Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 Tactics to Failing Faster in life

What is keeping you away from building the success you deserve?
Have you conformed to the life style your currently living and does, change scares you?
Is seeing yourself as a success hard to picture in your mind?
What is keeping you away from reaching your goals in life?

Top 5 Reasons why people fail in life are the listed below

1. Lack of ambition is a major reason why people fail over and over again at attempting to become a successful. Desire is the driving force behind your thoughts there fore applying consistent action towards your desire, goal or fantasy. Use positive emotions to take you on a journey of progress , failure and inevitable success. You emotions increase energy, productivity and life force for goal completion.

2. Lack of consistency is a another reason for failure in life. Consistency is taking daily steps towards your dreams each and every day no matter what. Lack of this activity leaves you confused, lost and pessimistic. Today i highly recommends creating a list of things you need to do each day in order to get the results necessary to achieve your goal. If you fail to implement this easy suggestion , your due to continue a downward spiral to nowhere.

3. Action is the most important aspect of all. It was said by Henri Bergson " To think like a man of action and act like a man of thought". Actions speak louder than words is one of simple truths of life. It ends worry and fear, which are the two most powerful elements which causes people to stop pursuing there dreams on a regular basis. It's highly recommended to start acting towards your goals each day to end fear and worry NOW!

4. Being Realistic is the fastest road to mediocrity. Why become realistic? Whats the point in being realistic? Your just putting up a barrier for what you can do, limiting your vision and your possible achievements. From now on stop being realistic on what you can do and become unrealistic. Being unrealistic is the only way you can reach for the stars. Its wise to expect more from your self than others think is possible.

5. Don't set out to build a perfect wall on your first shot. Its a ridiculous attempt which leads to fail and stupidity. The premise of goal achievement is to lay 1 brick as perfect as you can that very day; that is all. Tomorrow do the same thing and so forth. In due time you will have a perfect wall, because each day you've took time out to lay each brick as perfect as you can. Apply this idea to your goals in life and soon you too will have a perfect wall!

What is causing you to fail? Are you on the right track towards success?


  1. Jonathan -- I liked this list, especially number 5! I like the visual image of laying out one perfect brick at a time.

    I also liked the line, "It's wise to expect more from yourself than others think is possible." That's cool and wise advice.

    What causes me to fail? Self-doubt and over-thinking. If I start thinking about something I want to do, doubt will creep in. I do better just taking the leap of faith:~)

  2. Good stuff, I like your thinking, I've been stuck in a shitty state of none-action for waaaay too long. I think alongside a positive attitude [more like a definite feeling that you're gonna succeed] and a bit of aggression can take you far.