Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Moment Of Now

No other moment matters more than the power of now. This very concept is so powerful millions shun the idea of the present moment. Tossed aside like wind beneath the wings of an angel. Your thoughts are continuously filled with ideas or ideologies on fear, deception and envy. Escaping from this reality you've found comfort in the criticism of others, condemnation of followers and complaining of the past ( which can never be changed). All that matters is your ability to think now. Thinking is the highest capability of any human being. Yet, its the last place most people go to the answer life's most challenging questions. You must think in terms of optimism. Think in terms of servitude. Think in terms of generosity. Think in terms of gratitude. Think in terms of love. Think of ways to be better if you want to be better.

Your are the creator of your life. What you think and do today formulates a habit left for tomorrow. Your life can be changed by understanding that Now is all you have. Tomorrow has and will never be guaranteed. As James Dean signaturly denoted" Live as If you'll die today". If your life ended today , what would be the outcome? Would you have lived it to the fullest, embracing every failure? Amazed by every rose in the garden of your mind. Flamboyantly captivated by the idea of continuous learning. Or would you have been sodomize by your thought actions and ideas. Trapped in the complacency of thought. Sick with delusion as images of failure has kept you stricken with Parkinson's. I'll leave you with the choose from two illustrated stories of success and failure. Not success in terms of financial abundance or failure in the attempts to connect mistakes to progression. But the story of two people taking different paths of thought and action.

A young woman by the name of Margret was a very isolated individual. Held back by her fear and worries she never ran a mile in here life. Not literally but psychologically. She was held back by ever prejudice know to man. She was too afraid to take the highway. Too afraid to walk after sun down. And was certain heaven was not on the other side. Life to her was considered better to others than her. Life was too harsh by her standards so rebellion, drug intake, sexual promiscuity and black/white vision was all too familiar in her subconscious mind. Always connected with television, magazines and radio she forgot the importance of now. The simplicity of enjoying the moment fell estrange to her very eyes. Her pupils were usually filled with cynical debauchery or misguided buffoonery. A wise old lady indeed was all to familiar with her life style . She told her from experience "If you continue down this path of victimization, you'll never see the world you wish you had if you'd died today". Her reaction was consumed with rage , irritation and irreverence. Exploding with aggression Margaret sadly dismissed this miracle message. To hear some old lady tell her how to live her life was unjust. To soak in each breathe, cherish every eyelash and appreciate ever second, was unheard of. Yet, as she approached her door step that night, Margret feel into tears. Tears of reconciliation feel from her face like water from a spring. She feel to her knees, into a deep trance of thought. Thinking of all her past mistakes ,she made a conscious decision she was not worthy of life. Walking towards her kitchen counter Margret pulled the hammer from a revolver and diagnosed her life as nonexistent. Her body laid dormant on the living room floor as the smoking revolver grazed the marble counter. Laid to rest was a Woman who couldn't accept the truth as fact, but fact as truth.

In the next town over lived a young man lived in a similar paradox. His life was merciless in his depiction. Every morning he'd affirm to hims self, I wish i was dead! His calling for death seemed to be voluntary. Influenced by pat mistakes, current problems and future diagnosis. He'd never accepted his life as a motivational factor to becoming greater. Thus, he invited death as a rose filled basket into his imagination, thoughts and sometimes reckless action. No particular reason for his anguish to live in the eternal life. But his potent affirmative words kept his mind in darkness. Yet, his perspective on life quickly changed after a tragic accident. Losing his legs to a car crash, Timothy had seen death first hand. He didn't like it. Sulking in his hospital bed for 14 weeks, he was given a book that changed his life. The power of positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. Devouring this book from cover to cover, Timothy had an epiphany. No longer a bitch to his false beliefs, ideas and conclusions. He affirmed to himself daily "I am grateful to be alive." "I love my self. I love my life." "I can be a better person." "I only express unconditional live." "I am a love individual." "Thank god for me being alive". Each and every night he'd affirm these new ideas. After a period of 2 weeks, his mental habit pattern of thought was transformed. Timothy now embraces life in the now. Appreciating the present moment as it is. He's accepted his position as a person who may be crippled but his exterior is not a representation his interior.

Food for thought? The moment you decide to be more than a victim. More than a statistic. More than a section in the obituary. Your life will transmit from ordinary to extraordinary. whatever your dream may be. What ever your greatest fear may be. What ever your worries are right this moment. Move towards the positive to eradicate the negative. Learn to be more than just a front page articles but a movement. A being of change. A ghandi so elogenalt stated " Be the chnage you want to see in th world". Take action now. Right now is the only thing that will ever matter.
" Run Forest Run" - Jenny
( Forest Gump)


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