Thursday, August 27, 2009

Optimus Primes 4 Success Lessons

"Hang on to your dreams. The future is built on dreams."

Optimus Prime knows how to defeat evil, don't you agree?
Mr. Prime never seems to complain much when the Decepticons continuously lust for world domination. He believes that evil can be defeated in due time as he gethers up his team to defend planet earth. Prime takes things in stride as he keeps his cool even when the Earth is near the brink of destruction.

So what can we learn from Optimus Prime?

Keep these 4 transformer tips in mind and watch
your brain transform in a matter of days.

1. Lead by Example

Mr. Prime definitely knows how to think positive. If not he would have never defeated the Decepticons and saved the human race. Prime keeps him self surrounded by positive transformers on a continuous basis. Why? Because he knows that association breeds similarities. He doesn't mix himself in evil conversation of a negative nature. He chooses to familiarize himself with only positive transformers who share the same characteristics. Since he is a leader, Optimus knows that he has be stronger than his team, because his desire to save the human race is great. He believes in himself so deeply, that no obstacle seems to strike fear into his heart to the point of being immobilized.

Developing a optimistic attitude like Prime is a key condition to being all you can be. Most people are living a lives of apathy, self pity, laziness and stress. Take on a Optimus Prime persona, as you being to understand how to be positive.

2. Do it for a greater cause

Developing a deep reason to why you want to achieve your goals is definitely a great way to start. It's not enough to say " I want to be rich because I'm going to have fancy clothes, a nice house , a beautiful spouse and wonderful lifestyle. This is a wrong way of thinking. These incentives are irrelevant to keeping you motivated long enough to reach your goal.

Mr. Prime's Why is so Big that he has enough motivation to defend planet earth for the rest of its existence. He sees the evolution of mankind, the beauty of mother nature and human beings possible metamorphosis in the near future as his driving force. Imagine if Optimus Primes desire consisted of fame, transformer girls and new parts. When the Decepticons would arrive he would lose very battle, until the world was taken over.

Writing down all the reason why you want to achieve your goals increase yur motivation dramaically. By creating a list of benefits you will receive from goal achievement, you will create positive mometntum to continue to move forward. Once completed, keep the list around your house or apt. Take a glance at this list as many times a day as you can, to keep the fire burning

3. No "I" in Dream

Pursuing a dream of any worth ideal will cause you to need help. I know a lot of people
have a ego the size of Pluto which state "No Help wanted". But, this is just a case of social isolation.Everyone who has been successful in any area needed the assistance of someone in order to attain there dream. Keeping yourself surrounded by like minded people can definitely improve your chances for success. Why? Because your positive friends will encourage your when times get tough and not discourage you!

4. Have Unwavering faith

prime may be a fictional character , but his morals are deeper than scripted lines.
His purpose in life is to keep his planet safe as long as he lives. He may not be the strongest transformer but his belief in himself strengthens his weakness and allows him to have the "I can attitude" even when hope seems bleak.

By increasing the belief in yourself it creates higher self esteem, self confidence and fearlessness. Having the discipline to keep your mind focused on positive results create positive outcomes. Posiive utcomes will increase your self-confidence and allow you to contribute with maximum efficiency.

How are you putting Optimus Primes principle into action?


  1. Oh my gosh, I know a four-year old who, if he could read, would LOVE this post! (Huge Transformers fan!)

    I loved what you wrote about doing something for a greater cause. I think that when we set our egos aside and say, "I'm pursuing my dream not just for my own benefit, but ultimately in a way that will serve mankind" the Universe gets behind us in an even bigger way.

    I've also learned that in order to succeed, I need to be open to help. Networking was never my forte, but now I see it as integral to so many parts of my life - not just success.

    Great post!

  2. @ Megan
    Thanks for the love once again. Its great to hear that you are communicating more. Its was never my thing neither but netowrking is so powerful that i had to set goals and step my skillz up. Its great to hear you know a 4 year old who loves transformers, its one of my favorites also.