Friday, January 29, 2010

You'll Never Be Successful

How do you define success?

David McCullough said " Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love", What do you love to do? Most of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired. But not sick and tired enough to call it quits and become a person who works for self rather than for survival.

People tend to believe Love for work is illusive, esoteric and at times even impossible to obtain. Yet, a select few such as Jay-z, Albert Einstein, Donald Trump, Robert Kyrosaski and Oprah have followed their life purpose, Why? These individuals believed that happiness is a process of goal achievement and passion. You can oly be successful doing something you love to do. Anything else will just drain your energy and create psychological setback and pains for ever.

So ask yourself, Why not pursue my passion as a talk show host? Why not learn how to put rhyme and beats together like Jay-z or Sean Combs? Why become a Great scientist like Albert Einstein?

The reality is when the why is big enough the, why doesn't matter. Develop a big enough why for your success and fear will disappear. For happiness is the progressive realization to worthy ideal. Without joy in the present moment, you will perish in the wimps of adversity. You must find your purpose ad put you whole heart into this very craft.

For example: Michael Jordan purpose was to play basketball. It's all he ever wanted to do. From the back yard challenges he faced playing his older brother Larry every night , to getting cut from his high school basket ball team by his coach, Fred Lynch. Mike never allowed adversity to keep him from pursuing his dreams or dedicating his life and liberty to basketball. Now he his retired with 6 champion ship rings to his name and a wealth of accomplishments which has escaped me.

Find your purpose and you'll succeed once, you put your whole heart and soul into it. You will become successful once you engage in an activity bigger than your self. Because it's possible!

Here a few questions you can ask yourself to enhance your proximity towards your life purpose.

1. What do I love to do?
2. What activity can I throw my whole heart ad soul into?
3. What would i do if i wasn't going to be paid nothing at all?

Dedicate the next few minutes to infusing these ideologies into you subconscious mind. Take your time, the answer will come. Then take least one step in the right direction of your dream today. Don't procrastinate, take action.

What is your life purpose?


  1. Jonathan -

    Nice post. Finding our vocation brings meaning and joy into life. Work becomes a gift. Exploring this path takes time and patience, and is really worth it. Keep up the good work.

    Phil -

  2. You say "anything else will just drain your energy". That is so true. We waste tons of time and energy on things that don't move us forward. Nice site. Great purpose you have here with this site. Keep following your joy. You inspire and I am now a new frequent visitor.

  3. @Phil - Time and patience is essential to getting down to your purpose. Thanks for stopping bi PHIL!

    @Erin Happy to have you as a avid visitor. And it's very true that we waste tons of energy on irrelevant things.

  4. Jonathan,

    Finding out our values and life purpose may take some time upfront but it will make our life much more happier and worth living.

    Thanks for stopping by at my blog and comment.

  5. @ZenGirl- Thanks for the support. What are some of your values? What is you life purpose?

  6. Great Post ..Thanks there is nothing as good as finding our passion feeding it into our subconscious and taking action not to procrastinate

  7. @ Thanks Fatima. Your thoughts on subconscious thinking is most valued. Please come back, your opinions is valued here! I really mean that. Thanks!