Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not Following Your Dreams Is Killing You

Credited to meganlynn2009

Dreams are created though fixations of desire. Our desires propel us forward inside the jungle of possibilities. Anything and everything is possible once you create a clear vision of what you truly want. Most are very indecisive about what they want. Our mind are inundates with over analysis, worry and fear constantly. Decision making is vital to cutting down fears like a tree in a forest. Dreams are here to ignite passion and perseverance within in your soul. Without a solid dream matched with a clear vision what happens? You become a wander generality instead of a meaningful specific. Purposeful living will elude you each day wile you walk slowly towards your deathbed. Have you ever wondered why you never accomplished anything useful with your life?Plenty of people have reason why they aren't successful but here are the most crucial.

1. Lack of Motivation
2. lack of Focus
3. Lack of direction
4. Not enough money

1. Motivation is a driving force which is preceded after taking action. Most people have motivation backwards.They wait for the motivation to come before any action is taken. This misconception has made million of people fall flat on their face in pursuit of happiness. In order to attain motivation, action must be taken. Take action if you want to stay motivated long enough to reach your dreams.

2. Distraction create loss of focus and progression. Simplicities at your work place can end this phenomenon but it takes more. Set daily prioritizes from most important to least important. Make your self accountable for completing all your daily goals. Do your best to get all your goals finished for the day. Don't allow distraction such as radio, t.v or magazines to take you away from your true purpose. Become a stickler to goal completion.

3.Be decisive about what the outcome for you present activity. Direct yourself daily by crossing out each goal finish achieving. Define the purpose of your activities by created a motto. Definition of purpose provides direction and certainty of accomplishment. Don't fool yourself by not using these tips. The process is simple, painless and easy. Put forth the proper effort as you will see results.

4. Don't use lack of fund as an excuse to failure. People all over have started businesses with invest from 8 dollars to 2000 and have become massively successful at very young ages. Begin to work towards your goal by reading, listening to audio tapes and educating yourself. Using money as an excuse only drains your energy and defeats your purpose. If you want your dreams bad enough, you will find a way.


  1. There's a quote that goes something like, "The things we seek are also seeking us." I love that in reference to dreams. What I dream of is also dreaming of (and waiting for) me.

    This is a great post; and a necessary one for those of us ready to live our dreams!

  2. I'm grateful for you support as usual Megan. You seem to have dreams yourself. Care to share some of your dynamic thoughts?

  3. Purposeful living will elude you each day wile you walk slowly towards your deathbed. Dreams are created though fixations of desire. Take action if you want to stay motivated long enough to reach your dreams.

  4. @ Attorney Smith
    Thanks for the post. Appreciate the thoughts. Your totally right dreams are created thought the fixation of desire!