Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gotta Be Responisble If You Want This World to be Responsive

You are responsible for your life. In case you forgot, No one is to blame for your lack of education, financial income, sexual experience , mildly insinuated pessimism or frivolous idealistic concepts held into for lack of a better reason; comfort. You've been placed into a zone where playing the victim role words best. This is widely popular misconceptions of life has brin washed millions including yourself. The average American watches a staggering 6 hoursa of television per day. Still gives me nightmare. television is a fartfetched reality of life

The truth is, repsbiblity is not an opntion. if you choose to hire someone to do your push ups for you, you'll never get buff. You'll never be healthy. You'll never reap th beenfits of a rich an healthy body. As from working out no one can think your thoughts, feel your anxieties, or cramp backpacked filled thoughts of complexitiy into your subconsious mind. You are what you think and you will become this once you take action in the direction of your thoughts. But first you must say the following Prayer over and over before heading to bed each night. Thus over ridding your belief which entails blaming everyone besides yourself.

Your subconsouss mind likely to the motor behind the vehicle of your mind. It provides you with 98-96% of your curent thoughts. Penetrate this illustrious wagon of tricks and you will invariably change your life. The qulaity of a mans life is the qulaity of his thoughts. Tonight right before beading off into the dream world, repeat this saying. " I am responsible for my life. I am the cause and effect of all that happens to me. I enjoy taking full repsonsiblity for my life. Nothing makes me feel better than saying Yes to life. if you would repeat this pray over and over before heading off to bed with positve pure emotion. Set a trail run for 20 days. Nothing major will occur until day 10. This is the time when your mind will linger strongly towards independence. Free from thoughts of victimization or pessimism.Your mind will fully accept this idea and you'll succeed in becoming a BIG KID Again.

- OneLove

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