Sunday, December 27, 2009

Soul Mate Down Memory Lane

Your body is the vessel in which the mechanics of your mind presume automotive. Inside this massive computer harbors your hard drive. Composed of thoughts ideas, emotions, gestures, ideologies, religious beliefs, posses, Limiting beliefs and possible marital bliss. All storage placed in your subconscious mind. The gate keeper of this expensive piece equipment is your conscious mind. The solid gold horseman standing on its Hine legs guarding this golden vessel. Keeping ideas opposite from what you belief to be false from seeping into your subconscious mind. Crafted within these walls of thought hold solid gold beliefs of your self, and possible capablities. Preconceived notions of who you are was established into your screen savor before your power was fully charged. Plugged into the outlet of your mind surged negative beliefs your parent or child hood friends jammed into your mind. Creating the very person you are today. The very person reading these lines may or may not be a creation of what others believe. But what you believe? Do you believe it's possible to be , have and do everything? Do you believe success is for the weak hearted or the strong willed? Do you believe happiness is possible here on planet earth.? You answers to these questions will dictate the extend of your beliefs.

Luckily as humans we are endlessly changing and becoming more or less. Your mind never stays the same unless you will it so. Your beliefs can be chartered and changed with new programming. New ideas of a positive implementation can be derived with persistance. With the slogan illustrated by Calvin Collage " Press on" You can create new thoughts and beliefs. Therefore , changing how you perceive your self and the world around you. Your mind can be solidified as a nest of optimistic rather than a sewage of pessimism. Your eyes can flutter high upon the sky's. Looking down upon this natural world as a miracle. A sage of abundance and prosperity. Because happiness is right where you stand. Right bewteen your ears, eyes an llittle red nose. Your happiness is base upon the organization of your thoughts,not your living room.

You can change your life with one simple ideology. Passed upon the great minds and mouths of spiritual thinkers and professional speakers.


What you say to your self over and over has established who you are. And what you say to your self from this point on can create a new you. Establishing a new belief. Changing the inner dialog in your head. Diagnose your self with a half a teaspoon of optomisum each morning. Prescirping a new you, a better life and true happiness. Observe your chnage in perception over the next 3 weeks as you repeat the following affrimations for positive change. You do become what you think about. So it's best to become more than just an average joe trying to get by. Become a Great person who lives life to the fullest with a passion for success, working long hours and living a balanced life.

Let me illustrate: a young woman by the man of Betty was in dire need of a boost in confidence. She had been single all her life. Too scared to accept any mans interest in who she was. Assume sex was on their mind. Betty shunned the world from her life. Living alone with 3 cats, she was losing it. Stuck in a rut, Betty call my office to make a appointment. Upon entering my office she was driven to tears. The stress of no sex seemed to be getting to her. Upon walking inside my office. She explained " I hate men. All they want is sex. And all i want to do is to be loved. Why are you guys so animalistic?" I explained to her " Not all men want sex, just the ones your attracting. Your setting up a preconceived notion of what all men are. Setting your self up the believe a false conclusion ather than a empowerinf idea. Forcing you to filter the world thought the perception of a feminist." I told her" Change your belief, change your life." " Change your attitude, change your entire world." I advised her to take these statement to heart every morning and night. Repeat them prior to work and before heading off to bed.

  • I am wealthy in all aspects of my life
  • I am Execting to find a man to love
  • I am expecting to find a man to hold
  • I am exepcting to give my all to a person who can love me
  • I have the man of my dreams with me right now

Betty unstood the power of her mind after attracting into her life, the man of her dreams three weeks later. Skeptical at first glance, she took my information and devoured it whole. Loving her new husband from eyelash to toe nail. Betty found her loved one. So now you can use these same ideolopgies in establshing dominace inside your subconoisu mind.

Here your homework for today.

Find 1 part of your life you'd like to change. Emotional, Physical, Mental, Relationship, Career, Psychological or Spiritual. Create 10 affirmation for each category. Affirm these statements with confidence and conviction. Place your self in front of the mirror of change. Change your ideologies, but changing your programming. Rewire your hard drive with a new programming, Suitable for only a king or queen.


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