethin
Don't let the days of your life pass by
You need to git up, git out and git somethin
Don't spend all your time tryin to get high
You need git up, git out and git somethin
How will you make it if you never even try
You need to git up, git out and git somethin
Cuz you and I got to do for you and I"

She understands that even thought she maybe on the right track, she'll get run over if you just she just sits there. For you and me can only learn by doing never by thinking or just seeing. We must in the name of God and our dream. In hot pursuit for what we believe to be true.

Let me illustrate The power of making a decision to act rather than waiting on the moon to set.

Mr. and Mrs. Jones lived in a small apartment. Both wanted a new home. They wanted the advantage of more space, cleaner surroundings, a place for the youngsters to play and a chance to build up equity in their own property.

But there was a hitch to buying a new home- the down payment. One day as Mr. Jones was writing new months rent check he become very disgusted with himself. He observed that the rent payment was as much a monthly payment on a new home.

Mr. Jones called his wife and said " It's time for us to make the decision to buy a new home. We've been procrastinating for quite some time and I'm sick of it. Lets go find ourself a new home so we can be happy were we live."

We'll the next week they found a house they both liked, quite unpretentious but nice, for $1,200. Now the obstacles were to find ways to raise $1,200. Mr. Jones knew he couldn't borrow it through the usual channels, for this would encumber his credit so that he couldn't get a mortgage for the sale price.

But where there's a will there always a way. Suddenly, Mr. Jones got a brain storm. Next day he went to see his boss. He explained to his employer what he was doing. His boss was glad to see he was going to buy a new home. Then Mr. Jones said " Look Mr. Samson., to work this deal out, I've got to earn at least $75 more each month. Now, I know,' Mr. Jones continued," you'll give me a raise when you feel i deserve it. What I want now is just a chance to earn more money. There are somethings around here that could best be done on weekends. Will you make it possible for me to work then?"

The employer was impressed with Mr. Jones's sincerity and ambition. He proposed a way from Mr. Jones to work ten extra hours each weekend, and The Jones moves into their new home. Why? Because Mr. Jones took action!

1. The resolution to take action ignited Mr. Jones mind to think of ways to accomplish his goal rather than waste away his time just thinking.

2. Mr. Jones gained a tremendously in new confidence. It will be much easier fro him to accomplish big goal later on in his life. He has proved to himself, if you want something badly enough go out and get because it is possible.

3.The Jones are now reaping the reward of action. Rather than postponing the event or buying the house until the perfect condition arises. My. Jones action created a real possibility not a fictitious imagining of what could of been.

Important Facts

1.Take action today to cure your fears

2.The longer you wait to act the more fear builds inside of you

3.You can do it, Nothing is impossible, just take the first step, you don't have to see the while stair case as Marting Luther king says.

Speak about action steps you need to take in your life? Have you taken them? what are you waiting for? Lets discuss this guy, I'm really excite to hear all 20 of your responses!

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